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Chapter 2

After that incident with that mysterious man I took a cab and went home . Then I hopped on my bed and decided to have a good nap .

I woke up to the sound of my window. I forgot to lock it, due to the wind it's moving and making noise. I entered my balcony to face a beautiful weather. It's a bit cloudy with cool breeze. I could go to park. I usually enjoy weather very much. So I decided to go to park. I worte a note that I am going to park and pasted it on the kitchen counter . Incase my mom comes home she will see the note and will not be worried about my disappearence.

I went out of the house. I decided to walk,as the park is just a few blocks away. I reached the park. I sat on a stone bench and observed all the children playing. I wish I could be like them, I wishI could become child .A beautiful mother and daughter they are playing very happily. They both are looking so happy.Exactly behind them I saw 2 large black cars parked and one of the window of the first car is rolled down , the the person inside the car is the man from the mall. Looking right at me in the eye. I just stood up and ran to my house.

He seemed creepy so I really got afraid and ran . I know it's a dumb move rather very dumb move but I got scared. I reached home but my mom didn't come yet. It's weird, she usually doesn't work on Sundays . Even if it is important she finishes it quickly. I'll ask her when she comes home .

So I decided to make dinner at home. I know mom will be tired when she comes home. So I decided to cook dinner for both of us. I decided to make Italian stuffed shells with meat and cheese. It's our favourite dish for dinner. So , finally the dinner is ready . I made the table and set all dishes on it . Now , time to wait for mom.

I woke up to the sound of door opening. When did I sleep . Ooh I slept in a chair near the dining table . I looked at the clock to see it's past midnight. My mom would never be this late . Even in week days she doesn't arrive this late . I went to the living room to see my mom seated in the sofa with her head in her hands . I went near her , sat beside her and asked " What's wrong mom?" . She sighed heavily and said " nothing" . Then to lighten up the mood I told her that I made our favourite dish but then she said , " You have dinner and go to bed . I am not feeling well . Good night". To say I was sad was understatement . I really made it with so much love . My mom was never like this. She used to appreciate every thing I did even it's a small thing but now .... I can't let my hardwork get wasted so I ate a my part of the dinner and went upstairs to my room . I changed into my PJs and fell on my bed . It's 1 o clock in the morning and sleep is not coming anywhere near me. My mind drifted towards my mom . She was never this down . I guess I have to do something to lighten up her mood .

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm . I switched that thing of and got off my bed . I have a really annoying headache cause I didn't get enough sleep . I reluctantly got out of the bed and had a shower and changed into some jeans and T-shirt . I am not very particular when it comes to clothes. Its not like I am a tomboy I wear girly clothes too it just depends on my mood .

Then I took my bag and went down hoping to see mom. But there is a note on the counter. I picked it up and it says ' I have some important work so I couldn't make breakfast . Please eat some fruit or bread and go to school. ' Great my morning started out in a very great way ( Note the sarcasam ) . I took apple from the fridge , locked the house and went out . The school is just 5 mins from my home. I managed to plug in earphones and blast 'shake it off ' by Taylor Swift . By the time I reached the school it is filled with students. I went to my locker and kept my books and I saw my best and one and only friend Anthena . " Hii , how was your weekend ?" I asked her . It turned out that she went to ice skating . She asked me how my weekend was and I replied with a ' lame weekend ever' . I filled her with the information about my mom . She ended up saying it might be just work stress . But I have seem my mom when she was under work stress . But that's nothing like this.

Then we walked to our first class together. Me and Anthena have most of our classes together. After a dreadful and long 3 hrs of extreme torture we are now heading to the cafeteria to have lunch . While we are in the hallway my phone started ringing. Its Mrs. Grey my mom's colleague.

" Hello Mrs.Grey how are you ??"

" I am good Amelia . But your mom .... She ..."

With that my heart rate picked up abnormally

" What happened???what's wrong with my mom ??"

"Amelia come to the Citizens hospital immediately"

With that she cut the call . Oh my god what happened. Million possibilities of what could have happened are running in my head . I told Anthena about the call and she said she is coming with me . Good for me Amelia has a car . We ditched the school and got in the car and drove to the hospital .

Hii guys it's me the author . Firstly thank you for reading my book and giving me a chance . As I told you it's a mafia story which might seem boring at first but believe me things are going to get intresting . So it's my first book I would love to see some feedback. Thank you guys ❤️.
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