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Chapter 14

Recap :

I took my gun and shot him in his chest . He is dead I walked out the cell. There is Luca outside I said to him take care of the bodies . І went upstairs. I tooknice shower and washed blood all over my body. I went to my office and I started calling my friends of Britain mafia, American mafia to ask for help. I know Brandon is declared a war by doing it . Messing with my family twice doesn't do good for him .

Amelia's POV :

After Leo left the room I decided to sleep. Today has taken a toll on me . It's really shocking to think so much could happen in one day . First I was hospitalized , then I saw Anthena , I had a fight with Leo , I was gifted a phone , I spoke to my mom and I received a threat from someone. Oooof .. a very tiring day. I deserve a sleep after this exhausting day . So I changed into my PJs and decided to skip dinner. As soon as body hit the bed I was off like a light .

The next morning I woke up to faint sunlight falling on my eyes . I forgot to close the blinds . I woke up had a shower and got dressed for the day. I had nothing to do today like every other day . I went down since it's early I found no one in the living room. I decided to go to kitchen and garb a snack. So I started walking towards kitchen . That's when I heard some sounds. Oh god , Is the person threatened me here ? I took a knife from the counter and went further into the kitchen . I saw the light from the fridge. I went further inside and slowly opened the fridge further . I was ready to stab who ever was there. I opened the door to see .... No one ! I looked down to see Cilia with choclate smeared over her face and hands. God this girl .

" Hey , what are you doing here this early in the morning ?" I asked with a welcoming smile on my face so that she didn't freak out. She looked like a dear caught in head lights.

" I .. I.. am .... Huwngry " she mumbled with choclate in her mouth.

" P..pplewease don't t..tell bro.wther "

It took me sometime to understand what she is talking. She meant 'please don't tell brother' . She is so adorable .

" Okay now come on little one . Let me take you to your room and I'll help you clean up. "

She lifted both her hands indicating me to carry her. I lifted her and started walking up the stairs to her room .

Finally we reached her room. I took out some wet tissues to get chocolate off her face. I started wiping the chocolate from her face . Then she lifted her hand which is covered with chocolate and tapped my nose . Which resulted in me getting a chocolate nose. I looked towards her and pouted at what she did. She giggled .

" Y..you look soo cuwte " she said between her giggles.

" Oh you did a big mistake lady " I said and started tickling her , which resulted in her erupting into laughter and she ended up smearing her chocolatey hand all over my face and my body. I started laughing with her. Then I heard camera clicking sound from the door. We both turned to look at Leo clicking photos of us in his phone.

I am just embarrassed again . I didn't see him again after we were about to kiss yesterday. His presence makes me nervous . I immediately stood up and dusted off my clothes . Cilia also stood up looking at her brother with her puppy dog eyes. No one can ignore them . Leo will have a really hard time keeping guys away from this girl . When I was admiring the beautiful girl beside me Leo came closer. Closer than needed actually. I took a step back just to keep proper distance between us. Then Cilia giggled . Leo picked her up and asked

" Why are you giggling now princess ?"

" Browhter you st-tink . Th-hats whyy A-Amelia sttstep back " she finished off with another giggle.

This girl sure do have great courage in saying the king of Italian mafia stinks. I can't hold back my smile. Leo looked at me. Oh my god I am dead .

" Now now that's not the way to talk to your brother now is it ? "

He also started tickling her . That kids giggles are like music to our ears . Leo placed her on bed and cleaned her chocolatey hands and said

" It's still early sleep " e yawned and said " Good night browther" she is so adorable.

With that I stepped out of the room along with Leo behind me. After we are out of the room he closed the door. I looked towards him .

" What you want me to clean you up too ?" He said with a stupid smirk on his perfect face .

" Umm... N-no " now why am I stuttering like a stupid girl .

He came dangerously close to me and said

" Since you made yourself extreamly clear at yesterday's breakfast that you wanted to go out I am taking you somewhere today . Get ready by 5 in the evening " .

He didn't even give me a chance to speak and he walked away . Jerk face. Is this a date ? Now why would a handsome mafia leader ask plain me for a date ? Even if he asked why would I say yes . He is my kidnapper for god's sake. I should not develop Stockholm syndrome. I went back towards my room to clean up .

Hey guys . How are you ?? Sooo how is the chapter ? What do you think is going on between Leo and Amelia ? Things are about to take a hugeeeeeeeeee turn . So yeah love you guys ❤️💖💖💖

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