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Chapter 15

Recap :

He didn't even give me a chance to speak and he walked away . Jerk face. Is this a date ? Now why would a handsome mafia leader ask plain me for a date ? Even if he asked why would I say yes . He is my kidnapper for god's sake. I should not develop Stockholm syndrome. I went back towards my room to clean up .

Amelia's POV :

After I had a shower to get the chocolate off me I got dressed in fresh clothes. I have nothing to do so I decided to take a look at the manision. This manision is more complicated than a maze. I don't know where I am heading to. When I was inspecting the manision I came across a garden. I went inside the garden and sat on a bench . I enjoyed the fresh smell of grass and soil . I have always enjoyed the nature. It brings a great feeling to me.

Then I remembered I could talk to mom again . I took the phone that Leo gave me and dailed my mom's number. She picked up after a few rings. She was shocked that I called again. I told her that Leo is not as bad as he looks. I even told her that he treated me well. She told me about her day. She said that she misses me a lot. I miss her a lot too. I told her that I will try to call her every day .

After I cut the call I went to pick some flowers from the garden. I decided to prepare a bouquet . Leo had shown me kindness something I didn't expect him to. He could have sold me or hit me or absue me . He has the power do things to me that I couldn't even get in my worst nightmares. He could have thrown me in dungeons and let me starve . But he didn't . It's something I should be thankful for. So I decided to gift him this flower bouquet. I will give him when he comes to pick me up at 5.

After I picked the flowers I took them to my room . I had lunch and started preparing the bouquet. After a few hours of hardwork it's finally done and I am happy with the result. I placed it on a table near the bed and went to have shower. After having shower I wore a floral dress which reached just a few inches above my feet. I let my hair down and just went with the nude make up look . When I was done I picked up the bouquet and placed it on my lap and waited for Leo .

After a few while there was a knock on my door . I placed the bouquet on the bed and went to answer the door . I opened the door and there stood a devilishly handsome Leo . He was in his suit as usual suit . I smiled at him and he returned it.

" Shall we go? " he asked with smile on his face. It's so rare to see a smiling Leo .

" Umm .... I need to get something. Wait here . Don't move ." I said and went inside to get the bouquet .

I picked up the bouquet and went to give it to him. When I turned towards the door he was not there he was inside my room.

" I told you to stay there ." I said with a frown on my face .

He started walking towards me and stopped when he was right infront of me.

" What is this sweetheart ?" He asked looking towards the bouquet .

Suddenly I forgot how to talk . Everytime he is close to me I become a kid who doesn't know how to talk .

"I-Its I-I made it a-as a t-thank you gift " . I said looking down finding my feet very interesting .

He placed his hand on my chin and lifted my face up to look into his eyes .

" Thank you " he said and took the bouquet from my hands. I saw sincerity in his eyes while saying thanks . He held the bouquet in one of his hands and took my hand in other and walked me out to his car . He placed the flowers in the backseat and open the door of the passenger seat for me.

" Thank you " I said and slipped inside.

He sat in the driver's seat and started driving .

He took me to what it seems like a fashion store. There are expensive stores like Gucci , tiffany and co and many others. There are also posters of supermodels Ashley, Cara , Gigi , Bella and others . I seriously hate this place . I just have a mild sense of fashion. But this is too much . I can't ask him to take me back since I am not talking.

I turned towards Leo trying my level best to look like I don't like this place but he didn't seem to understand .

" You go and explore we will wait here" Leo said.

Now I have to go there alone . I am not at all interested in doing this in the first place now alone. A person beside me to talk with in this boring place will be good.

I reluctantly went inside some shops . Everything is expensive . I just checked some dresses but they are showing too much skin . So I just decided to go to a jewelry store. Everything is sparkling gold , diamonds , platinum, silver. They are glory to our eyes. But not even a single thing reached my eyes. When I was about to go out of the store I saw a diamond necklace . It's so beautiful . It's like god took time in making this. I don't know what's with me and these diamonds but I am so attracted to them. I went near the necklace to check it out and the price just shocked me. I think even if I sold Leo's manision I couldn't buy this single piece of jewellery . I just admired it hoping I would get enough money to buy it in the future and walked away.............

As though the fashion store thing is boring I ended up buying nothing and Leo asked me why I didn't buy anything. He even gave me his card . But I don't like to spend his money . I just came up with a excuse that I didn't like anything.

But next he took me to an icecream store. You know what I love icecreams. My face glowed like a 100 watt blub as soon as he stopped at the icecream store. I tried almost all flavours. Don't judge me they are delicious. Leo ate only one chocolate icecream. We ended up having a great time . Finally we reached home. He walked me to my room . When he was about to walk away I called him

" Leo , Thank you for today . It means a lot to me " .

He smiled at me and said " I would love to do it again " .

Now my cheeks are as red as tomato. Not wanting to embarrass myself more. I went inside and closed the door . I swear I heard him chuckle .

That night I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

Hiii guys. How are you ? So yeah here is your chapter. I tried my level best to write a Romantic chapter. What do you think is going to happen next ?? Love you guys ❤️❤️ Thank you for reading . 💕💕💕💕

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