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Chapter 35

Recap :

I will leave you alone . Have a good night Amelia. I hope you choose what's best for you " he smiled and went to his apartment .

Amelia's POV :

I can't do this anymore. I can't sleep after what I heard. Why did he even do it ? My mother died because of her disease not Leo. Now I came to know that sometimes you should not even believe what you saw with your eyes.

I am tossing on my bed for the past 3 hrs. It's 3 in the morning and I still can sleep. The urge to go back to Leo is poking me . It's like I can't breathe here it's so suffocating. I need to go back to Italy. I need to go back to Leo after all he done to me I left him . I didn't even check on him for a whole year. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss him. But the fact that he killed my mother kept me away from him all this time even I miss him a lot . But now there is nothing stopping me from going back to his arms. All I have to do is get on the plane.

I don't care even it's 3 in the morning . I packed my bags and I left a message for Julie and Nathan that I am going to Italy for work purpose . I packed my belongings and booked a taxi to the airport. The thought of seeing Leo again after a very long time is killing me . I am scared of his reaction. He didn't make a move on disturbing me this past year but I am sure that he knows that I am in Paris. He is a mafia leader for a reason. I will not be shocked if he knew about my job , Nathan and Julia too. He is a very powerful man. He can do anything he wants.

I am in the taxi to get back to Italy now . My anxeity is growing a lot. What will Luca think ? What will Leo's mom think ? How will Cilia react ? I can't help but feel something .I don't know what I feel . Am I scared ? Am I excited ? I don't know but all I want to do is go to Leo run into his arms and apologize for my stupid actions. But I don't know if he will welcome me with his open arms after all I have done to him.

It's 4 in the morning I am in the airport there is a flight to Italy like now . I rushed inside the airport after paying for my taxi . I made it in time to catch the flight. It is a 2 hr flight to reach Italy. All the journey I was so not me . I don't know sometime I wanna cry sometime I wanna be angry at Leo for hiding such a big thing I am having more mood swings than a pregnent women. The person beside me asked if I was ok 3 times . I said I was fine .

Finally I was out of the flight . I booked a taxi to reach Leo's house. I was so anxious the whole ride . It would be so weird if I just pop out of nowhere. They would look at me like a joker. Uggghhhhh Amelia just stop why are you thinking like this . You are so mad and stupid .

I got out of the taxi . Nothing changed. His manision is looking gorgeous as it was when I left. I can hear my heart beating . I walked inside with my suitcase . The security guards looked shocked even they didn't expect my arrival . Hell even I didn't think I would be here 6 hrs ago. They allowed me inside. My steps are becoming slow as I reach close to the door. I am rethinking my decision. Every single cell in me is yelling at me to go back. But I can't not after I came this far. I knocked on the door. I got no response so I opened the door. There are few maids . I smiled at them I am familiar with them from the time I stayed here .

I saw him . Luca casually walking down the stairs . He might be on the way to his office since it's early . But change of plans Luca you got me here. He looked at me. He looked shocked . He rubbed his eyes as if he was thinking I was his imagination or something. He slowly walked down the stairs and came near me. He pinched me .

" Owww , what was that for ? " I asked.

" You are real . Oh my god you really came . Oh my god you are here." He said and hugged me. I can feel something wet on my shoulder . He is crying . Oh my god Luca is crying. Tears spilld out of my eyes because of Luca's sobs .

" You don't know how much I missed you. Why did you leave ? " He was still hugging me and crying .

" I am sorry Luca . I did a very huge mistake by leaving I don't know " I was also crying so hard.

Luca left me after a very long hug. He wiped my tears.

" Don't cry I am very happy that you are here" he said and wiped his tears too .

" Is this true? Or am I imaging things " I heard a feminine voice behind me. It's Leo's mom .

I bursted into tears by the sight of her. She is the only person I have close to a mother and I left her. I feel so guilty . I ran towards her and hugged her tightly.

" I am so sorry that I left " I said in between crying.

" It's ok dear all that matters is you are here now " she said and smiled at me .

Luca is still standing where I left him. I asked him the question I have been dreading to ask about the person I have been dreading to see .

" Luca , where is HE ?"

" In his study " he said.

I ran towards his study. I can't hold my tears anymore. I cried all the way to his study . I opened the doors and barged in not even thinking of knocking. I stopped in my tracks after I saw him. He was standing 10 feet away from me . In his work attire. His back is turned towards me I can't see his face. More tears streamed down my face. I can't control them.

" Leo " I called him so that he could turn around.

He turned. He has changed a lot . His usual sparkling green eyes are not sparkling anymore . They are dull. He has grown muscle. He has a subtle beard. He looked shocked by my arrival. I can't control anymore I ran to him and hugged him.

I stayed there for what it seems to be seconds but when it's just minutes . I cried on his chest making his shirt wet. He said nothing he just held me in his embrace . I didn't realise I missed him so bad.

After I was satisfied I pulled away and looked towards him with my teary eyes.

" I-I am so sorry Leo. For going away I didn't want to l-leave you . I was so stupid. I thought you were the bad guy . B- b-But all you did was protect me wit-th your life. I am so so so s-sorry .I don't deserve you " I said between my sobs which doesn't seem like they are going to stop anytime soon . I am looking at the floor by crying.

I was expecting him to throw me out of his manision . I actually don't deserve even to stand infront of him. I thought I shocked everyone by coming here but what Leo did next was a huge shock to me.

He place his hand on my chin and lifted my face up to meet his forest green eyes. He placed his hand on my cheek and rubbed my tears off. He then bent to my level. Our faces are too close. He then kissed me . Oh my god he really KISSED me.

It's like a million fireworks bursted through me . It's my first kiss. I never experienced anything like this. The kiss is filled with adoration and love. I can feel how much he missed me in this act . After he was done he slowly pulled away looking into my eyes. I just don't know what to do. So me being the stupid I am hugged him again. Then I heard a high pitch female voice at the door.

" Care to tell me what's happening here ?"

Hii guys , I was so happy while writing this chapter . I cried while writing the Luca part . I smiled like the idiot that I am while writing the Leo's part . So who do you think the new character is ? Oh my god they kissed finally. I felt so shy while writing that part hehe. So how is the chapter . Thank you for reading 💕❤️ love you guys 💞😚😚😚

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