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Chapter 19

Recap :

Did mom know I was taken? I should try to escape. I can't stay here. When I was thinking of a plan to escape The door opened and a guard came inside with a plate of food and water. He kept it down and pushed towards me . I didn't eat it. He closed the door and went out. I am still on the bed thinking about my future. I don't wanna eat anything. I just felt so weak . I just can't do anything about my future. I just have to wait till Leo comes.

Mrs. Knight's POV: ( Amelia's Mom)

When Leonadro told me that my daughter was kidnapped I was so angry at him that I forgot that he is a mafia leader and started shouting at him. I took out all my anger on him and I cut the phone. Now I need to find where my daughter is before she gets harmed. I have to find her before Leonadro . I saw the way he looks at her and I understand what his intensions are for my daughter. I don't want that to happen cause he is dangerous man. I took out the police records of most secured buildings in Italy. Obviously if they take my daughter for getting some thing from Leo then they must have kept her in secured place. I checked the list. But some of themcatched my eye. So I investigated deeper about them. I finalised two buildings . If Amelia's not in them then I have to check the next suspected buildings. I filed a case that my daughter is missing so that I could get help of my department. It took me two days to get this information.

Me and my fellow officers are ready to get inside this house. I took a deep breath and said " officers come on lets do this". We all went inside the house. There are lots of people inside.

We started capturing people there. I went upstairs to check all the rooms. I pray God that my daughter should be one of the rooms. I opened the door of the 1st room . I saw no one inside. I started checking all the rooms. In one room there are drugs. What the hell are these people doing? They heard our gunshots and came down by leaving all these stuff here.

I closed that door . My people can seize these stuff. I checked all the rooms but no clue of Amelia. I felt so upset On my way downstairs I heard sound of something hitting the floor . Then my microphonestarted beeping. I answered it "Hello Mrs. Knight speaking, what's the problem there?".

" Excuse me Mam I am Steven, here there some armed men" . Steven is my friend he is also on this mission . He is capturing people downstairs while I am searching for Amelia.

"Yes steven I am coming." I went down and I am met with the person I never wanna see again .

It's Leonadro standing there. I wonder why he is here

"Why are you here ?"I asked.

"The same reason why you are," he said.

"She is not here " I said .Then it clickedme the sound I heard before. Someone is up there. I ran upstairs . I checked the room where the sound came from. There is a broken vase .But no signs of any people here . Leonadro came upstairs behind me.We checked all the rooms again m Then out of nowhere a redhead man came with gun pointing at Amelia's head. I and Leo became alert . Amelia saw me .

She is on the verge of crying. I took a step towards her. Then redhead man started speaking.

" One more step towards me Amelias head will be filled with a bullet" he said with a thick british accent .

"Brandon, leave her this is between us" Leonadro said .

I know somehow Leonadro is related with my daughters kidnap.

"This is between you both, now leave my daughter out of this mess" I said.

"Leo, you know what I need give it to me I will leave Amelia" said that man Brandon.

"I won't hand it over to a stupid like you It's my legacy" Leo said.

" Then this precious girl here is going to die." said Brandon.

Even though Amelia is a pampered kid as she is the sheirff's daughter I taught her some defence skills. I looked towards her and nodded my head signalling her to kick the gun out of Brandon's hand. She kicked it. Brandon's gun fell down . It all happened in a very slow motion . Brandon's gun falling down . Amelia running towards me. Leonadro who is behind me getting ready to shoot Brandon . Brandon realising the gun is no longer in his hands. Brandon searching for the gun . Amelia coming and hugging me tightly . Due to the sudden force me moving sideward.The firing of gun by Leonadro.

Leo's POV:

It's our third day on this mission of finding Amelia. We are now wearing our armours and we are ready to get into this third warehouse . We enter from the back door since there will be more security if we enter from the front one. I ordered my men to go in different directions. Apart from the two warehouses we slaughtered before this one is pretty quiet . I went to the main hall with few of my men . I saw police along with Brandon's men chained. Oh I think sheirff Knight might have reached here before I did. One man is saying something in his microphone. Then sheirff Knight came downstairs . She saw me and she was shocked . She said that Amelia was here. Then sheirff Knight ran upstairs . I went behind her. She went into a room. There is a broken vase. Then suddenly Brandon came out of nowhere with Amelia at his gun's point. He was demanding me my mafia. I can't give it . It's my legacy. My father sacrificed his life for it I can't loose Amelia neither I can loose my mafia. I can't give it to a fool like Brandon . When I was to make decision Amelia kicked the gun out of Brandon's hand. She ran towords her mother. I was about to pull the trigger to shoot Brandon. Amelia came and held her hom tightly. She and her mom jerked side wards.I pulled the trigger.

Hello lovelies 💓 how are you ? Sorry that I updated late. It's been 5 days since my last update so sorry for that. What do you think about this chapter ? I got tangled in stranger things that's the reason for late update. Do you watch starnger things ? Millie Bobby brown is so cuteee 😍😍 so thanks for reading guys . Your comments makes me happy 💓💓
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