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Chapter 33

Recap :

He gave me a smile . I went back to my apartment and he got into his car and drove back to his house.

Just when I was about to open my bedroom lock I saw a very familiar face beside my apartment ..

Amelia's POV :

I saw a familiar face . He is so familiar but I can't remember where I saw him . I think he lives in the apartment next to me. Before I could ask him he went inside his apartment. I couldn't actually barge in so I went inside mine. I had a warm shower and got ready for bed.

I still can't shake off the feeling that I know that man . That night I slept thinking of that mysterious man.

After a few months :

It's been a year since I left my past and started new life. But every night I get the sweet moments I spent with Leo , the image of my mother's and that mysterious man's dead body ,the jokes with Luca , the games I played with Cilia , the motherly talk with Emily barge in my dreams. Guess I left a part of me with Leo in his manision with his family. I spoke with Anthena twice this year. I some how got her number . She was so happy to hear from me. I told her that I escaped from Leo . But I didn't tell her where I am. Cause any information about me could place her in trouble.

I still didn't remember that man. Every day I see him but never once I dared to talk to him. I grew closer to Nathan and Julie. We hang out almost every weekend . Nathan didn't try anything after that date. We go out for dinner or skating often. But today Julie wanted us to go to a club . God I hate clubs. Just a being between bunch of people who are extreamly drunk and can't keep their hands to themselves is not my idea of spending a weekend. But I can't say no to the puppy dog eyes that my friend gives so I gave up and said yes .

Now I am in a chair dressed up as a doll and Julie is doing my hair and makeup. God this is so exhausting. Why can't I show up in jeans ? She was already dressed up in a black knee length dress which complemented her curves perfectly. Her make up and hair is also perfect. She brought me a gold dress since I don't have any club dresses as she frames them.

After a few minutes of pure torture Nathan came to pick us up . He is also well dressed. He has a amazing leather jacket on with a white t-shirt and some torn jeans. He looking so good girls will be swooning over him tonight.

Finally we reached the club. We showed our ID's to the bouncer and got in. We three took seats at the bar and ordered drinks. I just ordered a non- alcoholic cocktail while Julie decided to take whiskey on the rocks and Nathan settled for some shots. Soon Julie was wasted and she asked me to come to the dance floor. I politely rejected her saying I can't dance and she went to find some man for her to dance.

Nathan is just a bit drunk and he stayed by my side the whole time while Julie was off dancing with some guy who is as drunk as her. They both are stumbling on the dance floor, even a person mile further could see that they are pretty wasted. I know Julie was going have a very very bad hangover tomorrow.

The bartender came and gave me bourbon which I didn't order . He pointed towards a group of three men saying that they paid for it. I looked towards them . It's clearly not what I expected . There are three men and I am sure they are in their 50's or something . People are really getting annoying. They probably have their wives or kids waiting at home for them to return and they do this stuff. I feel suffocated by looking at those creepy old men. So I excused myself and went upstairs. The thing I like about this club is it has a terrace with some couches where we can enjoy some free air. I went and sat in one of the couches . There are really very few people out here.

I was just enjoying the starred sky when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked towards the person who dared to ruin my moment with the beautiful sky. I was shocked by who I saw. It's my neighbour. The person I have been dreading to remember. I looked towards him in confusion when he looked towards me with a warm smile.

" Can I sit here ?" He asked.

" Ya. Sure " I said .

He is probably in his mid 30's. He has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He is tall like 6'1 or something. He sat beside me on the couch .

" I think you are having some questions Amelia ?" He asked with a smile.

" Um... Ya..... H-H-how do you know?" I was confused as hell. He is so similar but I can't remember. When did I get amnesia ? God.

" I will be answering all of your questions Amelia and I will even say you something that might change your life forever. That might effect your relationship with Leo " he is giving off the fatherly vibes but I think something big is going to happen .

" Do-do I know you ?"

" Yes Amelia . We have seen each other a couple of times actually ".

Hey guys , how are you all ?? Hope you are doing well. I am just so eager to write the next chapter . Things are about to take a very very very very huuuugggggggeeeeeeee turn. Who do you think that mysterious person is ? And it's been a year since Amelia left Leo. So happy anniversary to them I guess😂. What do you think Leo is doing ? So yeah that's it . Love you guys ❤️😘 . Your comments makes me happy .

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