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Chapter 24

Recap :

Then I jerked awake . Oh my god this is all a dream . Sorry a nightmare. I didn't even remember when I fell asleep . I checked the time to see it's 4 in the morning . I never want to get that horrible dream again . Never.

Amelia's POV :

After that horrible dream I jerked awake . I got ready to work . I am in the dining room waiting for breakfast. Then a maid came and served breakfast. Then I saw very sleepy Luca walking down the stairs. He came towards me and said" Leo woke me up from my beauty sleep . He said me to tell you that you can take the day off ." I want to ask why but I can't,so I had my breakfast and went to my room. I am soooo bored . So I watched Vampire diaries in Netflix till lunch time. How can Stefen be so good looking? He is super sweet and cute. ( If you are wondering Stefen is a character from The vampire diaries ) When I was drowned in my thoughts of Stefen there is a knock on my door.

I opened the door to face Leo's mom. I gave her a smile and opened the door wider indicating her to get inside. She is very kind .She asked me to stay here after my mother's death. She talks to me usually. I listen to all the things she speaks . She came inside the room and sat on my bed. Then she started talking " I heard that you have your day off today . Why don't you go out and spend some time instead of sitting here all alone ? You have to appreciate the time you get for yourself. It's very important to sort out all of the things in your mind." While she is saying this I remembered my mother. She just treats me like her own daughter. She gives me advices . I don't deserve this much of love . After listening to her water started pooling in my eyes by the affection I am receiving from this lady. I gave her a hug.

Then I got ready to spend some time outside. I am in the garage wondering which car to use. Then a shiny white Rolls Royce caught my eye. This is one hell of a rich family. The cheapest Rolls Royce costs nearly 300 thousand dollars ( nearly 6 crores ) . I am sure that these people will not buy the cheapest model. Whatever it might be I wanna ride this beauty. So I took the car keys and started it . I am just wandering on streets of Italy. Then I came across Starbucks. Who says no to an amazing cup of coffee. I parked the car and went inside Starbucks. I ordered a Iced white chocolate mocha and sat at a table waiting for my order. I observe my surrounding there are few teens, a old couple , and a family. It's getting dark, I lost track of time while driving on the streets. Then my order came , I had my coffee and left a 20$ tip . I went out of the Starbucks and it's pretty dark outside. I have to pass a dark alley to reach my car . I didn't notice this before because it's not dark when I went inside the shop. Now I am getting scared to go in the dark . But if I choose not to then I have to stay here the rest of night which is not an option. So I gained all the courage and started walking in the dark alley. At the end of the ally there are drunk men. Now my fear became 100 times more due to those men . It took all my strength in me not to turn away and run. I closed my eyes and gained my composure and started walking again. I am almost out of the alley when one of those men noticed me .

" Hey,whats a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?"

That's when my life came to an end. I might seem over reacting to you but I am truly scared of men. If there is one or two I can manage with my fighting skills. But there are nearly 6 people here. Then they started walking towards me . I hit the first one in the face with my heel and started running towards my car. On the way I messaged Leo " help " . When I was about to take my keys from my pocket they slipped!! Shit these men are literally behind me . I do not bother picking up the keys and increased my pace. I am not sure if Leo sees my message cause he is been busy from past few days. I ran with all the energy I have and reached the main Street full of people. Thank god I live in Italy if this is any other place the streets would be deserted at this time and for sure I would have got caught. I got mixed with the group of people. I removed my coat and threw it aside so that if one of them see me they might not figure that it was me if I was without that coat. I took my phone out from my pocket and shared Luca my location and messaged him to come here. My bad luck Leo and Luca didn't see my messages. Now I am in deep shit. I am sweating profusely my hands are shaking . Even if they get ahold of me I can't shout for help . So I have to be extra careful . I lowered my head and walked in the streets. Then I saw Mc Donalds I thought I might be safe there and went inside. I sat at a table then a gorgeous blonde came to me and asked what my order is with a faint smile . I typed PIZZA in my phone and showed it to her. She probably thought that I am mute. She gave me a sympathetic smile and walked away. I am tapping the table with my fingers , it's a habit of mine when I am nervous. After 5 mins the girl came with pizza. She observed my nervousness and sweat on my forehead and asked " are you okay darling?". I shake my head saying no as answer. She gave a suspicious look and went away to take another order. I am checking my phone for every second to see if Leo and Luca saw my message. Then after waiting for an hour . I know this is not going anywhere. So I had my pizza and left a 50$ tip for that girl cause she seemed nice. She deserved it. I went out of the shop and I decided to go back to the place where I lost my keys and take those keys start the car and go back home. For words this plan seemed very easy but I am freaking out . Now I am on my way to my car. I peeked at that place to see no one. Yay they are not here , smile creeped up my face . I can do this , Amelia you can do this . I gave myself a motivational speech and ran towards my car. Then something happened which I never expected not even in my wildest nightmares. Some one put a hand on my mouth and pulled me towards a building. Oh my god please help me.

This chapter is dedicated to every single person who added the book to your reading list. I would be more than happy if I get any response. Even though I mentioned in last chapter I didn't get any comments but I am still updating very early only for you guys❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for reading 💕💕 your comments makes me happy ❤️
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