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Chapter 31

Recap :

" Nothing " I said and smiled like an idiot . Okay why am I smiling . He is the person who killed two members infront of my eyes and one of them is my mother. I should not develop feelings for him. He is a mafia leader a very dangerous man. But deep down I know he never did anything intentionally . I should stop thinking about Leo...........

Amelia's POV:

After I had a flashback of the memory of that necklace I really hoped I could buy it in future. Then I walked away from that store with Julie . We spent sometime in the mall . Then we decided to eat something . We went to Domino's to have pizza.

We found a table and Julie started talking about her work place Nathan and Myself listened to her. Looking at Julie reminds me of my old self . I used to be so free spoken , out going like her . Even though I don't have any friends apart from Anthena I am very open . But he changed me a lot .

Finally after what it felt like an eternity the waiter came. We ordered two chicken pizzas and coke. The waiter left. Soon our orders arrived we started eating . We had a nice talk while eating . Then Julie excused herself and went to use the washroom. It left me and Nathan at the table. The waiter came again with the bill . We had a little argument but finally decided to split it.

We are waiting for Julie to show up when Nathan looked towards me .

" Amelia do you mind if I ask you something?" Nathan looked as if he was having a inner battle with himself .

" Ya sure Nathan " I said unsure of what he was about to ask.

" Are you free today evening ? "

" Yaa I don't have anything to do ".

" Umm . Do you mind coming out with me ?" He looked to shy . He is so cute. But Nathan is my friend. Without him my life in Paris would be so hard. But I don't wanna hurt him by saying no. But I don't want to give him false hope . Dating someone is not on my list right now . First I have to get out of my horrible past. I am still stuck with flashbacks and nightmares from my past.

" Sorry . I shouldn't have asked you " he seemed to take my silence as no. He looked so hurt.

" No Nathan it's not like that. I will come ."

" You will ?" He looked like a 4 year old who got his favourite choclate. He looked so happy but I don't wanna give him false hope.

" Yaa. I will " I said .

" Be ready by 5 . I will pick you up " he said. In the meanwhile Julie came. They dropped me at my house


In the evening

It's 4.00 now. After coming from mall I took a nap. I woke up at 3 and had a shower. I got dressed and now I am waiting for Nathan. I truly like him as a friend but it's nothing more than that. How can I say it to him?? What if he gets hurt ? I don't wanna hurt him. But I can't put up an act that I like him. I am so confused right now. If I am in this situation I know the correct person who I would ask a suggestion. LUCA. I wonder how he is. He was always a playful one. I miss him.

When I was thinking about Luca the doorbell rang . Most probably it's Nathan . I went towards the door and opened it.

There stood Nathan looking very handsome .

" Hiii " he said shyly .

" Hello "

" Shall we go ?" He asked.

" Yes wait a minute I'll just lock the door " . With that I locked my front door and kept the key in my purse along with my phone .

We went towards Nathan's car . He opened the door for me oohhh how cutee . After I sat and buckled up he sat in the driver's seat and started driving.

" Where are we going ?" I asked out of my curiosity.

"It's a surprise " he said.

" Please tell me " I whined like a child.

" Surprise means a thing which cannot be told Amelia".

I pouted like a child Knowing that he won't probably tell me where we are going and he is as stubborn as me.

After a few minutes I decided to tell Nathan about my feelings for him are nothing like his feelings for me. Can't have him disappointed now can we ? .

" Umm Nathan I need to tell you something "

" Tell me Amelia "

" About this date ... I - I have no-o " then he interrupted me

" I know you don't have any feelings for me Amelia . And about this date I have a feeling that you really had a bad day cause today morning when we came to your house you seem so tensed and you are sweating a lot.

When you saw that necklace in the mall you seemed so off. When I asked you out you really don't want to come I can see that in your face but still you decided to accept my offer since you don't want to hurt me. You are a pure girl Amelia but I know something about your past is disturbing you and you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Just know that you can count on me in any situation. About this date I didn't bring you here to confess my feelings Amelia. I brought you cause I feel that you need a break. Today seemed to take a toll on you so I needed you to forget everything and enjoy event if it's for a few hours ."

At the end of his speech I was on the verge of tears. I never had someone care for me so genuinely . He did this for me and I was ready to break his heart. I feel so sorry for my pathetic self . I held Nathan's hand and said

" I am so sorry Nathan " with tears in my eyes.

" Hey I brought you out so that you could have a good day . Not for you to cry ok " .

I nodded my head and Nathan stopped the car infront of my biggest fear .

Hii guys. Cliffhanger ... So what do you think about Nathan. Should Amelia fall for Nathan or Leo ?? Comment your opinion. Love you guys 💖💖 Your comments makes me happy ❤️
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