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Chapter 21

Recap :

He took me inside the hospital room. I saw my mother's lifeless body on the bed. I went near her and held her hand and cried. Leo didn't stop me. I have no mom. My one , My lifeline, my mom is gone. Then Luca and Anthena came. Luca stood beside Leo and Anthena came and hugged me. I cried in the arms of Anthena. She also started crying. I don't know how much time I sat there crying but Leo came and whispered something in Anthena's ear. Then Anthena looked at him and nodded her head. Anthena came towards me and said

"Come on Amelia lets go out for a minute".

Amelia's POV :

I don't even have strength to argue. So I went outside with her. She took me to the parking lot and the unlocked a car . I sat on the passenger seat. She sat in the driver's seat and started driving. I didn't even ask where we are going. I am so deeply stuck in grief. She took me to Leo's mansion. she came to my room.

She said " Go have bath". I went inside the bathroom. I sat in the bath tub. Then my emotions came running towards me. I started crying again. I started shouting.

" NO , NO NO NO "

Anthena come inside " Amelia ,Amelia stop! what are you doing? stop".

She took me outside the bathtub. She hugged me tight and said

"I understand you . You have to stay strong for me for your mom please "she said .I wiped my my eyes. Even though I cried a lot I still can't get my mom out of my head.

"Okay now I am going to be over there just outside your bathroom If you need anything just call me" she said and went outside to give me time to bath.

I had my bath and went outside. She is on the bed.

She came towards me and said "Let's go to hospital to see your mom for the last time. They will send her for the funeral tomorrow." By hearing her words I started crying again.

" Come on Amelia you have to stay strong. Now let's get to the hospital". I went to the hospital with Anthena. Leo and Luca are there. Luca came and hugged me. I again sobbed in his arms. I can't get my emotions under control. I made Luca's shirt wet too. Luca took me inside hospital room. I saw my mom. I went near her and stayed there. Leo , Luca and Anthena also here. I sat there for a very long time looking at mom.

" It's lunch time come on Amelia eat something" said Leo. I didn't talk anything from the moment I saw my mom's dead body. I didn't utter a single word .I shook my head indicating no as my answer. Then Leo started walking towards me. My heart rate picked up.

" Amelia please come have lunch" . His voice was a bit shaky like he was about to cry. Why is he crying ? The only person dead is my mother.

I again shook my head saying no . Then Leo went outside the room Luca went beside him and then Anthena. Now I am alone with my mom in the room. I took a longing took at her. I went near her I probably won't see her again. Now I have to live a life without her . If Leo didn't have came into my life she could have been alive. I started crying again. I couldn't control myself. After an hour they came back.

Anthena said " Come on let's go . They are gonna hand over her tomorrow "I wiped my tears and went with her .Leo and Luca saw me with sadness on their face. I sat in the car and went with Anthena . She started driving the car . I did not utter a word even with Anthena. After what I have done to my mom I deserve this . Yes her death is partially my responsibility If I have been careful the night I got taken away by Leo this shouldn't have happened. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the car came to a stop .We are outside Leo's mansion. She opened the car door. I didn't go to my room I went to the garden instead. I just want some fresh air . She seemed to notice that and she gave me some space. I am in this huge garden alone. I just took a look at the butterflies and birds. I was like that once upon a time going anywhere I want, doing things I love, not being locked in any place, being happy and cheerful.

Then I felt some ones hand on my shoulder. It's Leo's mom I turned towards her with my puffy red eyes

"Oh dear I know how hard this is for you. Me , Leo , Luca became like this when my husband passed out"

She sat beside me and hugged me tight. I even cried on her shoulder .

She wiped my eyes " You have me you don't need to be sad .I am here for you, you can treat me as your mother." I cried harder not because of my mothers death but because of the affection this lady is showing me. She comforted me and said " Come on I heard you didn't eat anything " . I don't wanna eat anything . I said no shaking my head.

She looked towards me and said

" Please dear for me ." I went to the dining room with her Leo's mom made me a toast . I just ate one. Before she could ask me to eat another . I went to my room. There are car keys on the table. I took them and went to the garage. I noticed that these keys are of a matte black Ferrari . I went to the car which is in between cars as expensive as this is . I unlocked the car and started driving. I went to my home. I unlocked the door hoping my mom could be inside smiling .

Hoping that this is all a nightmare. But I opened the door to come to face a lifeless house. I remember all the memories. How we used to sit on the couch and watch movies. How we would go out whenever she is free. How she selected my dress for prom. How I spent time in here with my mom . I remember everything. I went to my mom's room upstairs. My mom used to keep her room very clean . Then I remember the time when she used to bicker about me being the messiest girl in this whole world .I remember those days I laugh to myself as a mad girl. I started laughing loud . I laughed loud and continuous in my mom's room . Then my laugh turned to cry's . Them the cry's became loud . I started crying loud. I went inside her closet and took the dress I love most of my mom, her wedding dress, her uniform. I place them in a bag.

Next I went to my room I saw photo frame of me and my mom. I took my prom dress which was selected by my mom and I also took my dresses which my mom loved .I took some photo frames on my nightstand and placed them in my bag .I went outside my house and got in my car . I started driving towards an unknown destination . I just drove till the car ran out of fuel . I observed my surroundings to see that I was near a huge mountain .I got out of the car and sat beside a huge rock . I took my mom's dress and hugged it . Again all that memories came rushing back to me . I don't know for how long I cried there but Idrifted into sleep there itself.

At some point I feel someone lifting me off the ground I didn't even bother opening my eyes . T hen I feel like I was placed inn a car . After sometime I felt a soft mattress below me . Again I drifted into sleep .

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