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Chapter 16

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He smiled at me and said " I would love to do it again " .

Now my cheeks are as red as tomato. Not wanting to embarrass myself more. I went inside and closed the door . I swear I heard him chuckle .

That night I went to sleep with a smile on my face

Amelia's POV :

I woke up to some one knocking on my door. Its just faint but was enough to wake me up. I streched myself and opened the door . There is Cilia in a cute little pink dress standing there.

" Hiii. Do you need anything?" I asked crouching down to her level.

" Mummy went out. S-so can I plawy with you? " she asked in her cute little voice

" Yaaa sure . Come in "

She sat on my bed .

" Just wait here I will have a quick shower and we can play then " she nodded and I went to the bathroom to have a shower.

After I had my shower I came out and found her still on my bed.

" Come on we will play " I called her.

She jumped with joy clapping her hands.

" Did you have breakfast ?" I asked her.

She shook her head .

" Come on let's have breakfast then we will play " .

We went to kitchen.

" What do you want to eat ?" I asked her placing her on a chair .

" Pawncawkes " she said .

" Do you mean pancakes ? " I asked.

She nodded her head.

I was mixing pancake batter . When someone came behind me and shouted " Boooooo"

I was startled so my reflexes kicked in and I threw the batter bowl on that person . Hey don't judge me I was not expecting that person. I turned towards that person to face Luca who is filled with pancake batter from head to toe. I just can't control my laughter.

I brust out intlo laughter by looking him covered in batter . Cilia beside me also started laughing.

" Luca you look like a pawncawke suwper hero " cilia said between her laughs .

" Now I need to teach you both a lesson " Luca said and picked up the floor and dropped it on us. I picked up cilia and ran to the fridge.

" Let's change Luca from pancake super hero to a egg super hero now . Are you ready ? " I asked her. She nodded eagerly.

We threw eggs towards Luca. He was filled with egg shells , white and yolks . He looked so hilarious . Me and Cilia laughed harder. He came towards us with milk and poured it on our head.

So that's how our food fight started . We made the whole kitchen a big mess. And when I was about to throw a egg at him . Leo came in between the egg and Luca . I am so dead now . Rip Amelia you will be missed. Amelia , a daughter, friend and a good human being.

That egg hit Leo on the head . He looked so good with egg on his head . I tried very hard not to laugh at him. Since Leo is a disciplined one he didn't start another fight but he gave me and Luca a 2 hr lecture of how childish we are .

Luca being the stupid one ended up throwing the floor even on Leo. That made us receive an other lecture about how we even ruined Cilia. He threw us into our respective rooms and told us to have a shower .

After having another shower I went to Cilias room and played with her as I promised . After that we went to have lunch. But when I greeted Leo he didn't reply me .He is angry at me and Luca for starting the food fight which ended Leo with a head full of flour . He is not talking to me and Luca. Who is childish now ? We had lunch in silence . After lunch I played with Cilia.

I fed Cilia dinner in her room . I am not hungry so I didn't eat anything . I tucked her in bed and wished her good night and went to my room. I have grown very close to this little girl . It's been 2 months since I started living here. These people are like my second family . I grew comfortable around them .

I feel guilty for starting the food fight . I think he felt bad because of my actions. I need to say sorry for him. I started walking towards Leo's room with phone in my hands. I was walking faster I reached Leo's room. I kept my hand on the door. I can't get myself to knock on the door. I removed my hand and I kept my hand again . Again I removed my hand . I have done it two times but I cant get myself to knock. I'll say sorry tomorrow. I was about to go back to my room when someone called me from behind

" Excuse me Miss" I turned back to see a security guard of Leo's house .

" umm nothing .I was about to talk to Leo ,but now I will go my room."

I said that and I started walking towards my room. Then I felt some one pull my hand. I look back to see that security guard.

"What are you doing ?" I asked .

Then he said "Not so soon Amelia."

I was shocked. He sprayed something on my face. I feel dizzy .

" What the hell did you do?" I asked.

" Good night Amelia" . Thats the last word I heard before I fell on the floor.

Hii guys how are you ?? So who do you think had the guts to do that to Amelia ? Love you guys 💞 Stay safe 😘 Your comments makes me happy ☺️ Thank you for reading 💖

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