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Chapter 20

Recap :

Leo's POV:

Then sheirff Knight ran upstairs . I went behind her. She went into a room. There is a broken vase. Then suddenly Brandon came out of nowhere with Amelia at his gun's point. He was demanding me my mafia. I can't give it . It's my legacy. My father sacrificed his life for it I can't loose Amelia neither I can loose my mafia. I can't give it to a fool like Brandon . When I was to make decision Amelia kicked the gun out of Brandon's hand. She ran towords her mother. I was about to pull the trigger to shoot Brandon. Amelia came and held her hom tightly. She and her mom jerked side wards.I pulled the trigger.

Amelia's POV:

It's been three days since I have been kidnapped . No sign of Leo. I lost my hope. These people are not harming me but I can't stay here. Today I am in my bed playing with my hands. I don't even know what day and time it is. I am getting so bored here.That's when I heard a loud sound . I went to the door to check if it's locked . No it's not Actually it's not locked Yay I did a happy dance inside and I saw down to see police!! MOM! My mom came for me. I was running on the corridor unable to find stairs. Then suddenly from a room a hand pulled me inside I was about to shout when a hand cupped my mouth and pulled me inside the room .It's Brandon I tried so hard to get out of his grip, but it seemed impossible. Then I heard someone coming upstair. That person came inside the room I am in . His grip tightened around me I can't ever move an inch. I tried to shout but I cant he is cover my mouth with his hand. That person went out of the room. I saw a table with a vase on it . I tried mylevel best and hit the vase with my hand. I did it. I hope that person hears it and comes to the room. Then Brandon took me another room.

After like a 5 mins I heard some one coming upstairs. I can't move or shout. I am just a few feet away from my freedom. Then Brandon took out his gun from his pocket. I didn't try to talk cause if I want my freedom I have a to be alive first . He took me pointed gun at my head and he dragged me to the corridor from the room. There is LEO and my MOM . My mom!! I cried at the sight of my mom. Leo is talking to Brandon. I didn't pay attention to it. Then my mom looked at me and signalled me to kick the gun out of Brandon's hand. Now is the time if I fail then I die in Brandon's hands . I gained all the courage and I kicked the gun out of Brandon's hand. I ran towards my mom and hugged her. Due to the force we moved sidewards. Then there is a gunshot.

I heard the gunshot and I feel something wet on my hands I see them covered in BLOOD !!! I didn't feel pain .Oh my god Leo shot my mom. I look at my mom. She is in pain. Her eyes are about to close. She collapsed in my arms .

"Mom, Mom wake up. No you have to wake up come on, please wake up"I cried.

Leo shot Brandon on his shoulder and then came to me.

"We need to take her to the hospital " I said.

Leo nodded and we took Leo's car. I was crying all the way to hospital. When we reached the hospital they took my mom to the emergency ward.

I am sitting on a chair. She is my lifeline. I can't live without her. She is my only living relative. I love her so much. I won't forgive myself if anything happens to her. I am crying when Leo came and sat beside me.

"Don't worry she will be fine" he said.

"No, This is all your fault. She is here because of you. This is all because of you, because of you " I said to him with fat droplets of water rolling on my cheeks.

" Amelia,I am sorry It was an an accident. She came in between I was not trying to kill her " he said.

" If you didn't come into our lives then this wouldn't have happened" I said . I am filled with rage I didn't know what I am talking . I just am angry.

Then the doctor came out of the room then said "she is no more"

Oh my god did he just say that? My my my mom is no more.

collapsed on the floor I started crying.

" No, no she is not dead I am not orphan. Please no ".

Leo came towards me and said "Everything will be alright".

In this moment I don't have anyone to rely on except Leo. I cried on his chest his shirt became soaking wet.

He wiped my eyes and said "Now come on lets see her."

He took me inside the hospital room. I saw my mother's lifeless body on the bed. I went near her and held her hand and cried. Leo didn't stop me. I have no mom. My one , My lifeline, my mom is gone. Then Luca and Anthena came. Luca stood beside Leo and Anthena came and hugged me. I cried in the arms of Anthena. She also started crying. I don't know how much time I sat there crying but Leo came and whispered something in Anthena's ear. Then Anthena looked at him and nodded her head. Anthena came towards me and said

"Come on Amelia lets go out for a minute".

Hii guys . Please don't hate me for what I did to Ameilas mom. So I have a news to tell you. I got transferred to a big college . I will be going there by the end of this month. So I happy that I got accepted into such a great college. But when I go there I will be having exams continuously for 3 months so I am thinking of finishing the book before I go so you don't have to wait for updates. I don't want you guys to wait for my updates so I will try to finish the book before I go there and probably after I come out of the heated exam months I might start a new book . So yeah that's it .Thank you for reading 💖 What do you think is going happen next???? Love you guys ❤️❤️ Your comments makes me happy
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