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Eye Spy This Little Heart

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Sophia clearly knows where things are headed. She knows the only thing in her path is heartbreak and more pain. And although she threads his path so carefully she still falls, because in this eye spy she couldn't see her heart anywhere in sight.

Romance / Mystery
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I- Sophia

3 minutes, give me 90 seconds and I could make it out here unseen. The only problem was these shoes, with a 3-inch height and the sound of the whole stampede every time you took a step. By the time I bent down and got ridiculously tight laces off, Mr. Ross would be done with his speech and I wouldn’t make it out unseen. The only reason I was here in the first place was because Amanda didn’t want to come to her dad’s event by herself. Now, after half an hour of me roaming the halls looking for her, I concluded she left with Thomas. The girl was too busy giggling and twirling her curls to send me a text.

I quickly scanned the room, searching for any other way out other than the main entrance. I walked over to the bathroom, hoping for a door to magically appear and get me out. A small boy opened the bathroom door and made his way back to the crowd. After he opened it a strong wind engulfed me and I was instantly shivering from the cold. That’s when I glimpsed the large window that was open in the bathroom. I held the door slightly open, and I noticed I could spot my car from the window. This was my exit ticket, I was not going out the front door where hundreds of paparazzi were snapping as many pictures as they could. Never again was I getting in front of a camera. Amanda and I arrived early enough not to be bothered by any of them, but now, that place looked like hell.

Taking a deep breath, I scanned the area for anyone that might catch me in the embarrassing act. Holding the door wide open I walked inside, the window was fairly large and I could make it out with ease. I started working on getting my shoes off and as soon as I was done, I gathered my fairly long skirt. Shoes in hand, I was about to break free when I heard the door open. Ahh, why does this have to be the action movie moment, couldn’t a bomb gone off and made an exit for me instead of someone catching me right now? I held my breath and bent down, since I was on top of the toilet seat the person shouldn’t be able to see my legs. Come on, do your business, and scram. Finally, the toilet flushed, and I heard the sink water; they were washing their hands. The sound stopped, and I waited a couple more seconds for them to leave. I didn’t hear the door, but I wasn’t sure if it made a noise when someone left. They had to be gone by now, okay back to the mission at hand. Lifting my legs higher, I slowly climbed out until my shoelaces got caught on the toilet roll holder. Good lord, I just need to make it out this window, I’ll fall, trip, and land smack on my face if I have to, but after I land on the soft grass underneath. Pulling on the lace to set it free, it wouldn’t budge. I am going to burn these stupid shoes! Breathe Sophia, clearly, the shoes weren’t coming off. My legs are dangling off the window, but I had to step back onto the toilet to get my shoes. I made my way to the floor and as I was coming down, obviously the other shoe slips off my hand. I sucked in my breath; the sound was loud enough to wake up the whole freaking block. I was one step away from screaming in exasperation, but I took a deep breath. The shoe had made it out of the stall and thank God none was in the restroom or else I would have probably fainted. I opened the stall and bent down to retrieve the shoes.

“That was quite an escape mission, I would have deemed you for James Bond if you were wearing a tuxedo”

Holy, there right in front of me stood the human version of Apollo himself, he was in a white dress shirt and black pants. His sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he stood leaning against the sink coat in one hand and phone in the other. My mind froze for a second, no scratch that my mind stopped functioning for 3 minutes before I could stutter a word.

I picked up my shoes and shyly waved “H hi, I wass jjust, umm, it’s not what it looks like”

“Really it looks like you were trying to get out of this lame reception through the men’s bathroom window”

Okay, maybe it’s exactly what it looked like. “I couldn’t find another way out, and the main entrance was not an option” I was seriously hoping he would leave and let me get out of here. Mr. Ross was probably done with his speech and then they would let the journalist inside for interviews. As I way to get rid of this oh so wonderful boy he spoke,

“You know there’s an emergency exit right down the hall, if you open it from the right angle it won’t start and alarm. I can take you there if you want”

Right down the hall, I could have made it out long ago and there was another exit right down the hall. “I could probably make it there, but I’ve never used that exit.”

“Come on, I’ll lead you there, by the look on your face you really don’t want to be here”

He opened the door and led the way to the exit. Sure enough there it was in bright beautiful letters, EMERGENCY EXIT. Out of nowhere, he pulled out one of those classroom magnets teachers used to stop from locking.

“There’s a switch that you have to hold down with a magnet to stop the alarm” He explained as he worked. It was while he was looking for the switch that I took a closer look at him. I could spot the slight muscle in his arms, he had blond hair with slight curls, and his eyes were a bright brown. I wasn’t kidding, the boy was a straight replica of Apollo. I stopped my staring and noticed his arm had stopped moving.

“Did you find the switch?” I said

“ I found it a while ago, I was just giving you some time to stare”

Immediately I blushed, the boy catching my little acts. He opened the door with ease and motioned for me to walk out. I took a step outside glad to finally have gotten out.

“Thanks for helping me out, I couldn’t have stayed there much longer”

“Would you mind me asking why? You were sneaking out the window like a thief about to be caught in a crime.”

“Just didn’t want to run into some guests, by the way, I’m Sophia,” I said holding out my arm.

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