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Chapter 6

Amelia's POV:

Recap :

'LEONARDO KING" she exclaimed looking towards him .

WHAT Leonadro King as in Italian mafia leader Leonadro King .

Oh my freaking god . The letter I received says yours lovingly - L . It means did he write it. He is the person who threatened me. He is standing right infront of me. I am going to faint from the fear . My mom slowly came to the living room.

" Leonadro this is between us . Leave my daughter out of this ." My mom said

" I have already warned you Ms. Knight but what did you do huh you didn't take me seriously. Now it's high time you go out of my business " . He told every word without breaking eye contact with me. His voice sent shivers down my spine .

" Please Leonadro spare my daughter. I will send your guns back to you ." My mother's crying. What possibly this man could do ? My mom's already week she should not stress herself out . I should do something. I need to talk. But I can't utter a single word. His huge frame is right infront of me . Fear clouded me.

He is talking about taking me away from my mom. I am truly terrified of my situation. My mom is not well I need to take care of her. If he takes me then her situation would be worse .

Now about me I can't even imagine what happens if he takes me . Then after sometime he started saying how he could control everything in this world.

He said " I have told you about the consequences Mrs . Knight but you didn't change your ways. Its high time to put an end for your actions Mrs. Knight. Your daughter will be far from you for a few days then you will learn your place. You have made a great mistake by coming after me " . He ended with a cold smirk . He is literally threating my mom in my house. Mafia leader or not but he has no authority over me. Even though I am scared of him I will stand up for myself. I will not go down with out fight .

So I said " NO . I am not going to come " . He looked at me in amusement then said " Oh now the pretty girl could talk " . My confidence is gone as fast as it came. I stood silently not able to talk anything.

He is talking about how he owns the world and how my mom crossed her line and some other shit. I very badly wanted to take the knife and stab him right at his heart. But I can't even talk how could I do it . His words are like fuel to my anger. I am getting impatient second by second.

Who is he to talk like that in my house infront of me? Who do he think he is?Even though he is a mafia leader I don't give a shit he does not have right to shout at my mom in my house and order around totake me like I am a doll in a showcase. Just when I was about to talk 4 of his members come into the house..!!

Two of them held mom and the other two dragged me out of my house: I tried my level best to escape. I tried using my fighting skills (which doesnt exist by the way) to fight them but no use. Then I took the knife behind me and stabbed one man in his hand . The other one was very shocked I kick him in the balls. Now only one more person left . Thats Leonadro. I don't think I could even scratch him. But oh god I forgot about the other two men holding my mom. They left her and came to me. My mom is emotionally and physically tired to even fight. Leonadro looks surprised that I fought.

They dragged me and pushed me inside some kind of expensive car and locked the doors! I helplessly sat there for a few longest minutes of my life I am so afraid of what was happening to mom. I am so helpless now. He just came and now he was probably taking me to his home or he could just kill me on the way. I even harmed his two men .

Just one bullet doesn't cost him more I think I just thought of things I wanna do in my future. But how I am in the hands of this jerk. The doors the car opened and there sat "Mr.devil" beside me . I was crying from my previous thoughts . He saw me crying, wow very good progress of being strong infront of him Amelia . If he decided to kill me on the way I am not giving up on my life. Even If I die. I will die bravely. I gained all the courage I have left and asked him. " Are you going to kill me ? "He looked at him like I have grown two heads. But he didn't reply .

I was so angry at him, first he kidnaps me and then he doesn't talk to me. He is a handsome jerk . He has forest green eyes. I could get lost in them . Snap out of it Amelia he is dangerous and he is a jerk.

If looks could kill he would be 6 feet under now . He is not even pretending like I exist.

His looks and his character doesn't even match. I have to cancel all the thoughts I have had previously after looking at him. He is a big jerk• He just sat there and looking at something in his phone. He doesn't reply me . He is giving me silent treatment two can play this game . After a very long drive we stopped near a huge manison. He is not joking when he told me he was taking me to his house. Its just an amazing house he has. The main theme of his house is blue and white.It doesn't match his dark personality. He got down the car when it came to stop I sat there stubbornly. He opened my side of the car door. He looked at me and said "Get down" . I sat there without moving. I sat there stubbornly . Its the first word he had said to me and it's not even a bit polite. I am not his puppet to follow his order. I sat Inside the car . What he did now was very shocking to me. He roughly grabbed me by my arm and pulled me outside the car it's going to leave a bruise. "ow. It hurts man" I shouted. He suddenly left my arm. He saw me once, and then he left without talking. I just stood there for a few minutes. Then another man came to me. He said"Hii I am Luca. You might be wondering why you are here but you will know it sooner ". Even though this man Luca is on my kidnappers side he is atleast poliet unlike somone .

"Hii I am Amelia", I said he gave me a smile and he is not like Leo. Oh wait he is not Leo for me it's Leonadro . What happened to you Amelia ?

"Come in I will show you the house" I went behind him. This house is so huge. Luca is a very friendly man. He is talkitive , nice and everything Leonadro was not . He was showing me the house when he cracked a lame joke and I was laughing loud ,thats when Mr. Devil with an angry look walking towards us and said"You may go now" to Luca .

"Yes boss " said Luca . I am all alone with the Devil himself. Someone please save me .

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