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Chapter 18

Recap :

After two days.

It's been two days since Amelia's kidnap.This is the third day of our mission. Luck doesn't get on our side. Still no clue about Amelia. I wonder what she is going through. If he lays a finger on Amelia I will chop Brandon off. I was getting frustaded day by day. This is not taking me any where near Amelia I have to think out of the box. I didn't get any other calls from Brandon. I didn't eat anything since 2 days nor did I sleep. I need Amelia.

Amelia's POV:

I woke up with a strong headache . I am in some room. I am not in my room . I observed my surroundings . Then I remember what happened last night . Oh my god !! I am kidnapped. But why? I never did any harm to anyone. Why did they kidnap me? Then it stuck me.

LEO, his enemies kidnapped me .

Oh god, why me? I went near the door to check whether it's locked or not . Obviously it's locked. I waited for sometime. I have to find a way out of here.Then I heard the lock clicking. The door opened revealing a group of men. They didn't utter a single word. They were just staring at me. I broke the silence.

"Why am I here and Who are you ?"

They didn't reply . One man came to me and held my hand .He was dragging me somewhere. These people are like mini Hulks. So I didn't talk anything and went with them. He threw me in some room . I fell down. I stood up and there was a very handsome man. He has.fair skin, blue eyes, red hair. He seemed familiar. He was sitting on a chair.

"Hello love, come on take a seat."

He said showing the chair before him. I went there silently. I sat infront of him.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"You are here because I have some unfinished business with Leo" he said.

"Do I know you? Did we meet before?" I asked. He just Smiled.

I said" Listen, you won't get anything by keeping me here. Leo doesn't care about me. He shouts at me. He will not come for me.Just let me go." I lied hoping he would beleive that and leave me. But .......

He looked at me and started laughing, laughing hard.After few minutes he stopped laughing .

He said " Seriously Amelia. Why do you think he took you to his house? Why do you think he cried when you are in hospital? Why do you think he kept you under security? Why do you think he was going mad since you have gone missing for 2 days?"

I have been out for 2 days . What did these people drug me with? I just stared at him without beleiving what he just said. Did Leo really care about me? We have been talking and sometimes going out but did he care about me so much that he would save me ? I mean I am just a person who kidnapped .

He started talking again. "You wonder where you saw me right"

I said " yes".

" Remember the day you went to meet your friend . I am the who dropped you at your home" he said.

"BRANDON" This son of a b,tch had the audacity to act all good infront of me and kidnap me . He was so sweet and talktive the whole ride. Godd why me ?

" The one and only." he said.

I was so shocked. How can I be lured into this trap? I was so confused. Will Leo come for me ? I gathered all the courage I had and asked the question I was dying to ask Brandon .

" What is going to happen to me? "

He said "Oh darling don't worry I won't harm you till I get what I want. After I get it you will become the Queen of Russian Mafia which means you will marry me."

I was so so so so shocked . Me marrying this lunatic . Never gonna happen. I hate everything about my life now.

" No. This is not gonna hapen I will not marry you. You are a really bad person. You harm innocent people."

Then he stood up from the chair and cameto me and he said "Oh Sweetheart, you wish. But this is what's gonna happen" .

Then he called some guards they took me to the room I woke. I went inside and sat on the bed. I need some time to process the new information I just got. What if Leo never comes? If Leo gives Brandon what he wants then will Brandon really marry me? I don't want this life. Why did I got pulled into this mess ? Whatdo I do now? Did mom know I was taken? I should try to escape. I can't stay here. When I was thinking of a plan to escape The door opened and a guard came inside with a plate of food and water. He kept it down and pushed towards me . I didn't eat it. He closed the door and went out. I am still on the bed thinking about my future. I don't wanna eat anything. I just felt so weak . I just can't do anything about my future. I just have to wait till Leo comes.

hey guys , how are you ? You will probably wondering this is the part where Leo comes and kills Brandon and saves Amelia and becomes the hero . But that's where you are wrong there is going to be a hugggggggeeeeeeeeeeee twist in the next chapter . So stay tuned . Love you guys 💖💖💖💖 Thank you so much for reading 💕💕💕 your comments makes me happy ☺️
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