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Chapter 36

Recap ;

It's like a million fireworks bursted through me . It's my first kiss. I never experienced anything like this. The kiss is filled with adoration and love. I can feel how much he missed me in this act . After he was done he slowly pulled away looking into my eyes. I just don't know what to do. So me being the stupid I am hugged him again. Then I heard a high pitch female voice at the door.

" Care to tell me what's happening here ?"

Leo's POV :

It's a normal day like everyday. I don't know if my life has become better or worst . I have had a tremendous growth in my business over the past year. But I feel so empty inside . This is my life before she came now it's the same but so different. I just am not the same person anymore. If you think I am cold hearted before you should see me now.

I have been checking up on her frequently to make sure she is good . She has got two friends and a good job and an apartment. I think she also has a boyfriend and I am truly happy for her. As much as I would like to go there kill that boy and drag her back here I can't do it . I have already messed up her life enough. So I don't wanna intrude again.

Today is just a normal boring day . I woke up and today I am not in the mood to go to office so I stayed at home and started working in my study . After sometime I decided to take a break so I stood up from the chair and stood near the glass outline of my room. I can get a clear view of the city from here. Then I heard the door opening . People and their manners these days. I thought it was Luca since he never knock.

Then l heard someone calling me . I know that voice very well . I turned around just to make sure this isn't a dream. I saw her . There she is just a few feet away from me. I didn't hear her calling me since 2 years. (She stopped talking since her mother's death ) .

Then she came and hugged me. She cried on my chest . My shirt is completely soaked in her tears. I am not complaining . I am happy that she is here in my arms. After she calmed down she got out of my embrace and said

" I-I am so sorry Leo. For going away I didn't want to l-leave you . I was so stupid. I thought you were the bad guy . B- b-But all you did was protect me wit-th your life. I am so so so s-sorry .I don't deserve you "

I don't know what to say . So I just kissed her. Yeah I did . I should have done it longgggggg ago . After our moment ended she hugged me. I don't know why she came so sudden . I want to ask her but then I heard Laura's voice. Bad time girllll .

Luca's POV :

I am so happy I have never been so happy in my whole life. She is like my little sister . I have always wanted her to be happy since the day she stepped into this mansion. I know Leo had something to do with her from the first day cause he never ever brings anyone to this manision.

I am standing in the living room smiling like an idiot. Amelia went to meet Leo in the study. Every thing is perfect now. Bloody helllllllllllll I forgot about her. Shit . I ran towards Leo's study to find the door open and Leo and Amelia are standing side by side holding hands and she is standing infront of them. Now this is not gonna end well. She is Laura. Daughter of our great business associate Mr. Jones. Leo may or may not have agreed to give her a chance . This is completely business deal . They just thought the companies would grow and agreed for it. Leo is not himself when Amelia left . He drowned himself in work . So yeah .............. Don't look at me like that I didn't have any part in this.

" I will borrow Amelia for a second " I said and went towards Amelia and brought her out of the study. Leo get to deal with Laura cause I really can't stand that women cause she is a perfect example of a gold digger. I took Amelia to the living room .

" Sit down . I need to tell you something " I told to Amelia. She sat on the couch.

" Where are my manners do you need anything to drink? " I asked her .

" No I am good . Now tell me who is she ?" Amelia asked.

" Jelous much " I asked trying to lighten up the mood .

" Luca " she said and gave me a look which indicates that she will stab me with her nail in my neck if I didn't tell her.

" Okay listen lady ...................so yeah that's what happened " I said about the deal to her. She doesn't look pleased to know about it .

" Do you know why I am here? " She asked suddenly . Then my stupid brain realised that there has to be a reason if she is here after a damn year.

" Why ?"

" I know the truth Luca. I know that my mom didn't die because of Leo . "

I am so shocked how did she know it. No one not even a single soul apart from me and Leo know this.

She might have noticed the shock on my face.

" You knew didn't you. Even you hid the truth from me Luca. And Leo how can he hide this from me ? Why did he take blame for something he is not responsible for ? I know Leo loves me. The day I am at the hospital I heard what he told me . I was so confused at that time so I acted like I didn't. I love him too Luca . All these days without him I realised how much I love him. Now I back to claim my man and I am not going to let any Laura take him from me".

God I love this . I Hope Leo and Amelia finds their way back together.

Hii guys . I am sorry for the late updates I am so so so busy and booknet kinda betrayed me , actually I should stop writing in this app but I don't want you guys to be sad. So I am not leaving you . Love you guys 💕💕 have a nice day or night 😘 Your comments makes me happy ☺️
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