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Chapter 23

Recap :

He made me orphan so obviously he have to take care of me . He is a killer who is currently sitting beside me . We arrived at the office . I went directly to my cabin and sat on my chair. That's when I received a phone call from a person I never expected to call me. Guess what life is completely taking revenge on me.

So from now most of the chapters will be in Amelia's POV cause she is the upcoming lead . Thank you

Amelias POV:

I took my phone and looked at the caller ID to see it's from the doctor. Yes I have been assigned to a therapist who miserably failed to get me speak something. Oh why is he calling me ? I can't pick up the call so I just ignored it . Today I have a few interiors designs to finish so I started my work. I lost the track of time while working. I checked my phone to see it's past lunch. Normally Leo would come and call me for lunch. But now he is not here. Even though I always stay close to Leo but we are so far from each other. He just appreciates my presence. But deep down one day I wanna escape. Escape from this cruel reality, escape from this town far away from Leo and live somewhere alone. I know these never happens so guess I could only fantasize about those. I get my own payment for my work and if I made enough money I think I could do that escaping thing.

Suddenly there is a knock on my office door inturrepting me from my thoughts. I look towards the door to see it was Leo's secretary. She excused herself into my room. She placed my lunch on my table and said " Mr. King told me to give this mam . Have a nice day ." Her name is Lilly . She is a very nice girl . I wish I could talk to her. I gave her a smile. She smiled towards me and she went out. Sometimes I feel bad of myself for example Lilly , she has done nothing but being polite to me . But I am not even giving her a reply. See how cruel I am becoming day by day. So after Lilly gave me my lunch I ate it and I started working on few other designs . It's almost my departure time . But still no sign of Leo. I am walking towards Leo's office . Then Lilly came towards me and said " Ms.Knight I was looking for you. Your ride for home is ready ". I gave her a questioning look and she said " Oh , Mr. King is not in the office . He had asked me to take care of you today ." I gave her my thank you smile and walked out of the building. There stood a glorious Luca beside a very amazing Lamborghini. He gave me a smile and said " I am your ride today." I smiled towards him and sat on the passengers seat of the car . He came inside and started the car. On the way home Luca tried his best to convince me to start talking again . Every day whenever he meets he always rants about how important my words for him are . He says that he misses me scolding him , shouting at him . He says how much he misses our food fights.Actually I really miss my old life. I miss my pointless arguments with Leo. Every day we used to have an argument which ends up by me not eating anything . Leo being Leo doesn't care about my food . While I am in my thoughts we reached the house . I got out of the car and went to my room . I had a long shower and changed into my PJs . Then I opened my draw to find the money I have been saving since a month to be independent and get out of this mafia mess. I hope I can escape soon.

I opened my eyes to see that I am in Brandon's warehouse !!!! It's the place where he kept me after I was kidnapped. Why am I here ? I opened the door to in the room I was in . Then I saw Leo . Why is he here ? And I see someone beside him . My mom !!!!!! Oh my god what's happened here ? I was about to go to Leo and ask him what's happening, that's when someone pulled me inside the room . I looked at the person to find Brandon . What the hell is happening here?? I am so terrified . The door opened and Leo and my mom came inside . They saw me . My mom was about to come and pull me from Brandon's hold . Then there is an evil smirk on Leo's face . My eye balls literally came out of sockets . I saw Brandon nodding his head and giving the same evil smile as Leo . Then the hell broke loose Leo shot my mom. Infront of my eyes. Her uniform became red from blood. She uttered her last word Amelia and she collapsed on the floor. I was pulling myself from Brandon's hold to reach out my mom. But all my attempts are miserably failing . Then Leo looked at me . He is taking slow steps towards me like a lion approaching a deer . Then he came dangerously close to me and said" you are next darling " and he loaded his gun and shot me right at my heart . Giving me no chance to escape death.

Then I jerked awake . Oh my god this is all a dream . Sorry a nightmare. I didn't even remember when I fell asleep . I checked the time to see it's 4 in the morning . I never want to get that horrible dream again . Never.

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