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Chapter 9


But I don't have a choice so I was walking towards the dining hall fidgeting my fingers I finally reached the dining hall and I saw Luca, Leo, Cilia ( Leo's little sister) and a lady probably in her 50's but she is looking so young for her age. She has warm smile and she called me .

" Come dear have a seat " . She showed me the seat beside Leo . Now I have to get over this breakfast with MR.DEVIL by my side.

Leo's POV:

I woke up to light coming through my windows. I saw a sleeping Amelia beside me. I was about to get down from the bed the Amelia come and hugged me . She might have felt my hard chest so she opened her eyes and I was laughing like a idiot. She might think I am prevert. She woke up to find me beside her. Her expression was pricelessly funny. But what she did was very shocking she pushed me off the bed. If I was old Leo I could have shown another reaction. But this ANGEL changed me.

I showed her clothes in the closet and went down to have breakfast ,when I saw mom I wished her good morning and sat my usual place . Luca is also at the table .

Then my mother started speaking "So Leo I think someone is in your room last night".

I am going to kill Luca He could have told mom.

" She tried to escape last night" I said with cold expression. Usually no one saw me smiling except Amelia. She is the only person who makes me laugh. I am very cold towards every other.I ordered the maid to call Amelia for breakfast .Amelia came after a while to the dining room. She looked very nervous. Mom greeted her and asked her to join for breakfast, she sat beside me . Luca was smiling all the time. I badly want to punch him . I got a call from one of my men I excused myself out of the room and I spoke to him.

"Good morning boss".

"Good morning George Tell me whats the news"

"Boss, Brandon is spotted at Amelia's home 2 days back . It seems that he gave her ride or some

"Okay George, make more security installations, keep me updated on every thing. Don't allow anyone to come inside the house." "Okay boss" I was so tensed I went back inside thedining room. I saw Amelia inside eating her breakfast , talking to mom and Luca and laughing. I went and sat at my place and I was having breakfast. My mom finished her breakfast and went to take care of Amelia. Luca also went to take care of new security installations. I was left alone with Amelia."She asked me is everything alright."" It's none of your concern." I replied she looked taken aback with myanswer . "I need to go out " she said . "No everything you need are inside the house". I said"I can't stay here for long Mr. Leonadro I have a home and I have to go to college. I can't sit here without doing anything " She said with anger. I was worrying abouther security and here she is shouting atanger I doesn't give her any reply and went out of the house.

I went to warehouse to take out all my stress on boxing bag . I remove my shirt and start boxing. I lost the track of time. It's 3 in the afternoon when I wanted to stop it. I went and checked my phone. I saw 6 missed calls from Luca and 2 missed calls from mom. I called back Mom but she didn't lift her phone. I went outside the boxing room and I serched for luca. I asked all the members of my gang for luca. They said they didn't see him. I started driving towards my home to check if the mom and Amelia are alright.I can't help but feel that something is odd. I drove faster towards the house. I finally reached my home. I went inside and called mom. She didn't lift her phone. I searched the whole mansion. I asked the security guards about them . They said they hadno clue. There are no signs of Amelia, Mom and Luca is not lifting his phone. I started my car and drove into the city.I serched the whole area, No signs of anyone. I got so frustrated and banged my hand on the to steering. I can't do anything. Three most important people of my life are missing and I am here sitting in a car.

Surprise Lucas POV :

I came to know about the call from George. As soon as Leo received the call his whole mood changed. He was hellbent on protecting Amelia mainly from Brandon since he already met her. I have never seen this side of Leo, Amelia totally changed him .After getting that call Leo asked me to check upon security.I installed more technological operations to build up more secured home .After finishing my work I went to the warehouse for the guns shipment .I checked and installed more powerful guns like AK47, AWM . I saw Leo going inside the boxing room .He might be so stressed about this situation. He takes all his stress on boxing bag whenever he is stressed. Leo easily gets angered I don't know how Amelia never gets afraid of him. Suddenly I got a emergency message of someone breaking into the house. I opened the security footage to see a girl breaking into the house .She has red hair her face is not clear but she is attractive.

Even though she is beautiful she is a threat ,she might be from Brandon's gang. I called the security men to notify them about the girl. They took her and kept her in dungeons which are in the basement of the house. You might wonder why does a very amazingly looking house has cells in the basement. We belong to mafia so it has to be like that.

Security are telling that she is asking for Amelia.But its better if she stays there I called Leo a few times to tell that I was going home to check on that mysterious girl,but he didn't lift my calls. Even he is just a room away from me trust me no one wants to disturb pissed Leo .I went to house. I went into the basement and I saw that girl. She is so damn beautiful. I can't take my eyes off her Its like I am under some spell. I was just struck there. I can't even move.

Finally I went infront of her. "Hey girl what do you need?" I asked.

"You idiot first you dare to kidnap my friend and then you keep me locked in a freaking cell I am going to kill your"

"Woah calm down firecracker,Who are you sweetheart? ". I asked in amazement.

"I am Amelia's friend I am Anthena and I am here to take my friend from this hell and you don't get to call me with nicknames".

"Oh wait." I said that and I went up to Amelia's room. I was on my way to her room thats when I heard a loud scream.

It's Amelia! I ran towards the soundBut I can't see her anywhere. I saw mom (Mrs. King) I call her mom too because my parents died in a car accident. So I was left as an orphan on the streets. That's when Mrs.King saw me and bought me to her house and treated me like her own child ,so I call her mom. Okay now keeping aside all the things we go in different directions and search for Amelia. After a while I found her on the floor unconscious. I went near her and patted her. But I received no response. I called her a few times. I am so tensed . If Leo knew about this he is going to tear the world apart. I told mom about her . We took her to hospital. You might think this huge mansion doesn't have a hospital. There's a hospital a huge one actually but the doctor was not here right now . If I waited even a second for the doctor Leo will kill me. So I immediately took her to the car.

Me, mom and Amelia are in the car .Cilia went to school,which is also in the manision we live in. I raced to the hospital not even stopping at the signals .Finally we reached hospital. I ordered them to take Amelia into the Emergency ward. In the car mom called Leo but he didn't lift the phone. Oh my god Leo what are you doing? The doctor came out of the room.He told that she was poisoned . The breakfast she ate was poisoned. But we all had the same breakfast!!!!!!!. Oh theres a lot going in my mind right now. Many of our men are freaking traitors. The chef! I am going to kill him. I called the security men of our manision and I asked my most trusted men to keep an eyes on the people of the kitchen department.

Then I called Leo. He was literally shouting on the phone. I told him that Amelia is in the hospital. He was so freaked out .He said he was on his way to the hospital. He was so shocked by this news. Me and mom are sitting in lobby, Amelia is still unconscious .Then Leo came into the hospital running. He was sweating profusely.

"Where is she?what happened? I need to see her?" He was out of breath.

"Okay leo calm down,everything is fine.nothing is serious with Amelia. It is a mild food poisoning nothing happened,we can see her after a few hours. "

He relaxed a bit.He sat beside me. I told him about Anthena . I gave him an idea that if Anthena stays with us Amelia won't feel alone in the house.

Leo said " This will only create more problems Luca". Ya he is right I thought in my mind. If she comes then we have to protect both of them from Brandon.

Again Leo started talking "she can visit whenever she wants. "

I asked him "Who, Anthena? " like an innocent child would. He replied with a yes.I was doing happy dance inside .I can see Anthena few times. Okay wait.... ...... ........Why am I becoming like this? Am I falling for her? No I am a playboy. I will eventually get bored of her.

Hii guys a hugeeee chapter for you . Thank you for reading 💕💕.

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