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Chapter 30

Amelia's POV :

Someone is opening the door. I am too sleepy to open my eyes and see who the person is. So I just mumbled " Who is there? " . I got no reply. But I can feel someone's presence. It's still dark out. I opened my eyes . Its still dark but with the light of lamp I can notice some things . There is a dark figure in the corner. I switched on the light . Due to the sudden intensity of light I closed my eyes. After a few seconds I opened them and saw a hooded man . Oh my god somebody broke into my home. That person started revealing themselves by taking off the hood. It's a very very very familiar face. None other than the infamous mafia leader Leo. I am just shocked that he is here. Did he come to fetch me back to Italy?

Then he looked up. It's been so long since I saw those green eyes of his. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss him. Despite the things he has done to hurt me he really tried to make it up to me. Even when he is busy he found time to spend with me.Even if I didn't deserve the job , he offered it to me so that I could get things off my mind.

Then he said " Amelia ". I was on the verge of crying .

" Why did you leave me Amelia ?". No this is not happening.

" I am all alone Amelia. I missed you". All this time I can't utter a single word. Tears started pouring out of my face .

" Why Amelia , why did you do it ? Why did you leave me ?". No please stop it.

Then he held my throat in his hand . He started cutting off my air supply. My lungs are burning . I feel my life slipping out of me. NOOOOOOOO


I woke up from my horrible dream panting. Oh my god is it a dream ? But it felt so real. So real that I almost saw him . I need to get him out of my mind. But the longer I stay away the stronger my feelings are getting. It will always end up in me getting hurt. I hate him but why do I miss him. I don't want to do it again. I just want to forgot him and start a new life. But my hope of having a fresh start is slipping out of my hands. I have to get this thoughts of my mind. So I got off my bed and had a nice warm shower. Today is the day of shopping. It's winter and it's snowing so I decided to wear something warm. Finally I decided on some peach top , blue jeans with a warm teddy coat and a cap along with winter boots.

After getting dressed I prepared breakfast . Julie didn't come yet. So I decided to eat something. I made some french toast with caramelised apples. I switched on the tv and started eating my breakfast. After I finished my breakfast I did the dishes. Then I heard my doorbell ring. Oh it's Julie . Suddenly I remembered my dream and I am afraid to open the door. What if ........... When I was comprehending whether to open the door or not the door bell rang again . I gained all the courage and went near the door to open it. Just when I was about to open the door the door opened by itself . There is Julie there along with Nathan . I took a breath in relief that it's them. Julie looked so furious .

" Why did you take so long ?" She shouted .

" I..I.am doing dishes? " I said ,but it sounded more like a question.

" Come lets go " she said. Thank god she left the topic.

I locked the door and we went inside Nathan's car. He sat in the driver seat and I am in the passenger seat , Julie is in the backseat scrolling through her phone.

" I didn't know you were coming " I said to Nathan trying to make a conversation.

" Julie asked me today morning and I am free . So I thought why not?"

Then he played some songs in the radio . Soon we reached mall. Julie is so excited . She is a girly girl unlike me who likes to stay in home wearing boyish clothes. She dragged me into mall with Nathan behind us like a lost puppy. This mall reminds of the place that I first met HIM. He looked so innocent yet dangerous. Not to lie but I want to see him one last time . But it's just been a week and half since I came here. I shook off my thoughts about Leo and decided to buy some things for myself .

I brought myself some clothes I needed and some jewelry. When I am in the jewelry store I saw a familiar necklace and my breath caught in my throat. This is the same necklace ..................................................


It's been 2 months since my mom passed away and last night Leo told me he is going to take me out today. I don't want to go but he said that I needed some change in scenery. I am waiting for him to show up .I am in my room .

After a few minutes of waiting Leo finally came along with Luca. They took me to what it seems like a fashion store. There are expensive stores like Gucci , tiffany and co and many others. There are also posters of supermodels Ashley, Cara , Gigi , Bella and others . I seriously hate this place . I just have a mild sense of fashion. But this is too much . I can't ask them to take me back since I am not talking.

I turned towards Leo trying my level best to look like I don't like this place but he didn't seem to understand .

" You go and explore we will wait here" Leo said.

Now I have to go there alone . I am not at all interested in doing this in the first place now alone. It's not like I will talk to anyone if I had company
but a person beside me will be good.

I reluctantly went inside some shops . Everything is expensive . I ju
st checked some dresses but they are showing too much skin . So I just decided to go to a jewelry store. Everything is sparkling gold , diamonds , platinum, silver. They are glory to our eyes. But not even a single thing reached my eyes. When I was about to go out of the store I saw a diamond necklace . It's so beautiful . It's like god took time in making this. I don't know what's with me and these diamonds but I am so attracted to them. I went near the necklace to check it out and the price just shocked me. I think even if I sold Leo's manision I couldn't buy this single piece of jewellery . I just admired it hoping I would get enough money to buy it in the future and walked away.............

" Amelia " " Amelia " Julie is calling me.

" What are you thinking about ?" She asked.

" Nothing " I said and smiled like an idiot . Okay why am I smiling . He is the person who killed two members infront of my eyes and one of them is my mother. I should not develop feelings for him. He is a mafia leader a very dangerous man. But deep down I know he never did anything intentionally . I should stop thinking about Leo...........

Hii guys , since you are so worried about Amelia's feelings for Leo here it is . You can also follow me on instagram where I will post the covers , updates or teasers regarding this book.The id is:unwilling_3 . Thank you.❤️ This chapter is unedited so if there are any spelling mistakes please excuse me. I tried to make it as long as possible
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