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Chapter 28


After I had a long nice chat with Nathan the airhostess came. She asked if we need anything. She actually didn't even look at me . She asked Nathan and she was like gone. Whats with this girls giving attention to guys . I have a really long journey ahead of me so I decide to take a nap for sometime . Let's see what my future holds for me ...........

Amelia's POV:

I woke up to the announcement that we are going to land in a few minutes . Nathan asked me where I was heading to . I can't tell him everything so I told him that my mother died due to natural causes and I needed a fresh start so I was heading to Paris . He told me more about his sister ,mother and father. Apparantly his sister's name is Julia and she is very friendly. She works at some diner. His parents are Mr and Mrs Brooks . Did I forgot to mention yaa his name is Nathan Brooks. So he said he lives at Avenue de L'Opéra ( it's a street in Paris if you are wondering 🤔🤔) . I told him that I know nothing about Paris and it's my first time there. He insisted on me staying at his house but I kindly rejected and said that he can help me in finding a house . Finally the flight landed .

We got off the plane with our luggages and started moving out of the airport . When we stepped outside Nathan was attacked in a giant hug by some girl . After they broke their hug the girl turned towards me. She is beautiful she has light blonde hair and fair skin . She is a bit short maybe 5'2 or something like that but she is a very cutie pie .

She turned towards me with excitement and asked Nathan " Who is she ? Is she your girlfriend? Did you bring her to meet us ? Wow , she is so pretty ."

She continued" Hii I am Julie this doofus sister . Nice to meet you . I see your my brother's girlfriend. He is a very lucky man to get you ."

I think she is not even breathing she is keeping on talking about me and Nathan . She didn't even give me a chance to talk. Then suddenly someone smacked her on her head . It's Nathan . I guess I have to thank him for that. She said " Oww , what was that for ?"

Then Nathan started explaining that we met on the plane and he said about how I need a fresh start in Paris . Then she turned towards me and mumbled an apology.

I extended my hand and said " Hii , I am Amelia." I was expecting a handshake but she engulfed me in a hug. At first I was taken aback by it but then I returned the hug . We got inside Julie's car and started driving towards their house . I insisted on dropping me off at a motel . But they are really stubborn people. They said that I can stay at their house for the night and tomorrow mrng I could serch for my job and apartment.

After a long drive we reached Julie and Nathan's house. We got inside and we are welcomed by Mr and Mrs Brooks. Nathan told about how we met and everything. Their parents are more than happy for my stay there. They showed me a guest room and said that I could stay there for the night . I thanked them and closed the door. I left my backpack on the floor and fell on the bed . I am so tired from the long journey . When my body hit the bed I was off like a light.

I woke up to a knock on door . I got out of the bed lazily and opened the door revealing Julie . She looked towards me and said " someone just woke up ".

I smiled towards her and said " Good morning" . She asked me to clean up and then we could go to hunt for job and apartment . I mumbled a 'ok' and then went to have a shower . I changed into some jeans and white top . After getting dressed I took my backpack and went downstairs to find Nathan or Julie . I went inside the kitchen to see everyone at the dining table having breakfast. I went towards them and said " Good morning " . All thier heads snapped towards me , Mrs Brooks smiled at my way and said " Good morning Amelia , come have breakfast." Then said " I will have to go and find apartment you please carry on ." I don't want to worry them . I have already caused enough trouble by staying for the night. Then

Julie said " Bullshit come have breakfast then we will go for job hunting ." I reluctantly walked towards the dining table and sat down in the chair beside Nathan.

We had a nice chat along with breakfast. Mr and Mrs Brooks are what I wish to be when I grow old. They both are madly in love with each other. Nathan and Julie are the perfect kids anyone could ask for . This is perfect family .

After having breakfast we went on the hunt for job . I was hired in T - solutions . It's a good job and my experience in King Industries has helped me in the interview. I found an apartment in Nathan's neighborhood. It's a 3 bedroom apartment a small one but I liked it. Seeing that I live here alone there is no need of having a 2 floor house . The furniture came along with the house. I have to get some groceries .

Nathan and Julie are great help in finding a job and house . They are like my friends now. We exchanged numbers and the diner that Julie works is right next to my office building.

After getting into the apartment I insisted on Nathan and Julie going home . They accepted after a huge discussion. I need groceries but I don't have a car to go out. So I decided to order pizza for today. We spent most of day in finding job and aprtment so it's pretty late now . After a while I settled in and had my pizza. Then I got into my bedroom and went to sleep thinking of what life holds for me .

Hii guys hope you enjoyed the chapter. Next chapter is going to take some time cause I have something special for you . I can't keep secrets so I am spilling it out . It's gonna be Leo's POV . I want it to be special since I have disappointed most of you by seperating Amelia and Leo . Thanks for reading and I love you guys 💖😘
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