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Chapter 8

Recap :

Are you serious ?" I asked.

"I can't have you escaping every night"he said.

Poor me now I have to face him . God please save me from this DEVIL .

Leo's POV:

She tried to escape. I ran behind her and got a hold of her . She squirmed under the gasp of me. She is so fragile, she fit perfectly in my arms. When I saw her she gave me a very innocent look. I just melted and I didn't shout her. I asked her to go to her room. But when her stomach made a sound she blushed .Oh my god her blush is so cute . All I can think about is pinching her cheeks. But no I am not a teenage boy who drools over a girl .I am a freaking mafia leader. I asked her to come to the kitchen. I made her pancakes, while making pancakes she just stared at me. I finished making pancakes and gave her the plate.

She has to sleep in my room. I can't risk her escaping again. I told her that she has to sleep in my room. She chocked in her own food I passed a glass of water she gave me a' do I have no choice ?' look . But I cant let her sleep in her room. After she completed eating ,she washed her plate and came behind me like a lost puppy. I have a seperate floor for myself. I won't allow anyone to coming there, only Luca comes there .This is the first time I am allowing a girl to come to my floow . Heck she is the first ever outsider in my manision.

She followed me till we reached my room .My room is in the top floor so she couldn't risk jumping. She came inside the room and admiring it . Main theme of my room is white .

"Where do I sleep?"asked Amelia

" On the bed" I said

"And where do you sleep?" she asked

"on the bed"I replied

"On the same bed!"she asked .I shook my head yes .

"I'll sleep on the couch" she said and took the pillows and was walking towards the couch. Thats when I grabbed the pillows from her and told

"I will sleep on the couch "I said. I might sound childish but I have atmost respect to women. I don't like seeing them suffer.

She looked me like I was a alien. I took the pillows and went and slept on the couch.

Its pretty uncomfortable for my 6'5 frame to fit on the couch. That night I didn't sleep due to the uncomfortable posture. At some point in the night I heard talking. I woke up to see Amelia speaking in her sleep.She is taking some rubbish .I went near her bed. I was about to go back to my couch when a hand stopped me. It is Amelias hand she is saying "please don't leave me"I can't get myself to leave her. So I slept on the bed beside her .

Amelia's POV:

I thought I couldn't sleep in Leo's room but his bed like a cloud. I slept immediately after my body touched the bed . When I woke up I felt a pillow beside me. I pulled it closer but it is not coming so I went near it and hugged it . Heat radiated off the pillow ,it's so warm. I also feel abs , wait but pillows dont have abs. I opened my eyes to come face to face with a smirking Leo .

I am so shocked.

" Are you out of your mind? who do you think you are? Why are you here ? You prevert " I shouted.

"Woah woah calm down firecraker.Actually you are the one who asked me to sleep".

"Me? I asked you to sleep on the bed with me?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes" he said .I eyed him suspiciously and pushed him of the bed. He fell down with a Thud.

" You don't have to push me you could have asked politely." he said.

Actually Leo is always angry , yes I am calling him Leo cause I can't put up his full name while talking cause I am lazy as hell . But even though I pushed him off the bed , he is acting cool . I wonder why , but I don't care now he is looking at me for a reply.

"I don't care" I said and walked towards the bathroom. I went inside the bathroom and I just realised that I don't have clothes to wear if I took a shower . I slowly opened the door and I saw Leo looking at me with amusement.

"Um Leo I need clothes". I asked him

" Leo? oh I am out of words " he said.

Shit did I just call him Leo . I did , stupid me." Um I am sorry. Leonadro but can I get some clothes"

" I don't care " he said mimicking what I said just a few minutes before.

" Please ,please , please " I begged .He pointed his finger towards the closet.I slowly stepped towards the closet and opened it to see all my clothes. I took my clothes and went for a bath. After having a nice shower I went outside and found no clue of Leo . He might have went down .Now I am so bored . I was thinking of going out of this room , that's when a servent called me to have breakfast but I am afraid of going down and having breakfast with the whole King family.

But I don't have a choice so I was walking towards the dining hall fidgeting my fingers I finally reached the dining hall and I saw Luca, Leo, Cilia ( Leo's little sister) and a lady probably in her 50's but she is looking so young for her age. She has warm smile and she called me .

" Come dear have a seat " . She showed me the seat beside Leo . Now I have to get over this breakfast with MR.DEVIL by my side.

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