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Chapter 7

Previously on unwilling ::

He was showing me the house when he cracked a lame joke and I was laughing loud ,thats when Mr. Devil with an angry look walking towards us and said"You may go now" to Luca .

"Yes boss " said Luca . I am all alone with the Devil himself. Someone please save me .

Leo's POV :

When I entered the car I saw Amelia Crying it broke my heart watching her like this. She does not deserve to be in this mess. But this is all because of her mother. If I show mercy towards her then people will question my power and I don't need that. After the car drive we reached the mansion.

In the car she asked me if I was going to kill her. Did she think so low of me? I gave her no answer I got down the car expecting her to get down too. But she didn't come out. I went to her and asked her to get down ,she didn't come down she is literally testing my patience .

I grabbed her by arm and dragged her down the car. I think I grabbed her bit, too harsh, she is hurt. I just left her there and went inside the house. I saw Luca there."Luca, Amelia is at the car bring her in and show her the guest room" 'Whats the matter Mr. King?" he asked humorously .

" It's her mother , she needs to learn her place " I said.

"Okay, she is staying here?" Luca asked very seriously. This is not the first time I kidnapped someone. Usually I send them to the warehouses. But I never bring anyone to my house. Only Luca , my mother , my sister and myself lives here. The security also consists of my most trusted men. So this place is completely personal . Even I don't know why I brought her here. I should have taken her to one of the warehouses. But I don't want to I want her here.

Its reasonable of him asking me that question with all those seriousness because all my life I havenever cared about any outsider. I just care about my family, mafia and Luca.

" Make her feel comfortable she is going to be here for a while".

"Okay leo" with that Luca went outside tobring her in .Luca is always a flirt. He flirts with every girl he sees. All girls fall at his feet, but he never takes them seriously. I wish he would get a girl who is hard to catch. I went to my office and did my work,After a while I just went out to check on Amelia.Thats when I saw Amelia laughing at some thing Luca said. As much as I love her laugh the fact that Luca madeher laugh angered me. I stomped towards her and I orderd to Luca to go. That idiot whispherd "jelous"in my ear. After Luca went I showed Amelia her room.

"All your clothes will be here in an hour" I said.When I was about to I saw her hand is bruised.

"Sit on the bed your hand is bruised I am going to bring an ointment" .

"Its fine ,I am okay "said Amelia.

"Just sit "I ordered her.

She sat on the bed. I went out bought ointment form the frist aid kit .I kneeled down and applied ointment to her. She seemed a bit shocked by my actions,butA KING ONLY BOWS TO HIS QUEEN.

After that incident with Amelia. I went out of her room to let her take some rest . Even though I can't have her I will enjoy the time I spend with her while she is here. I went near my mom and I told her about Amelia . Our first meet . I even told her that I am having a soft spot for Amelia.

My mom asked me one thing that is " Do you regret what you did from these past few days". I don't even regret slightest bit of anything because all the incidents that had happened has been revealing the new me . All that happened in last few days is just a miracle I thought that could never happen in my life.

Suddenly I heard my phone ring and picked it up. "Mr. Leonadro I am Amelia's mom please send my daughter home".

She is crying. I told her "Mrs Knight I really appreciate if you doesn't ask me about your daughter. Just believe that she is in safe hands and she will home when you start respecting us ," with that I end the call. I have had a very exhausting day. I went to Amelia's room to call her for dinner.I opened the door I saw Amelia sitting on her bed and thinking about something.

"Hi "I said. Seriously Leo after you kidnapped her all you got to say is hii.

"Hello" she replied with amusement .

"I want you to join for dinner even if you don't want to" I could be a bit polite, but this is who I am.

"I am not hungry" said Amelia and her mood changed .

"You didn't eat anything just come"I told.

She stood up from the bed and wiped tears that escaped her eyes. She seemed angry .

"First you lock me up in this room and you act nice and caring. You took care of my wounds which you made in the first place and you order me to come for dinner. Do you think I am a robot to do as you say?" She literally shouted and displayed all her anger . I said "Then just starve" then I closed the door and locked her inside. I went for dinner. I know that Amelia might be hungry but she had it coming .

Amelia's POV:

After I was taken to Leo's house he treated me nicely first but he literally has more mood swings than a girl . I just broke down and literally, and shouted at his face . I am really forgetting that he is a mafia leader .

Actually I am hungry now and I have nothing to eat. I tried several times to break the door but Leonadro is a hell of rich person his doors are strong. I tried lot to sleep but I can't. I just got an idea I need to escape from here. Why didn't I think of this before . Stupid me Now I will escape . I did a happy dance inside. I can't stay here I need to go to mom she could be worrying about me. I serched for a window but there's none. I went to the bathroom where I found window. But its way too high.

After many failed attempts I finally reached the window . I am so terrified of jumping. I am one storey above the ground. It would just do a little damage. Fortunately there were no guards below. So I literally gained all the courage and jumped from the window. My ankle! My ankle is a sprained It hurts a lot but I have to get out I slowly walked to the front porch where I saw 2 guards. I walked with my sprained angle quickly and hide behind a wall. I waited for a long time. After what it seemed for hours the guards departed from there. It's pretty dark out. It might be midnight or something. I slowly approached the front porch and checked for any sign of guards I found none. Is did a happy dance inside. I hurriedly went towards the main gate . Just one door between me and my freedom Just one door. The bars of door are having a large gaps between them.I carefully tried to fit between them my hands touched by bars of the gate and a huge alarm went on OH MY GOD.

I am in deep trouble.Just when the alarm went on the front door opened to reveal a very angry Leonadro and a smiling Luca . Leonadro is literally running towards me . I quickly got between the bars and got out. Now all there's left to do is run. I have to run till I reach some person or a phone . Its probably midnight so I didn't see people around here . Plus this man lives in a very vacant part of Rome ,maybe to cover up his mafia activities. With my ankle paining I literally tried to run as fast as I can . I turned back to see Leonadro just a few feet behind me. I tried to run more fast .Leo is just getting near and near. Suddenly some hand pulled me back and my face hit a hard chest.Leonadro caught me. He held me tightly where I don't even have chance to escape. I noticed he didn't have a shirt on. I guess he spends most of his time in gym. I squirmed under his hold. But he didn't leave me . Then a very sleepy, tired from running Luca came there. "You just disturbed my beauty sleep girl" he said .

"Luca go inside" said Leonadro. I just stood there silently.

" Have a peaceful night Amelia" said Luca.

That bastard .He knew the rest of my night would be getting a lot of shouts from Leo.After Luca departed from there ,Leo looked at me. I just gave him a look saying that I tried to escape and it went unsuccessful Now what "Get Inside Amelia" Leo said I don't want tomake him angry then already he is. I just silently went inside like lost puppy behind him .

He took me to the room which was given to mebefore . The one that I escaped from. Leonadro also came behind me. I sat on bed. Just then my stomach made a sound Indicating that I am hungry. I am so embarrassed my cheeks became pink.

"I am hungry" I said.

" Come with me" said leo.

I went behind him to stop at a kitchen. He showed me a stool & said "sit" he said. I sat silently and watched a shirtless Leo making pancakes. Wow seeing huge man making pancakes for me is so cute. But if this huge man had manners it would be nice.

He made pancakes and gave me the plate. "Eat" he said. While I was eating. He stood there watching me.

"From now you are going to sleep in my room" when he said that I chocked on the pancakes. I was eating.He passed me a glass of water:

"Are you serious ?" I asked.

"I can't have you escaping every night"he said.

Poor me now I have to face him . God please save me from this DEVIL .

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