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Chapter 13


" Awww , you guys are so cutee . Have children already"

LUCA . How long has he been there?? Leo broke the hug and I turned to see Luca at the doorstep. Leo is looking at him with a hard glare that he could be 6 feet under if looks could kill. I on the other hand was so embarrassed and probably looking like a tomato .

Leo's POV:

I am so going to kill this bastard now . After I heard about the phone call to Amelia I felt so sad for her . She has to go through that because of me. And about how she cares about Cilia even though it's been 3 days since she came here and she probably saw Cilia once or twice . Every day she makes me fall hard for her . Now I am so going to end the person who dared to threaten my princess ( cilia 😂 don't get your hopes up guys ) .

After that awkward moment with Luca I wished Amelia good night and went to do some business. I have 2 most important tasks now. The first one is about the kitchen department. Some of the people there had a part in Amelia's food poisoning. Betrayal is the thing I hate the most. The people who betrayed me won't be alive to tell the tale. I made my way towards the garden where I ordered every one related to kitchen to assemble . Luca has already interrogated them and he has 2 members in the suspect list. Luca treats Amelia as his little sister and there is no one in the world I could trust with in this matter except Luca. He is also perfect at his job. I know the members who he suspected has something to do with the food poisoning. As I entered the garden everyone's eyes shifted to me. They are visibly shaking with fear. Everyone knows what happens when some one messes with me .

When I looked at the suspects I can tell that they did it by the look in their eyes. Unlike the others they are trying to put up 'the brave man ' ' I didn't do anything so why should I be afraid ' acts. Then I stopped in the middle of the group and said

" I think you already know about the new girl in the house. I don't want any harm coming towards her. If anyone even thought about harming her or looking at her in the wrong way then even god can't save you from me . I will go to the end of the earth to rip you into peices and feed you to my panthers. Mind it '.

By the end of my speech everyone is sweating . Some might even pissed in their pants. I signalled Luca to take the two men to the basement. Now it's time to teach them a lesson . I removed my suit coat and rolled up my shirt sleeves . I went to the basement to teach the piece of shits a lesson.

As I entered the basement I was engulfed with the smell of blood and sweat. I opened the first cell to face the two suspects. I am gonna torture and kill one person and the second one will spill the truth by listening his screams . There are two men behind me. I ordered them to tie the first one to chair. As soon as he was tied I went to the corner of the room to select the weapons I am gonna torture him with. I took a knife. I slowly went towards him like predator ready to pounce on his prey .

Now the real me is going to come out. I took the knife and went near him with slow steps .

" Now tell me, why did you do it? "

No reply. I took the knife and wrecked in histhigh . Blood is flowing like a waterfall. His screams sounded like music to my ears .

"Tell me now!" He didn't say anything apart crying and screaming . I held the knife in my hand, one end of knife is in my hand and other end is in this thigh. I dragged the knife till his knee. The blood was five times more now . He was screamin' like hell . I asked with anger.

"Why did you do it?"

" I-I - I dont know sir someone met me the before day and said if I mixed poison in that girls dish he could give me a million dollors. So I did it sir . I am sorry sir "

I said " okay " and pulled the knife out and I was walking out of the cell. I saw that man for the last time and I turned back to him I saw a glint of hope that could live . Poor man . and said.

" Nobody crosses me and lives" and threw the knife without looking at the man, and it just went correctly where I wanted it. The knife was between his eyes. Then he is dead. I loved killing people. Then I walked to the next cell. There was the server chained to the wall. I took steps towards him. I asked him

" Who asked you to do this ?"

He seemed to notice the screams of the other one so he was sweating hard.

"Who sir, I don't know who you are talking about?" He said.

I went near the table and took a cutting blade. I went near him and took his hand into mine .

"Now tell me" I asked. But he just looked me with fear written over his face .I took his pinky and cut it.

Oh he doesn't have a pinky now. How can he make a pinky promise now ? Haha he won't be alive to do it anyway .He was shouting very loudly. І cut his fingers one by one. When I reached his last finger he said,

"Sir, I am sorry some blue eyed man came to me the previous night and asked me to serve the dish that to that new girl. I am sorry sir" .

I took my gun and shot him in his chest . He is dead I walked out the cell. There is Luca outside I said to him take care of the bodies . І went upstairs. I tooknice shower and washed blood all over my body. I went to my office and I started calling my friends of Britain mafia, American mafia to ask for help. I know Brandon is declared a war by doing it . Messing with my family twice doesn't do good for him .

Hola guys , how are you doing ? Hope you are staying safe. What do you think about Leo's new side ? So yeah how is the chapter ? Love you all 💖 I would love to read your comments 😍. Your comments fill my heart with joy 💗 . Love you guys , stay safe 😘

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