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Chapter 26

Recap :

Finally we got rid of that waiter who had a death wish . We finally had our lunch and that stupid waiter came again for bill . He placed the bill on our table and he placed some paper on my hand . This doesn't go unnoticed by Leo . I looked towards the paper . There is waiters phone number . We stood up and started walking outside the store . Then Leo snatched the paper from me and torn it . Actually I was going to dump it in nearby dustbin .

Amelia's POV :

After that incident with waiter we got back to our shopping . I am getting frustated and tired . Luca is not helping either. Leo is stubborn in finding the perfect dress. Finally, we went inside a store to check it out. Leo promised that this is the last one . If we don't find anything I am going home that's it end of discussion. I don't care about the other two . They can shop ball gowns for themselves . But this store is unique. Every design here is breathtaking. I know we would select something from here for sure .

There are so many beautiful dresses here . They are work of art . We started going through all the dresses , Leo and Luca gave me a bunch of dresses to try on . I literally tried 8 dresses but they are not satisfied . Finally one dress caught my eye so I decided to try it .

It's a sky-blue coloured ball gown . It has sweetheart neckline . I liked it so I tried it on . When I came out from the trail room , both the men's jaws are hanging . I just wanted to click a picture of them they look so funny . Finally we decided that this is the one .

After an eternity we finally reached home . We planned to have lunch at the mall but due to Leo we had dinner in the mall too. I took my shopping bag and went to my room. I had my nice , warm and long shower . I changed into my PJs . Just when my body hit the bed. I was off like a light .

Next day morning

I woke up and looked at the clock to see it 11 AM . Ooh I overslept and I don't think I have office today since it's the day of ball . So I had shower and got dressed in a crop top and jean shorts and headed down for breakfast . I didn't see anyone in the dining hall except the maids . I assume every one had their breakfast . I sat on a chair and ate my food. I am wondering what to do today. I have my ball gown ready I will pair it up with my silver heels and I will just go mild on makeup .

I don't like people who cakes up their face with makeup . A mild amount is appreciable but not a whole . I just wanna spend time in the garden. So I went to the garden to have a nice peaceful time with flowers . When I am watering the plants I saw Ms. Cuddles coming towards me . Who the hell is Ms . Cuddles ?? I know this thought might be wondering in your mind. Don't worry it's a dog . I love dogs. Leo got it for me as a sorry gift after my mother's death . Actually after the day of my mother's funeral I was sitting in my room and there is a knock on the door . I opened it and there's no one . But when I looked down there is a very cute puppy with a ' I am sorry' tag . The gesture seemed very cute . But I can't forgive him just after getting me a puppy.

After I took that puppy and named it Ms. Cuddles . Ms. Cuddles prefers to stay in the garden mostly even in the nights. Sometimes when I come out I play with it . Get it some snacks and take it for a walk . I played with Ms.Cuddles for some time and went inside. I went to my room and started reading a book .

I am so into my book that I didn't even have my lunch. I remembered about lunch when a maid bought me my lunch tray . I had my lunch in my room . The maid informed me that ball is going to be held at 7 PM and my makeup and hair will be done by someone . After that maid left I continued reading my book .

It's 5 PM now and there are 4 people here to do my hair and make up . I am not ok with this . I hate makeup and I like my hair down and free . But it seems they have kept a million pins on my head . I hate this but I can't tell them to stop since they have worked so hard in getting my hair done . They kept it up in a beautiful bun . They applied a blue eyeshadow matching my dress and a light blush with a dark red lipstick . After they finished their work they went out of the room allowing me to wear my dress . I slipped in my dress and looked in the mirror . The girl in the mirror is so different. She looks beautiful , her eyes are appealing with the eye shadow and she looks like she came out of a royal family . It really boosted my confidence. I never thought I could look so beautiful. They really did a great work .

I put on my mask since it's a masquerade ball and Leo bought me one along with the dress. I slipped on my heels and went down . By the time I got ready it's 7 PM . I opened the door and started walking towards the stairs. Leo was there right beside the stairs . He looked at me and kept staring at me . I approached him and gave him a smile. He then came out of his trance and said " You look beautiful " . I can't help but smile at his compliment . He offered me his hand . I took it and we walked down the stairs.

There are many people in the living room . Every one is looking gorgeous with the ball gowns and masks. When we are descending down the stairs everyone stopped what they are doing and looking at us . Suddenly I feel so uncomfortable . I am not used to people looking around me . It literally took an eternity for getting down the stupid stairs . Finally when we are down people got back to their works . Then Leo said " I will be gone for a while have fun." He went to talk with his business delegates , mafia men or something . Not that I care .

After Leo abandoned me . Yes abandoned me in a very large group of people who I don't even know . I went to the bar to have a drink. Not a drink actually I am pretty wasted . Every thing is a blur . Then the music started playing everyone started gathering on the dance floor . After a few songs the music changed to slow. People started pairing and dancing with their partners . Then someone came towards me and said " How about a dance my lady ? " I actually had no intrest in dancing . I shook my head . He took my hand and insisted . So why not I went along . Actually if I am not drunk I would have really not did this . But my drunk self is stupid .

So now I am on the dance floor with a man . Actually I don't even know his name but I am dancing with him. I am getting so tired and my heels are killing me . When I was thinking of going back to my room another song started playing . Actually I don't even know when the previous one stopped . I got out of his hold and started walking towards the stairs . Then suddenly he took my wrist. His grip is painful . I tried so hard in getting out by he seemed rather strong and the fact that I am drunk is not helping either. I let out of a whimper . He is pulling me towards the garden . I looked around for Leo , Luca or anyone who could help . But everyone is so into the party and they didn't notice me . The man was successful in pulling me towards the garden . Then he left me . I was ready to run back into the manision when he slapped me . Oh my god he really slapped me . I fell on the floor cause I was literally not expecting that and he was a bit strong . Then someone landed a punch on his face . Leo................... .......

Hii guys , how are you ?? It felt like 34783422 years since I updated but in real it's only 5 days . I was quite busy lately so sorry for late update . I still am busy now but I made time to write this chapter and I made it extra long. Thank you for reading 💕💕💕 love you guys 💓💓💓💓 Your comments makes me happy ❤️❤️❤️
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