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Chapter 27


He is pulling me towards the garden . I looked around for Leo , Luca or anyone who could help . But everyone is so into the party and they didn't notice me . The man was successful in pulling me towards the garden . Then he left me . I was ready to run back into the manision when he slapped me . Oh my god he really slapped me . I fell on the floor cause I was literally not expecting that and he was a bit strong . Then someone landed a punch on his face . Leo................... .......

Amelia's POV:

LEO came . Oh my god , what does this drunk man even need . Leo is kicking him . By now his face was red with blood . His jaw might be broken. I tried to pull Leo away several times. But he just doesn't stop kicking him . This man will be dead if I go inside to find someone to stop Leo . I hope someone notices his absence and comes here . God answered my prayers and he sent Luca . Thank god .

Luca started pulling Leo off that drunk man . Luca is quite muscular but he is having a hard time controlling angry Leo . He finally pulled Leo off that man . He is almost unconscious. But he is alive atleast looking alive or maybe alive I am not sure . I don't want another person dying on my part . Just now I am starting to move on from my mother's death. If it happens again I know it will hit me real hard.

I went near the injured man to check if he is alive. Then a bullet came behind me and pierced into the man's chest . I saw life slipping out of his eyes. I am again responsible for another man's death . He might have a family ,a wife waiting for his return , a daughter waiting to see her father . Now because of me ....... Oh god .... I looked behind me to see Leo with a gun in his hand. He killed this man . He know how this could effect me yet he killed him. Luca is shocked. Leo got out of Luca's hold and went inside angrily . What is he still angry after killing a person. Typical Leo. Luca went inside behind Leo. I stayed infront of the dead man .I was in a state between shock and sad . I am tired of this . People are dying because of me. I can't stay here. Every time I look at Leo I will remember this man . Now , coming to Leo he didn't even think before killing. I know he is a part of mafia and if he did things worse than this. But I can't even spare him a glance from now . He knew that this is going to affect me but he still did it . So I decided to end this from now .

I went to my room and removed this shitty ball gown and changed into something comfortable. I took out the money I have been saving for my escape , my passport . I kept some of my clothes and essentials in a backpack and walked out of the manision . I took a cab and went into the city . I took a halt at a flower shop and ordered a bunch of lavenders and I went to the cemetery .

I laid beside my mother's grave stone . Brittany Madison Knight a mother , a daughter , a friend , and a great sheirff . I placed lavenders on my mother's grave and started crying out all my emotions . I don't even know how long I have been there or how many people are watching me but I just need a break from my life . I can't do this anymore. Leo, his manision, loneliness these are killing me.

I decided to break the silence. I will not be the old Amelia anymore. People should know not to mess with me . Then I spoke. Yes , you heard me right. I started talking. I sat beside my mother's gravestone and started filling up her with everything that had happened in past few months . When I uttered my first word my voice seemed foreign, rough and my throat hurt a bit cause I have silenced myself for a long time . After I had completely my interaction with my mom it's almost early in the morning. If you are wondering yes I spent all night in the cemetery and I am not afraid of ghosts.

I took a cab and went to the nearby motel. I went inside my room and took a shower . I arranged all my things . Then I checked out of the motel. Guess where I am heading yesss airport . I took a cab to the airport. I went inside the lobby with my backpack. There is a flight to Paris in 2 hrs so why not . I have always dreamt of going to Paris when I was young but not in this circumstances . I thought of going there with my soulmate cause duhhh Paris is the city of love .

So whatever it might be I waited for this dreadful 1 hr to pass and it finally did . I am in my seat now. There is some magazine in front of my seat so I took it and started flipping through the pages. Ooh it's a Harper's Bazaar magazine . Guess who the cover page belongs to TAYLOR SWIFTTTT . She is a singer and now cover of a beauty magazine. I love her so much , I am a Swiftieee .

Just when I was busy in admiring Taylor Swift some one came and sat beside me . I didn't even looked at him cause I was so busy in admiring Taylor. Then the sound of someone clearing their throat caught my attention . I looked towards the man to see a handsome man maybe in his early 20's . He has chocolate brown hair and light blue eyes . He is cute.

He said " Hii" .

Ooh he was talking to me . Ok I can use a good friend now .

I said " hello "

" What's your name ?"

" I am Amelia . You ? ".

He said " I am Nathan ."

We talked for some time . We played 20 questions and got to know each other. He is a pretty good guy . He lives with his sister and parents . He has a group of friends. Most importantly he lives in Paris.

After I had a long nice chat with Nathan the airhostess came. She asked if we need anything. She actually didn't even look at me . She asked Nathan and she was like gone. Whats with this girls giving attention to guys . I have a really long journey ahead of me so I decide to take a nap for sometime . Let's see what my future holds for me ...........

Hii guys an update yay 🎊🎊🎊 . How are you doing ?? I am amazingggggggggg . So I have nothing to say except Thank you for reading 💕 and your comments makes me happy ❤️ Have a nice day 💓💓
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