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Chapter 3

Amelia's POV :

Me and Anthena soon reached the hospital. I actually thought I could ditch school in better situations like going out with Anthena or something. When I reached the hospital I went to the receptionist. " Can I know where Mrs. Brittany Knights is ?? " . She gave me a look and didn't even give me a reply and started flirting with some doctor . This girl is getting on my nerves and she needs to learn her place . I asked her once again in a poliet way. She gave me a disgusted look and went back to her flirting. This girl .....ughhh..... poliet Amelia is gone. I gave her a punch on her plastic nose . She might need a nose job again. Just when I was about to ask her again Mrs .Grey came towards me ," Thank god Amelia you are here come lets go ". With that she started dragging me into some corridor. " What happened to mom Mrs . Grey??". Then she stopped dragging me and looked towards me and said " She passed out in the office due to stress . I am afraid Amelia you have to stop going to school for 2 days and take care of her. I got her a leave for this week so all she have to do is take rest ." I was confused about all the new information. My mom is sick . The school thing doesn't matter cause I am already ahead in all of my classes. The thing is how could I get information out of my mom about what's been getting her into all these stress lately . She probably won't tell me but I have to know and help her cause I am the only one she got .

After I went to the hospital room . I saw my mom on the bed she seems week . I decided to take care of her till she gets better. She was discharged in an hour and Mrs.Grey dropped us at home while Anthena returned to school. We got inside the house my mom went to her room . I kept the medicines on the table and went inside the kitchen to make chicken soup for mom . After an hour the soup is done I arranged a tray with soup, water and her tablets and took it inside her room. She is laying on bed with her eyes open . She is thinking about something . " Mom you are supposed to take rest not think about something." She turned towards me and started getting up. I kept a pillow behind her back to support her . I put the tray over her and asked her to eat . She started taking her soup. I sat in a chair and observed her. Whats that has been bothering her ?? I really need to know so I asked her. " What happened mom? " She stopped her spoon in midway and looked towards me . " It's nothing just work stress". I got angry " Stop it mom . I have seen you when you are under work stress that's nowhere near this . Whats that thing that has been bothering you so much that it made you sick ?". She looked towards me debating whether to tell me or not . I think she finally decided to tell me.

" From past few days I have been receiving threats ."

I asked " Threats from who ??" . Then she said " Don't inturrept me . I will tell you everything from the beginning ." I stayed silent she continued talking . " It's been a month since I got tired of the Italian mafia. So I decided to stop their illegal activities . I started disturbing their guns shipment. A few days they didn't do anything but they are really worried about their shipments so at first they started sending warnings to stop this . But I still continued my job. Then recently they started to threaten you ." The she started crying . Oh she is worried about me. I went towards her and hugged her and said " Don't worry mom I will be ok . You remember that you gave birth to a strong girl right. " Then she smiled. " Have your soup and tablets and place the tray down I will come back and take it ." With that I gave her a smile and went outside the room .

I sat on the couch and thought about what my mom just said . If they are able to threaten me the sheirffs daughter they might be able to even harm me. I wish my mom leaves those mafia cause I heard of the power those people hold . I switched on the tv and watched some stuff for sometime then I went into my mom's room and picked up her tray . I went into the kitchen and had some soup for myself . It's almost evening now and I have nowhere to go I went upstairs and changed into my PJs . I let my long jet black hair free and went downstairs. I opened my phone and started scrolling. I received a text from Anthena saying that she took my books and she will drop them off tomorrow morning. I replied with a thank you . I am so deep in scrolling when the door bell rang. I am not expecting anyone neither do mom. I opened the door and there's no one out. There's just a black suv parked in a distance. I looked down to see something like a letter . I picked it up and opened it. There's written TO AMELIA in the front so I opened it and went further indside.

To dear Amelia. I hope you are doing well and you won't be doing well soon if your mother doesn't stop her activities . I hope you take care of yourself .I will see you soon.

Yours lovingly


After I read the letter I can't describe my feelings .I am scared , terrified. After this I will never be able to go out alone . I looked in my neighborhood once again to see if anything is suspicious around. But everything is good. In no way I am going to tell mom about this . I tore it in peices and threw it in the dustbin and went inside the house . I locked the door and all windows. I went inside my room after giving meds to mom . I think I might not be able to sleep today .
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