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Naomi had grown up in the Texas desert, to poor but loving parents as an only child . After graduation, she had stayed because that's where her parents were but a week before her 21st birthday, they were killed in a car accident and Naomi had been devastated. She had lost the only people she had ever truly loved. Her best friend Stacey tried to cheer her up by taking her out for her first "grown up" night out to a local dance club. They had been having a great time but little did they know that their lives were about to drastically change and soon Stacey would be dead and Naomi would be running for her life!

Romance / Thriller
Teresa Knapp
4.5 8 reviews
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Chapter 1

Disclaimer as requested: This book will contain content which some may find disturbing or triggering. Rape, abuse, violence, murder, foul language and sex. If you find any of these disturbing, you might wish to move on to another story. This is the only notification that will be given.

All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to known persons was not intended or used. Names of places may be real but not accurate in description or details of homes or businesses included at that location.

I try to write using the way real people talk, not always “proper” English.

All rights are reserved and copyrighted.


Naomi promised herself that one of these days…………….oh what was the point of even dreaming about things she could never have or do? She watched the well-dressed woman get into the nice late model SUV at the gas station across the street. Naomi thought about her car that was currently at the mechanic’s shop at the same service station. The man had told her she needed brakes and a new radiator before it could take her any further. She had barely made it to the service station that day a little over a month ago when her car had finally broken down, leaving her stranded in Corbin Kentucky of all places.

The man at the service station had taken pity on her and told her he would fix it for the cost of parts and a hundred dollars for his labor but she would have to prepay for the parts. Naomi had barely had the cost of another tank of gas left in her purse so she told him she would have to work to make enough to cover the bill and he had been nice enough to let her leave her car there until she could earn enough to pay him.

He had also told her about the diner needing a breakfast to lunch shift waitress. She had walked across the street and applied and they had put her to work right away. They paid minimum wage plus tips but it was a guaranteed income and with no car to get around to find a better paying job she hadn’t had much choice.

The diner was fairly busy most days, being that it was close to the exit ramp to the highway, a lot of truckers stopped in for their meals at all times of the day. She made pretty good money in tips most days and that part of her income was dedicated to fixing her car and what she thought of as her traveling money.

In addition to the funds needed to fix her car, she also had to pay for a place to stay and that, along with the cost of meals for herself when she wasn’t working, ate up most everything she managed to earn on her small paycheck. She would still need gas and food money if she was going to keep going but she had hopes that in another couple of weeks, she could get back on the road again. She had to keep moving or he was going to find her. She had already been in Corbin for way too long!

With that thought in mind, Naomi glanced out the window as she picked up the dirty dishes off her last table of the day. She wasn’t surprised that the guy that had tried to hit on her earlier had only left her a fifty cent tip. She had tried to be polite in her rejection of his attention when she had turned down his suggestion for some “fun” later on as she had served him the daily special, which had been meatloaf today.

Maybe it had pissed him off when she had not allowed him to run his hand up her leg. She had been sorely tempted to dump the plate of hot food in his lap but knew that she would end up losing her job and would have to pay for his meal out of her meager earnings so she had just served his food and returned to her check out duties.

The lunch rush was almost over so now she only had to wait for Sylvia to show up and to wrap silverware for the next shift before she could punch out. She dreaded the walk back to the small pay by the week hotel where she currently had a room because about an hour before it had started to rain but still, she was really looking forward to getting off soon. Her legs and back were sore and her feet were killing her and there was nothing she wanted more than a nice long soak in a hot bath.

She wiped down the table and made sure that the salt and pepper shakers did not need to be refilled and that the napkin dispensers had plenty of napkins before she carried the dishes back to the kitchen. Charlie, the dishwasher, smiled at her and asked “Last one?”

“Yes, thankfully. My feet are killing me. Sure do wish the rain could have held off for just another hour until I could get off of work.” Naomi said.

“Well, hopefully it won’t last long and will be over before you punch out.” Charlie said.

“Well, I’ve got everything but the silverware done and rain or not, I’m heading out as soon as Sylvia gets here.” Naomi smiled at him.

Naomi picked up the clean silverware container and returned to the bar area where she could at least sit down for a few minutes while she wrapped silverware. Sylvia, the waitress that took over after her, showed up and said “Hey! How was it this morning?”

“Steady but not super busy. Mostly truckers.” Naomi said.

“Well, let’s hope for better tomorrow. How’s the savings coming?” Sylvia asked.

“I’ve got enough for the parts and almost all of it for the labor and then I need money for gas.” Naomi said.

“Well the holiday weekend should mean we will get busy this weekend and hopefully there will be some good tippers in the crowd.” Sylvia said. “I could stand to earn some extra money too.”

“Well, good luck. I’ve still got to count out my tips today but I’m not holding out much hope for much more than food money today.” Naomi said.

