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Chapter 22

Recap :

At some point I feel some one lifting me and taking some where . I am so tired that I didnt even open my eyes. Then I feel like I am in a car. After sometime I felt a soft mattress below me. Again I drifted off into sleep.

Leo's POV :

Today is really hard one. When I started this day I prayed that I could find Amelia. I got what I prayed of but she is not the same.She is no longer going to believe me, trust me or love me . I brought this upon myself. I should have been careful. But I can't change the past . Now I am on the couch of my bedroom. Amelia is on my bed.

After she came from hospital she went somewhere without informing anyone .When I got home she is not there. So I called her a few times but no response. Then I tracked her phone to know that she went too far from the city. I went there to see Amelia holding some dress and sleeping beside a huge rock. I kept that dress in the bag beside her,carried her to my car and arranged in the backseat. I drove to the house and placed her on the bed and I'm on the couch.

This remembers me the first time I brought her to my room. She demanded me to sleep on the couch, later we both ended up on the bed in the morning. I was laughing like a idiot remembering all those times .I wish I could go back in time and change everything. I fell asleep on the couch with that thoughts. I woke up pretty early in the morning. When I woke up Amelia is still sleeping. She might be very tired after yesterday's events. I need to call Anthena. Amelia have to get ready for her mom's funeral. I don't think my presence would make her glad so I am staying as far as possible from her. I got ready and I wore a black suit with black shirt and a black tie. After I got ready I went downstairs and saw Luca in the same attire as me for the funeral.

I called Anthena and invited her for the funeral she came in a black mid length dress. She had her hair in a bun with some strands here and there. I am sure Luca is having hard time controlling himself. I told Anthena that Amelia is in my room sleeping . I gave her a faint smile. I invited Mrs.Knight's colleagues for the funeral. The funeral started ,the coffin is in our backyard decorated. All the guests have arrived. Amelia , me, Anthena , Luca, are sitting in the first row. Everyone is expecting Amelia to say something but I don't think she could . All of Mrs Knights colleagues are sending their condolences to Amelia. Some of them even spoke some words about her. It's time, everyone is waiting for Amelia's words about her mother . She looked towards me and moved her head horizontally indicating she can't speak now . So I insisted on continuing the funeral without Amelia's speech. After completing some formalities the coffin is taken to cemetery and Amelia went inside the manision. She is completely filled with unshed tears.I wanted to console her so badly but I can't knowing the reason I am responsible for this. Anthenawent inside with her. Me and Luca stayed outside.

Amelia's POV:

I hear Anthena's voice . Where am I? I remember sleeping beside a rock. Who bought me home, I sat and observed that І am in Leo's room. He might have brought me. I got out of bed and it took me a moment to observe Anthena. She is in a mid length black dress.Oh I forgot today is my mom's funeral. Anthena gave a dress to me too I wore it and we stepped intothe backyard. I noticed that whole backyard is decorated in flowers. In the middle there's my mother's coffin and my mother's colleagues are also here. I didn't expect all of this. Leo did this !

Some of my mothers to colleagues came to me and send their condolences. I sat between Leo and Anthena in the first row. A few of them spoke some words about my mom . Now it's my turn but I didnt talk anything since her death and I am not willing to . So I said no (with her actions obviously). Leo insisted on continuing the funeral . I can't stay longer seeing all this . It's so overwhelming. I went inside the house and sat on the chair sobbing with Anthena beside me. I don't know what to do now.

*** Time skip *****

It's been one month since my mother's death. I don't know what happened to Brandon . Seeing I was so depressed about my mothers death, Leo offered me a job in his company King Industries. I work as a Interior designer in Leo's company. He is a mafia man and also a business man . We both go to work together and come back together. As you can't guess I didn't speak to anyone since my mothers death. Yes not even a single word . Everyone even forced me to talk. I didn't even utter a single word . I can't even figure out how my voice is . I doubt that I have became mute.

So now I am in the car with Leo on the way to office. I think Leo offered me this job cause I won't be sitting in the house grieving over my mother's death. So you might be wondering how I could say to others if I need something. Simple I just figure it out myself . Till now I didn't even text anyone. I became a closed book more like a sealed one which will never be open. I became quiet indeed very very quiet. It's like my presence is not notified at all.

When Leo bought me to his house for the first time I was so girly I used to make a lot of noise. Even every worker know about me but now I am completely opposite. I don't think that girl would come back. She is long gone. But Leo took great care of me this whole month . He is just doing that cause he have to . He made me orphan so obviously he have to take care of me . He is a killer who is currently sitting beside me . We arrived at the office . I went directly to my cabin and sat on my chair. That's when I received a phone call from a person I never expected to call me. Guess what life is completely taking revenge on me.

Hii guys . I am so sorry I didn't even realise that it's been 5 days since my last update. I am so sorry guys. So to make it up to you I made this chapter extra long . Now you don't have a reason to be mad at me 😛😛😛. So how's the chapter ? Feel free to express what you feel about the book . I don't mind even if it's negative response . Thank you for reading guys 💖💖 Your comments makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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