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Chapter 4

Leonardo's POV:

The day at the mall

I hate this man. The only reason he is alive is he is my best friend . He is literally a girl. Oops I forgot to introduce myself . Hii , I am Leonardo King . I am head of Knig Industries . Not as simple as that I am head of Italian mafia . I practically rule this country. Every thing is under my control . Now I need you to know why I am grumpy . There is man sitting beside me who is my second in command , my bestfriend and he is like my brother . He is taking me to fricking shopping . Seriously what kind of a mafia boss goes to shopping with his bestfriend . That's not problem he is squealing like a girl thinking of the things he needed to buy . This infamous man's name is Luca , Luca Black . So now I am in my car with him beside me . We are heading to the mall which was opened recently and trust me when I say I am least interested . The only reason I am going is Luca promised me he will be serious with his work for a day if come to mall with him . I think now you understood my situation.

While I was checking my mails in my car I heard a squeal again . " Luca if you don't fking stop it I am going to strangle you to death with my tie ". He looked at me and saw the serious look in my face and he stayed silent . It's so hard to handle both my business and mafia at the same time and my second in command is not helping either..

My father was killed by our rivals Russian mafia . I hate them. After the death of my father I became the the head of Italian Mafia at the age of 20. I am so ruthless, cold and arrogant . I have my mom and a little sister living with me. I am planning revenge for my fathers death. Even though I am in mafia I respect women I just deal with guns and drugs. But the Russian mafia has gone of their limits by women trafficking and I know its time to put them in their place.

But this town's sheriff is disturbing my activities, she is not even a obstacle to me. My men can deal with her But right know as you know I am in a mall with my best friend I really have zero intrest in shopping , '"Hey I am going home " I said . Even after his promise I just can't tolerate this . I am a man with less patience can't help it . "No way You are staying here we are going to complete the shopping", Luca wined."No, Luca I don't have time for this . phone rings in my pocket. I pick it up.

(In the call) ."Hi boss ".

"Yes tell me George, whats the matter?"." Boss the sheriff you have asked me to deal with was spotted in the mall you are in with some young girl may be her daughter boss"" OK I will take care of Sherif, Just drop this and concentrate on your guns shipment" "Yes boss" (end of the call).

After the call with George I couldn't actually find the sheirff since this is one huge mall. So I decided to take care of her another day . Finally it's past lunchtime and Luca agreed that we go home . So we are walking out of the mall when I saw a girl . She is looking at a necklace like it's the most beautiful thing in the world. She is quite short and has deepest shade of blue eyes I have ever seen . Her eyes can speak thousands of words. She is so beautiful . Wait , what the hell am I even thinking about . I am a ruthless and most successful man for a reason. I don't gwak at girls like the other men. I didn't realise that I stopped walking and staring at the girl till now. I suddenly got back my senses and walked away from that girl .

Then Luca gave me a questioning look and he asked " What was that about man ?"

" What was what about?" I asked him in return . He just gave me a smirk and dropped the subject . We got inside our car and went home to our manision .

After an exhausting time spent at the shopping mall I returned to home with luca by my side.We have to start planning our attack.It was 8:00 in the evening when I received a call from an unknown number "Hello, Leonadro king speaking"'Hello leo"."Who are you?" I asked with anger"How are you doing my dear friend?"" Who is this?""oh, How could you forget your long lasting enemy?" "Brandon?""Ya right answer""What do you want?"" It seems that you have got your eyes on some girl"Brandon if you dare to lay a finger on"oh, let's see how well you could keep you sister mother and your secret Love safe" "Don't lay hands on them.""Bye Leo".

By the end of the call I was filled with rage. I threw my fist on the table and it broke into peices.I started throwing everything in my room . I cannot contain my rage . How dare he threaten mymom little sister and Amelia ?.By the destruction I made in my room Luca came inside."What's this Leo? What did you do?"he asked.I told him about the phone call from Brandon."Where are mom and cilia?""'They were at the NationalPark""okay lets go there immediately."Both me and Luca got seated in the car.I got a doubt "How did he know about Amelia?". Luca said" I think someone in our closechicle we have to keep an eye on them" We are on our way to park I am so tensed ,if anything happens them I couldn't forgive myself . After a period of time we reached I saw mom and cilia. I am so relaxed. But behind themI saw Amelia. She looked so frightenedIs she afraid of me? I think her mom told her about me she could never like me. But If she loves me she would be in more danger.All my enemies would go againsther. I like her so much that I cannot put her in danger. I have to let her go I never thought I could fall so hardfor a girl . I have to preparemyself to leave her. she is so innocent and fragile to come into this cruel world called mafia filled with rage and enemity but she just ran by looking at me. She may have thought that I was following her . I have to keep my distance from her.
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