Sylvia went to start her check in duties while Naomi finished up the silverware. As she wrapped it, she stacked it in the container that was stored under the counter. When she had filled it up, she pulled off her apron and dug through the pockets for her tip money. She was surprised when it turned out to be more than she had thought so she asked Sylvia to exchange the singles and coins to larger bills that she tucked into her wallet. She kept some of the quarters to do laundry and was happy that she now had enough to pay for not only the parts for her car but now she almost had enough for the labor.

She still had to pay for her hotel for another week but she also had to collect her paycheck, which was due tomorrow. If it was big enough, then next week she would be working for traveling money, like food, gas and a place to stay.

Naomi was getting very worried about having been in one place for so long. Normally she stayed somewhere only long enough to get enough money for her next tank of gas and a few meals in her belly and then she would move on. She had to keep moving or he would find her and Naomi had sworn to herself that no matter what happened, there was no way she was going back to that hell hole or to him.

Naomi gathered her purse and sweater from the back room and then punched her time card. She was allowed to eat for free at the diner but chose to take the club sandwich she had ordered with her today instead of eating at the diner. She said goodbye to everyone and, using a trash bag as a raincoat, left the diner and hurried down the street to the hotel. She let herself into her room and looked around. She wouldn’t call this home by any stretch of the imagination but it was a dry, safe haven today. She kicked off her shoes as she made sure the door was locked and the chair was in front of the door.

She didn’t trust the flimsy lock to keep anyone out and the chair was heavy enough that it would slow any intruders down enough to give her a chance to grab something to defend herself with. She found a change of clothes and grabbed a clean towel and went into the bathroom. She turned the water on in the tub and plugged the hole so that it would fill up. She stripped out of her waitress uniform and thought about the laundry she had to do later but for now she just wanted this bath. She stepped into the tub and eased herself down into the hot water. “Oh, this feels so good.” She thought as she laid back and let the heat seep into her tired muscles.

When the water began to cool, Naomi decided to shave her legs and then stood up and turned the shower on. She washed her hair and finished bathing. She rinsed the tub clean of the evidence of shaving and then dried off, brushed her teeth and combed out her hair. It had grown quite a bit since she had been on the run and it was now more than half way down her back, almost to her waist. She left it wet for now as she pulled on her clothes and then opened the take out container from the diner. She sat and watched the afternoon news on TV while she ate, waiting for the weather report. The rain wouldn’t last long and the weekend was supposed to be nice or at least that’s what the buxom young woman on the TV reported.

Naomi finished her sandwich and gathered up her trash. She was going to carry it down to the laundry room with her when she went to wash her clothes. She needed clean underwear in addition to cleaning her only two uniforms. She had to wash almost every other day or wear them dirty, which she hated having to do.

She stuffed what needed to be washed in the laundry bag, picked up the bottle of laundry soap and stuffed her little bag of quarters into the pocket of her jeans. She made sure she had her key, then let herself out of the room and headed for the laundry room. Thankfully there was no one in there and she had the whole room to herself. She loaded her clothes in the machine and turned it on then went to dispose of her garbage.

On the way back to the laundry room, she noticed that there were only two cars in the parking lot today. One she recognized as the car of the man who ran the hotel. The other was a big black pickup truck that she had never seen before but then this was a hotel and people do come and go all the time so she wasn’t overly concerned until she saw the license plate. Texas.

She froze on the spot and suddenly all of her senses went on full alert. Had he found her? How? Her car wasn’t in the parking lot so there’s no way he could have found out where she was staying. “Calm down, Naomi. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Jack is not the only one who lives in Texas and drives a truck. Besides, his truck is red, not black.” She tried to calm herself down. “Was that truck there when I got back or did they just pull in?” She tried to think as her eyes scanned the windows of all the rooms facing that way. All the curtains were closed and it didn’t appear that anyone was watching her.

She had kept her head down because of the rain and hadn’t been paying much attention to who was parked on the property when she had come back. “I’m getting too comfortable and not paying attention. Stupid mistakes like this are going to get you killed, girl.” She told herself as she hurried back to the laundry room.

She nearly dived through the doorway and flattened herself against the wall as she kept an eye on the truck. “What am I going to do? I have no way to run without my car!” Naomi thought to herself. She forced herself to take several deep breaths as she fought the terror that was quickly building in her stomach, causing her heart to race and made it hard for her to think clearly.

She tried to think of her options, which at the moment seemed few and far apart. She could use the money she had been saving for bus fare but that would only get her so far and might leave her stranded somewhere worse than this. Her car held the majority of the few possessions she had managed to escape with or collect over the past year and she would not willingly give them up without a fight, especially her car.

The washer kicked into the spin cycle, startling her for a moment, causing her to jump and then she almost laughed when she realized that she was hopefully overreacting to a strange vehicle being parked in the parking lot of the hotel. She stood inside the doorway, off to one side so that she couldn’t be easily seen as she watched the parking lot.

