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Chapter 29

Recap :

After getting into the apartment I insisted on Nathan and Julie going home . They accepted after a huge discussion. I need groceries but I don't have a car to go out. So I decided to order pizza for today. We spent most of day in finding job and aprtment so it's pretty late now . After a while I settled in and had my pizza. Then I got into my bedroom and went to sleep thinking of what life holds for me .

Finally the most awaited Leo's POV is here . I was also so excited to write this chapter. Have a nice day 😊

Leo's POV:.

The day at the ball :

I am standing near the stairs waiting for Amelia to show up . I have to go down the stairs with her since she is my date for tonight . There she comes in a blue dress . I know blue is her colour the moment I saw that dress. She is so exquisite like a piece of art . She came towards me . I am wearing a suit duhh ..... Obviously . We complimented each other and walked down the stairs. The moment we took a step everyone looked towards us . They are shocked that I attended the ball with a girl by my side . I never bring any girl with me . Amelia's identity will not be revealed due to the mask . All eyes are on us . Finally we went down the stairs and I went to talk with some business delegates. But all the time I can't take my eyes of Amelia . She is sitting at the bar getting wasted .

Then my most annoying delegate came to me . It's Mr. Granter. I don't even know why I do business with him. He is so annoying. Just when I completed talking with him . I turned towards the bar and Amelia is not there. I searched dance floor and every part of the ball room but she is nowhere to found. I went towards the garden and saw something I never wanted to see. Some person slapped Amelia. He just SLAPPED her. Even I didn't even get to touch her.

Rage filled me. The demon I have been controlling is itching to come out . I can't control myself. I punched that man till my knuckles bleed. Then someone pulled me off that man . He lost consciousness. Amelia went towards that man . WHAT ..... He just tried to assault her and she goes to him. She is so naive and sometimes it irritates me. She is supposed to ask me to kill him , end his life but there she is praying that man would be alive . That's it I lost my temper. I pulled out my gun and shot him right at his chest. Serves him right. Then I walked out of the garden and went inside my office. I broke my desk. I started throwing things . I completely lost it. I went outside the office to see Amelia dressed up casual and with a backpack sneaking out of the house. I know this would happen and I know that she is going to Paris. She is going to do this sooner or later. She doesn't understand the feelings I have towards her. I know that she could never be with me . But I need her so bad . I already broke her enough and I am not willing to keep her here by force. I should Let her go . I saw her taking some car keys from the garage and going out . I took another car and followed her. She went to some boutique and brought some lavenders. Why did she need them? I followed her again and she went to cemetery. I followed her further inside , she sat beside her mother's gravestone . Then she spoke . It's been so long that I heard her voice. I almost forgot how her angelic voice sounds. She started crying and saying every thing that happened in the past months. I tried to fix her as much as possible. I am sure that she even developed a soft spot for me. But this shithead of a man came to destroy everything. After talking to her mom , she placed the flowers on the gravestone and went inside her car . She started driving towards airport. I can't follow her from here . I need to let her go for good. So I drove myself home .

I didn't get any sleep that night . The thought of Amelia is constantly bugging me. But I should let her go for her own good. I never knew I had so much resistance. The old me should have tied her to chair and kept her in the basement. But that could make her hate me more .

Amelia's POV :

After a week

It's been a week since I left Italy for good. I have been very happy since then . Life has truly changed. I have grown closer to Julie and Nathan . Every day after my work is over I hang out with Julie at the diner she works and sometimes Nathan joins us too . It's very peaceful here no Leo no fights no mafia. I wish life could stay like this forever . Now I just finished my work. I am walking towards the diner. I stepped inside and saw it's packed. Julie is quite busy. She came towards my table and asked for my order. I asked her for a coffee . She said that she couldn't join me today . And I understand her. She said that she will meet me at my house tomorrow since it's Sunday and I agreed for it . I usually don't do anything on Sundays . I just lazily sit on my bed all day .

Since tomorrow is Sunday and I received my paycheck today I need to go shopping . I brought very few clothes from Italy . I have very less space in my backpack that I even left my mother's wedding dress there. I just hope Leo won't throw it off or shred it into pieces .

I reached my house and lazily threw my bag on the couch. I listed a few things I need to buy . I badly need clothes. I prepared dinner and ate it peacefully . Then I went straight to bed . Let's see what tomorrow holds for me .

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