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Chapter 32

Recap :

"Hey I brought you out so that you could have a good day . Not for you to cry ok " .

I nodded my head and Nathan stopped the car infront of my biggest fear .

Amelia's POV :

He brought me to fair . I seriously hate clowns. I terrified of even looking at them. Oh my god I am so so scared now . So scared that I fainted in the car seat .

I am now sitting in the car with a blindfold over my eyes. I am so excited and slightly sacred. Leo is beside me. He taking me out but he don't want me to know where is taking me. So I am tapping my leg impatiently waiting for him to remove this thing off my eyes.

" Amelia we are here " he said .

Immediately my hand flew towards the blindfold itching to remove it .

"DON'T" he said.

" What again ? " I wined like a child .

Then I heard the door to my side opening . Leo took my hand in his and helped me in getting out of the car. After I got our he asked

" Are you ready ? "

" I was born ready " I said .

Then he removed the blind fold. It took me sometime to get adjusted to the brightness. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful view of a fair.

As much as I like the fair . I am truly terrified of clowns. I regret watching 'it' . They were standing at the front of the fair. I am so scared. I turned and took Leo's hand.

" Please please please please take me out of here please Leo please please please" I literally begged him .

" Hey Amelia why what happened ?" he asked with concern and confusion.

" I .I ...I am scared of C..Clowns " I hid my face in his chest not wanting to face the clowns.

I thought he might take me home but instead this jerk started laughing. Is he serious now ? I am literally shaking with fear now and this bastard is laughing.

Finally his laughter died and he said

" Oh now the brave Amelia is scared of Clowns " he said. I so badly want to punch him.

" TAKE ME HOME" I am angry at Leo. How dare he ?

" NO . Come on let's face your fears " by saying that he started dragging me towards the fair.

" Leo no no no please stop. I am going to die with fear please please please stop " .

Then he stopped walking. " Do you trust me ? "

Do I ? I mean apart from the fact that he kidnapped me , seperated me from my mother he did nothing. ( This happened before Amelia was kidnapped and her mother was killed )

" Yes " I said .

" Now give me your hand "

" Uh .." I was hesitant .

" Give me your hand Amelia ".

I gave him my hand. He gently took it and started taking me towards my biggest fear clowns. I really didn't notice that I was so close to clowns with Leo beside me .

When I almost reached them Leo looked towards me. My face was clearly showing fear. Even a person who is a mile away could clearly see it .

He took my other hand too and he stayed behind me.

" Walk " he said in my ear gently.

I don't know what happened to me I started walking inside. Clowns are surrounding me I don't know where my fear went . I started walking between them with Leo close behind me.

After a few minutes we crossed the clowns. I seriously can't believe I did it. Oh my god I just faced my biggest fear. I don't think I could do it in my whole life. I just did it. I turned towards Leo . He was smirking. I took both of his hands and said ' Thank you ' with adoration spilling out of my eyes.

" Come let's enjoy the true beauty of fair now "

Sometimes you just have to face your fears to enjoy your life. But you just should have the right person beside you to do it. The true beauty of life comes out when you remove your fears and live your life to the fullest.

After crossing the clowns . We enjoyed a lot of rides. We ate cotton candy together. The amazing thing is Leo even offered me a piggy back ride. He carried me the whole fair . This is probably the best day of my life.

( flashback end )

Amelia's POV :

I feel something wet on face and someone calling my name. I slowly opened my eyes to see Nathan. I slowly stood up to see I am still in the car. Then I remembered what happened . Oh god how can I be so stupid ? I fainted in the car seat. I am so embarrassed now. I so ruined this date.

" Nathan I am sorry . I am just scared of clowns. I didn't mean to faint and ruin this. I am so so sorry " I bickered .

" Hey Amelia calm down. I am sorry I brought you here " .

" You don't have to apologise you didn't know that I am scared of Clowns. Shall we go somewhere else ?" I asked with pleading eyes.

" Ya sure whatever you want " he smiled and sat in drivers seat and started driving .

He stopped at some diner. The whole ride I was silent thinking of the flashback I got when I fainted. Does Leo really mean something to me ? He killed my mother and some other man who tried to touch me infront of my eyes. But I can't always overlook his mistakes. He gets angry easily. Like a ticking time bomb.

Nathan opened the door and offered me his hand. I took it and got out of the car and went inside the diner. It's a warm place . I really like this diner. We sat a table and the waiter came we ordered wine and he went to get the drinks.

" So why are you afraid of clowns , Can I ask ? " Nathan started the conversation .

" I am terrified of them since childhood. My fear got amplified when I saw 'it ' "

" Hmmm "

Our drinks arrived and we had little conversation. He told me about his family , childhood and every thing . Good thing he doesn't ask me about my past.

After we finished the dinner , Nathan paid after a huge debate. He dropped me at my apartment.

I was about to reach my door then I turned back and went towards Nathan and gave him a hug. He seemed taken aback but he returned the gesture .

" Thank you so much Nathan . For being there for me when I needed you . "

He gave me a smile . I went back to my apartment and he got into his car and drove back to his house.

Just when I was about to open my bedroom lock I saw a very familiar face beside my apartment ..

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