She kept an eye on every one of the windows of the rooms that faced that direction and nothing looked out of place. She wished her laundry would hurry up and finish. She debated about putting them in the dryer because she desperately wanted to get back to her room, to lock herself in and hopefully she would be safe until whoever was in the black truck left.

As soon as the washer finished, she quickly loaded her clothes into the dryer because she would need her uniforms for work tomorrow and then returned to her post by the door where she could keep an eye on the black truck. No one came or went the whole time she was in the laundry room, which seemed to take twice as long as it normally did and she was a bundle of nerves by the time it finally shut off.

She put her uniforms on the hangers she had brought with her to keep them from getting wrinkled but the rest of her stuff she just quickly folded and stuffed them back in the laundry bag. Things would more than likely be slightly wrinkled but she would refold them once she was safely back behind the locked door of her room.

She stuffed the few quarters she had remaining in her little money sack, stuck it back into her pocket as she grabbed up the laundry bag and her uniforms and used them to hide behind as she hurried back to her room, holding them high above her head to shield her face from anyone that might be watching. She let herself into her room and quickly locked the door and shoved the chair in front of it.

Her heart was racing and she stood looking at the door for a few seconds as she took several deep breaths, trying to calm herself. A quick peek out of the window told her that nothing had changed and she prayed that nothing would.

She hung her uniforms on the rod in what passed for a closet and then took her clothes out of the laundry bag. She refolded them, then put them away in the drawers of the dresser, fighting the temptation to put them back in her backpack.

She had a small suitcase in the trunk of her car that had more clothes but these things fit her the best and she kept it with her all the time, just in case. She had divided her belongings evenly. She had her “running clothes” in her backpack. It contained two complete sets of outfits that she could wear on a daily basis consisting of two pairs of jeans, two shirts, two bundles of socks, extra panties and another bra, a lightweight sweater, as well as her brush, toothbrush, toothpaste and travel sized containers of shampoo and conditioner, a razor, some mascara and lip stain, which was about all of the makeup that she ever bothered to use, when she even bothered.

The suitcase in her car carried the same thing except she had four changes of clothes in it, not all jeans but included some nice slacks and a couple of nice blouses and some nice pumps in case she needed to dress up a bit more.

Her car also contained all of her camping gear and her real survival gear, as she thought of it. She sat and tried to think of what she should do next and realized that without her car, there wasn’t much she could do. There was no way that she could just leave it behind, even if she did regain its contents.

For one thing, there was no way she would be able to carry it all without her car. She had a small tent, a sleeping bag, a mess kit, a shovel and a small hatchet. She would camp when she could but a lot of campgrounds charged a fee, which she often couldn’t see paying when she could sleep in a real bed and have plumbing for a night in a hotel for just a few dollars more.

She had often traded maid services or worked in hotel restaurant kitchens in exchange for a night or two but those deals were hard to find and a few times had turned out to be dangerous. She had learned the hard way that unless the hotel manager was a straight woman, she didn’t ask to work in exchange for a place to stay for the night or she could end up in a bad way.

It hadn’t been long after she had gone on the run that she had struck a deal with a man in a small hotel on the outskirts of a small town in Mississippi that she had learned that lesson.

Just thinking about that made the memories come flooding back of the day she’d had to coast into the gas station that morning with only five dollars left to her name. She had asked if there was any work around and the man at the desk had seemed so nice at first, had even offered to let her fill up her car with gas and a meal in the diner in addition to fifty dollars and a place to sleep for the night if she would help with some maid duties in the hotel.

She had to fill up before she could move her car so she had agreed. She hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before so she had been so thankful for not only the gas but the food, even though it wasn’t the best meal she had ever had, it had filled her up and she had been looking forward to getting a shower and a real bed to sleep in for a change.

She had worked all day, dusting, sweeping and mopping the small lobby of the hotel and then cleaning the empty rooms of the small hotel. It was a little just off the highway that normally rented one night places for traveling salesmen, truckers, etc., to stay and it had been obvious that the rooms had not been really cleaned in a long time since most of the bathrooms had smelled disgusting and the sheets on the beds were gross.

The only saving grace was that there were only 5 rooms that were empty that day and she had made sure that the room she would be staying in was clean. She had even vacuumed the bed in her room before she had put the clean sheets on the bed.

She had fallen into bed, exhausted, around ten o’clock and had fallen asleep almost immediately only to be awakened a couple of hours later when she felt someone touching her. She had opened her eyes to find the hotel manager trying to pull her panties off. He already had his pants open and his penis was sticking out below the hem of his shirt.

