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Chapter 5

Amelia's POV:

Recap :

After I read the letter I can't describe my feelings .I am scared , terrified. After this I will never be able to go out alone . I looked in my neighborhood once again to see if anything is suspicious around. But everything is good. In no way I am going to tell mom about this . I tore it in peices and threw it in the dustbin and went inside the house . I locked the door and all windows. I went inside my room after giving meds to mom . I think I might not be able to sleep today .

I woke up with a very bad headche . Today I am not attending the school . I have to take care of mom . I got out of my bed brushed my teeth and went downstairs to check on mom . I opened the door of her room to see her sleeping . I closed the door and started preparing some pancakes for breakfast. After I finished cooking I made the tray with medicines and took it to her room . She was up by then.

I am thinking about having a talk with her about the mafia . It's better to leave them before they do something that could harm us . So I am going to ask her to stop bothering them. I would be lying if I said I am not scared by the threat I received last night. I am truly terrified . Even thinking of that makes me sacred . You might think it's just a letter. But for a girl who never even recieved a smallest threat it is a big deal . I sat on a chair while mom was eating . I am actually getting prepared for the great speech .

" Mom can I talk to you about something?" I asked her .

" Ya sure" she replied with a smile.

" It's about the thing you told me last night um...... I think it's better if you leave them " she didn't reply me .

I guess she was thinking about it. I left the room to give her some time to think about it . When I entered the living room there's a knock on my door . I am afraid that last night's events are gonna repeat or something worse could happen .I am not that girl from the horror movies who will go straight into the tarp. So I opened my back door and went outside to check who was at the front door . My heart is beating wildly in my chest . But I peeked to see who was at the front door . Ooofff ..... It's Anthena . My stupid self forgot that she is going to be here to drop off my bag in the morning. I went towards her . She asked me why I didn't open the front door. I didn't tell her . I just found something to cover up. Se left immediately after giving me my stuff cause she have to attend the school.

I took my stuff and went inside . I don't have anything to do . I never knew it would be this boring if I ditched school . I went upstairs to my room . For sometime I did my school work and after that I watched tv. Now it's getting close to lunch time. I have to prepare lunch . I am not bad in cooking and I am not perfect either . I went downstairs in the kitchen to find that I need some groceries. So I went to my mom's room . I opened the door to see my mom sitting on her bed watching some show in the tv .

" Mom , I need some groceries for making Lunch. I will be back in a few minutes. Will you be ok ?"

" I will be fine " . She replied with a smile .

Then I went out I don't have to drive to the store it's just a few blocks away so I decided to walk . I always enjoyed walking on the streets . I like to see people passing by with smiles on their faces . Finally I made it to the store. I picked up some items I need for making Lunch. There is a nice lady at the counter . After paying the bill I got out of the store .

With the groceries in my hand I stared walking towards home . Actually I brought more than needed . Now I am struggling in carrying them . Then my stupid self realised that I could book a cab. Even my home is just a few blocks away these things are heavy and I barely walked 2 steps from the store . I saw a black ferrari beside me. I just adore the beauty of the car and went back to my phone to check the cab service . God never comes to my rescue. There are no cab services left. .. ughh..... Seriously.

.Then I heard a horn a turned towards the car . The window of the car rolled down revealing a man in hisearly 20's or mid 20's .He is looking good.

"Hey do you need a ride home?"

"No thanks I am good"

"Hey listen can I please drop you"he asked so innocently.

"okay thank you"I accepted because there is no cab service left and I can't stay the road all day. I got into the car .

"I am Brandon"

" I am Amelia"

" Beautiful name for a beautiful girl " he said.

I just gave him a shy smile . All the ride I have tried to avoid talking to him. But he just gave me a headache by talking too much . I immediately got down when I reached my house .

" Thank you Brandon" I told him.

" I hope to see you again " . I just gave a smile .He got down the car and gave me a wave . I went inside the house. I went towards our main door to see it's OPEN .. What the hell . I slowly opened the door and went inside the kitchen. I dropped the groceries on the counter and took a knife . I kept the knife behind me and went towards the living room. There is some one on our couch . I can't clearly see them . I went further to see it's a man . His back was turned towards me . He is wearing a suit . I think mom my invited him . He probably won't have the keys so that's the valid explanation. I cleared my throat he turned towards me . He seemed familiar but I don't know where I saw him before . He turned towards me and gave me a dangerous smirk . Every thing about him screams dangerous. I just wanted cower away from his gaze . He stood up and started walking towards me . Like a lion walks towards its prey . It takes everything in me not to walk back . I don't want to show fear so I stood on my ground gripping the knife tightly . Just when he was one step away from me . He screamed. Yes he screamed my mother's name . I am shocked . Why did he shout my mother's name? Then my mother came out of her room with a worried expression .

" LEONARDO KING" she exclaimed looking towards him .

WHAT Leonadro King as in Italian mafia leader Leonadro King .
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