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Chapter 34

Recap :

" Do-do I know you ?"

" Yes Amelia . We have seen each other a couple of times actually ".

Amelia's POV:

" Okay Amelia now let's start with the basics I am Dr . Lewis . Does it ring any bell ? " he asked expectantly looking at me . Dr.Lewis 🤔 the name also felt familiar but I can't remember. God when did I get Amnesia .

I looked towards him with a clueless expression. I thought he got it that I don't have a slightest clue of who he is . Then he continued

" I am the doctor who treated your mother when Mr. Leonardo shot her."

Ooohhhhhhhhh . Now I remember him, he was the one who told me that she is dead . I am confused . Why does he have some information which could drastically change my life ? He is just a doctor right. I think my face looked like a huge question mark .

Then he smiled at me and said ," I know you are very confused Amelia but I will tell you everything. "

I was so eager about what this man has in store for me. My life is everything but plain. It's like a never ending rollercoaster . He started talking again

" As I said I am the doctor that treated your mom. How do you think she died Amelia ?" He asked .

Why is he bringing up my mom now? What does she have to do with this ?

" Umm Leo s-shot her "I replied.

" No Amelia Leo is not the reason for your mother's death ."

" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES . I FELT HER BLOOD ON MY HAND. I SAW HER COLLAPSE ON THE GROUND. I SAW BULLET COMING OUT OF LEO'S GUN. I SAW HIM PULLING THE TRIGGER. I SAW IT WITH MY OWN FREAKING EYES ". By the end I stood up from the couch I was a crying mess. She is my only living relative . I lost her. His words brought back all the memories of her death . She is the person who never judged me , she is there with me when no one is.

" Sit down Amelia . We have a lot to talk about " That man said.

" I am not here to listen to you and your STUPID stories . I am LEAVING ." With that I stormed out of the place . I went to the club and tried to find Nathan or Julie . Tears filled my vision I can't find them. I have to go home like now.

I went out of the club and started walking to my home . Stupid move I know. But I have to get home like now. Thankfully I reached home safe and sound .

After reaching my apartment I texted Nathan and Julie that I am not feeling good so I went home . I don't want them worrying about me. I slipped out of my dress and had a warm shower .

If that man is lying then how does he know about my mother , me , Leo. He seemed familiar. But I saw Leo shooting my mom with my eyes . All that man talking is bullsh*t. I got dressed in a black shirt and sweat pants. I still can't get that man out of my head. What's his name again ha Dr.Lewis . I was deep in thought that I even forgot to have dinner. I sat on my couch in the living room and thinking about Dr. Lewis. I think what he is saying is true. Not about the ' Leo is not responsible for my mother's death part ' but I think he knows something about my past.

Just then there was a knock on my door. I might be Nathan or Julia checking up on me. I opened the door and I didn't find Nathan or Julie I found Dr.Lewis.

" Can I come in ? " He asked .

" Umm...... Yeah sure . Come in " I said.

I showed him the couch and told him to sit there.

" Need anything to drink ?" I asked .

" Water is good " he said. Just a few minutes ago I was shouting at him like a mad women would.

I went to kitchen and got him a glass of water. I gave him water and sat on the couch beside him .

" I am here to talk to you Amelia. Just please don't freak out like before. Let me explain everything then you can choose to beleive me or not. Sounds good? " He asked with a glint of hope in his eyes.

I nodded . He continued " So yeah as I said before your mom didn't die because Leo shot her. She has serious issues of hemophilia ."

Now he is literally lying. I never know about anything called hemophilia. She could have told me if she is suffering with something that serious right. I was about to say that he was wrong when he said

" Before you talk anything. See this file ."

He handed me a file and I took it a opened it. It's a hospital file it says that my hemophilia it's true. What he was saying is true.

" So as I said she had a serious issues of hemophilia I think she didn't have enough money to afford the medication. She thought it would cure. When the file clearly states that her condition is serious she ignored it. When Leo shot her she couldn't heal by her self not atleast a bit. Her body has already started bleeding internally way before Leo shot her. I just a matter of time you know.... So yeah. She could have died anyway. She just had a less painful death . Trust me dying with hemophilia is not what you should wish for. "

I was beyond shocked by what he said . The proof is in my hands . Leo didn't kill her.

" W-W-Why didn't you s-say this before ?" I was on the verge of crying .

" Leonardo told me not to tell you anything about her death. He took the blame on himself. He didn't want you to get hurt more. If you knew the reason you would blame yourself for her death . So he wanted you to blame him not yourself. I was given a serious warning not to tell anything to you . I was sent here by Leonadro. But when I saw you here I couldn't get myself to hide the truth. He did so much for you. I couldn't stop myself when I saw you very far from him. I just can't so I said. I spilld it . " He finished off.

" I will leave you alone . Have a good night Amelia. I hope you choose what's best for you " he smiled and went to his apartment .

Hiii guys . So yeahhhhhhhh . What do you think about the chapter??? What do you think Amelia is gonna do next ?? How do you think Leo is doing out there without Amelia ??? I hope you like the chapter. Love you guys 💖💖💖💖 Your comments makes me happy 💕💕💕💕 Have a nice day / night .

( I don't know anything about hemophilia . Just know that Leo is not responsible for her death )

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