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Chapter 17


"What are you doing ?" I asked .

Then he said "Not so soon Amelia."

I was shocked. He sprayed something on my face. I feel dizzy .

" What the hell did you do?" I asked.

" Good night Amelia" . Thats the last word I heard before I fell on the floor.

Leo's POV :

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Its 6 in the morning. I finished my shower. I went out of my room. I smelt some thing odd infront of my room. I went to kitchen and had my breakfast.

I need some playboy training for consoling Amelia and the best person for this is Luca. Yesterday I think I overreacted. They just started a food fight. Amelia didn't even come for dinner so I decided to apologise for my actions.

I went to his room and he is on his bed I woke him up and he sat on his bed

"Good morning man" said Luca

" morning "I said and I explained him that I need his help . I noticed that Luca's room is a whole big mess . There are clothes on the floor and some chips on his bed. I hate this room.

So I sald "Hey Luca how about we go to my room?". He said okay we are on our way room . Then suddenly he stopped at the place infront of my room where the smell lingers. I asked Luca

" You smell something odd?".Then Lucas eyes widened and he said " OH MY GOD "

"What happened Luca?" I asked .

Then he looked at me and asked "Where's Amelia?".

I said "In her room". Then Luca ran all the corridors and opened the door of Amelia's room where there was no sign of her . Amelia is not in her damn room!

I asked him" Where is she?". We checked the whole house for her , But we found no clue of her. I was so tensed Amelia is missing.

I asked Luca "How did you know she was missing?"

He said" I work with chemicals in the warehouse , I smelt something odd. I knew it was chloroform but I wonder why it was near your room. Then I thought about Amelia. " It came to my mind then

"Amelia came to my room last night". I was so sad, she literally slipped out of my hands. There is only a single door between us.

She slipped out of my hands. Now all we have to do is try to get my Amelia back. We check all the security footages and assemble all our security. Two of our men are missing .I need to track their location and all my men are on this duty. Everyone is trying hard to get her back. We know the person behind this is Brandon. I will get him for this for sure. If he hurt Amelia he will pay back for this. I am so tired of this shit . Its been 12 freaking hours I don't have clue, where Amelia is was so tried of this but suddenly I got a call and its from Amelia !!!!

I lift the call immediately

"Hello Amelia, where are you?"

"Oh Leo did you think I could let sweet Amelia call you ?" It's that bastard Brandon's voice .

"Brandon!!I am going to kill you and feed you to my panthers if anything happens to Amelia".

" Oh dear Leo find out if you can where Amelia is ?" with that he cut the call . I am so angry at him. I knew it was him from the start , but have no lead to blame him. I can't imagine what I will do if anything happens to Amelia . I would burn everything on this damn planet called Luca to track the call. But no chance we got no information.

I went to my office and I started calling Britain mafia, American.mafia to ask for help if situation goes out of hands. I know Brandon is declaring a war by kidnapping Amelia. My friends are more thanhappy to help me , Now I need to know about Amelia . Where is she? Then there was a knock on the office door.

It was Luca. Then I went behind Luca . He said " I don't think Brandon would risk taking Amelia to Russia.He might have many security checks if he has to go to Russia. Since Italy is completely under our control he can't leave the country .So I think he kept Amelia here in Italy. There are 5 suspected warehouses of Russian mafia in Italy .I strongly think Amelia is one of them."

After Luca told me about the warehouses I got an idea. I called Amelia's mom I told her about the kidnap. I need all the help I can get in finding Amelia. So I told her, she become agressive cause I was thereason for her kidnap. But even though she is angry at me I know she will do everything she can in finding Amelia . So after talking to sheirff we started our mission on finding Amelia. We need 5 days to complete this mission since there are 5 warehouses.I am putting a lot of pressure on my men to get this mission cause it's about one of the most important person in my life. So I have to get this done.

After two days.

It's been two days since Amelia's kidnap.This is the third day of our mission. Luck doesn't get on our side. Still no clue about Amelia. I wonder what she is going through. If he lays a finger on Amelia I will chop Brandon off. I was getting frustaded day by day. This is not taking me any where near Amelia I have to think out of the box. I didn't get any other calls from Brandon. I didn't eat anything since 2 days nor did I sleep. I need Amelia.

How are you guys ?? What do you think Amelia is going through ? So I wanna tell you something I got an offer from some website that they want this book published in their website but they want me to delete it in other apps including here. They even agreed to give me a lot of money if I do so. I would have got my first earning but it's not more than you. guess what I disagreed 🎉🎉. Cause I started writing this book for myself and now I am continuing for my lovely readers and if I delete it you will be dissapointed and I don't want that. I didn't accept their offer cause I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and here is a early update for you guys. Thank you for reading 💕 Your comments makes me happy ☺️💘

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