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Chapter 25

Recap :

I gave myself a motivational speech and ran towards my car. Then something happened which I never expected not even in my wildest nightmares. Some one put a hand on my mouth and pulled me towards a building. Oh my god please help me.

Amelia's POV :

I am being pulled by someone. I tried to hit the person with my elbows or legs. But it didn't work . Saying that I am scared is an understatement I am truly terrified of this situation. Then that person removed hand from my mouth and turned me over to face him. It's LEO . Oh my god by seeing him my heart rate became normal.

" It's me shhh, don't talk " he said. Poor Leo , did he just think I was going to talk ?

" It's not like you talk actually ". Oops he got me. He was looking towards the drunk men to see if they are gone. Then he turned towards me . I find my heart beating wildly in my chest. He came extremely close to me and said ,

" Do you know how stupid you are ? " It's not like I expected something but I don't think that's the question he was supposed to ask. He started speaking again

" Do you really think you could fight them ? " . By now he is quite angry at my actions .

" What if I didn't see your text huh? " He is now scolding me . I didn't reply anything and just stared at my shoes.

He said " Come on , let's go". But what about his car ?? I looked towards him hoping he would understand my concern about his very expensive car. Then he said " Are you worried about the car ? "

Then I nodded my head . Then he said " It's nothing now let's get you home".

I am so so so shocked. He really left his car like a chocolate wrapper . I sat in the passenger seat of the car Leo bought with him. He started driving towards the manision . On the way he told me about the gala he is hosting. I am not interested in it. But he insisted on me attending even just for an hour. So I agreed reluctantly. He just behaved in a friendly manner on the way back. I like this Leo . But he would be back to his angry side in no time. So I just didn't think of anything.

We arrived at the mansion and he said me a good night and went to his room. I gave him a smile and went to my room. I changed into my cute Mickey mouse PJs . Immediately after my body touched the bed I was out like a light.

The next morning I woke up to someone knocking on my door . I went towards the door by lazily rubbing my eyes still in my PJs. I thought it was some maid ,but when I opened the door there is Leo standing there with a white buttoned shirt and a black torn jeans . I probably look like shit compared to him. I looked him in the face to see he was smiling. Oh why is he grinning like an idiot?? I looked towards my PJs and noticed they are way too short. Oops I just embarrassed myself . I blushed furiously. Then I heard someone clearing their throat . It's Luca he is standing beside Leo. Ouch , I didn't notice him before . Now I am so embarrassed , my cheeks hurt. Then Leo said " Get ready we are going to buy you a dress for Gala." Ooh , I forgot about it , the gala is in a few days. Then I closed the door to get ready. I had a nice warm shower . After I got out from the shower I picked my outfit.

When I was about to pair it up with jewelery I saw the necklace Leo gifted me on my birthday on my jewelry table .


Today is my birthday. It's been a month since I left my mother . I am staying in this manision. It's not as bad as I thought living with mafia men would be. I actually started liking it here. Apart from the fights I have with Leo everytime, every thing is all right. So it's my birthday today and I wish to see my mom . I lost my hope of even getting a wish and got ready for the day. After I had my shower I wore a white dress and went downstairs for breakfast. When I went down everything is dark . The lights are off , it's not like this usually . It's 10 in the morning everyone would be having breakfast but something is wrong . I climbed down the stairs and went into the dining room. Then suddenly the lights went on and there are Leo, Luca , Leo's mom , cilia with a birthday cake . I didn't expect this . By looking at this I started crying . I am really really surprised. I can't describe my feelings in words . Then Leo's mom came towards me and gave me a hug and said" Happy Birthday Amelia " .I said. " Thank you so much Mrs. King " Then Luca came and said " Happy Birthday cutie". I smiled and said " Thank u muggle " ( Harry Potter fans will understand ) . Then Leo came towards me and gave me a bear hug . I hesitated but I hugged him back . He gave me a gift box and told me to open it . I opened it inside there is a beautiful necklace. It's seemed so similar. I saw it somewhere before but I can't remember . After Leo , Cilia came and kissed me on the cheek and said " happy birthday" she also gave me a bracelet which she made . It's so cute .

After the gifts and wishes . We cut the cake. I felt so happy that dayy .

Present day:

I remembered that sweet memory . I took that necklace and paired it with my outfit and went down to have breakfast. There's Luca and Leo . I gave them a smile and sat on a chair. The breakfast is bacon and egg. It's so delicious . I almost finished my breakfast when Leo spoke . He said " We are going to shop the ball gowns . We will have lunch outside " . Then Luca said" Ok man " . I gave him a smile .

We finished our breakfast and we are now in the car with Leo and Luca in the front and me in the back. I am just looking out of the window and these men are discussing something. Soon we reached a huge mall. It's so beautiful everything here screams expensive and richness.

I am soo tired my legs are throbbing. We literally went in 10 stores but Leo didn't even like one dress . Luca is whining like a child . He is asking Leo ' when will we go home ? ' from last 2 hrs . Leo being Leo ignored him . I am so so so tired . We didn't even have lunch . Luca said " Atleast let's have lunch " . Finally Luca said one thing which made me happy .

Leo agreed and now we are in pizza hut . The waiter came towards our table. He is looking at me . When I say me I mean only me . He is not even sparing a glance at Leo and Luca . He asked me " What's your order mam ? " . I can't speak so I can't give him order . I just stayed silent . I looked at Leo , he is on the verge of kicking this waiter . I gave him a ' please spare him ' look. I think he got it . He ordered himself a pepperoni pizza and coke . Luca ordered a chicken pizza with Sprite. The two men looked towards me for my order . I showed it to Leo on the menu. He ordered it . Finally we got rid of that waiter who had a death wish . We finally had our lunch and that stupid waiter came again for bill . He placed the bill on our table and he placed some paper on my hand . This doesn't go unnoticed by Leo . I looked towards the paper . There is waiters phone number . We stood up and started walking outside the store . Then Leo snatched the paper from me and torn it . Actually I was going to dump it in nearby dustbin .Typical Leo .

Hii guys a very long chapter for you . Hope you are doing well . What do you think is going happen next ?? Love you guys ❤️💟 Thank you for reading ❤️❤️ your comments makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️
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