Naomi had screamed and began fighting back but he was twice her size and he easily overpowered her, catching both of her wrists in one hand as he covered her mouth with the other. “Shut up! I like it rough but if you fight me, it’s going to be painful for you but this is going to happen one way or another.” He had laughed at her attempts to get free as she lay panting, her eyes wide with fear. He looked down at her almost naked body.

He had pulled her nightgown up while she had been asleep so her breasts were partially exposed and her bikini panties were barely covering her anymore and the top of her furry mound was in plain view, causing him to drool as he let go of her mouth and reached down to push her panties down farther. “It doesn’t have to hurt but believe me, you will be the only one to feel the pain if you fight me. Your choice.” He said as he reached down and shoved his hands between her legs, his fingers searching for that sweet spot.

“No. Don’t. Please stop.” Naomi had begged as she tried to clamp her legs tighter together and twist to keep him from touching her but all it did was allow him to get her panties further down her legs. Once he had them out from under her hips, it was easy for him to get them all the way down and her struggling only seemed to be helping him achieve his goal of getting them off.

“Shut up! I’ve already told you, this is going to happen! I’ve been watching you bend over so many times today that I’ve been hard as a rock all day. Now I need some release and since you started this, I’m going to finish it. You can make this easy and enjoyable for both of us or hard and painful for you but I’m going to get me some of this and it will feel great for me either way!” He laughed at her attempts to keep him from touching her with a slap on her now bare butt.

Naomi was not going to give up and she renewed her attempts to get free but he laughed and said “Good. I was hoping you would choose to fight. I like it rough!” He had laughed gleefully as he hit her in the face. Stunned, she lay still for a moment as she felt dizzy and there was a ringing in her ears. He yanked her nightgown up, twisting it around her wrists then used it to tie her hands to the headboard and ignored her pleas to stop.

“Please don’t do this. Just let me go. I won’t tell anyone, if you stop now.” Naomi had begged.

“You won’t tell anyone anyway. You are on the run from someone so if you go to the cops, whoever it is that is after you will find you and you’ll get screwed either way. At least this will feel good. Well for one of us at least.” He had laughed in her face. “Good lord but you are beautiful, I give you that!” He had added after he had her securely tied to the headboard and straightened up to look down at her now naked body. He stood looking down at her for a moment as he stroked himself then he walked to the end of the bed and grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide. “Oh yeah, now that is one beautiful sight. Fresh pussy! Neatly trimmed too! Nice!”

“No, please! Don’t do this! Please stop!” Naomi begged as she struggled and watched him put his knee up on the bed, preparing to crawl between her legs. He kept hold of her ankles, spreading her legs, keeping her from kicking him as she struggled to get free. He seemed to take pleasure in watching her feeble attempts.

“Oh, no. I’m going to take my time with you! How much it hurts depends on you. Me, I like it rough so fight all you want. It’s a turn on for me, so keep it up. This end of the motel is empty tonight, except for one drunk that passed out about an hour ago so no one can hear you but it’s a real turn on for me.” He said as he seemed to know that she was going to start screaming for help.

Naomi lay on the bed, her hands tied to the headboard, naked and terrified and trying to think of something she could say or do to keep him from raping her but she was so scared that she didn’t know what to do. She knew from experience that to just lay still meant she might actually survive this but she didn’t want this man to touch her, much less could she allow him free access to rape her. Women that fought back usually end up badly hurt if they survived at all. She did not want this man to do this to her but more than that she wanted to live.

Everything in her wanted to fight back to keep it from happening at all and she prayed that someone would come to her rescue but as he pushed his pants to the floor and stepped out of them, she knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Naomi felt sick as he stood next to the bed, one hand stroking his penis while he looked down at her. He reached out with the other hand and ran it over her breast, roughly squeezing them as they filled his hand, pinching her nipples causing her to wince and whimper.

“Oh, do that again.” He grinned as he roughly pinched her left nipple again causing her to cry out in pain.

“Ouch. Please don’t. Please.” Naomi continued to beg.

He ran his hand roughly down her stomach and grabbed the inside of her thigh, pinching her painfully as he said “Open your legs.” He pinched and pulled on her legs as he pushed her legs apart. He knelt down next to the bed and with the weight of his arm he kept her left leg trapped under him as he pinched and pushed her right leg away so that he could gain access to her pussy. “Oh yeah. You’ve got a very pretty pussy! I’m going to enjoy this!” He said as he rubbed his fingers up and down the part in her fur to the opening of her womanhood. “Let’s see if we can get some natural lube going on here.” He chuckled as he stroked her. He rubbed her clit and then down to her opening and then back up again.

Naomi was horrified, that against her will, her body began to react to his administration and after a few minutes, he stuck his finger tip inside of her and he laughed gleefully “Ah ha! Your mind and mouth might be saying no but your body is saying yes!” He continued to stroke her, shoving his fingers in deeper and deeper until he had two of them buried up to the last knuckle.

Naomi lay on the bed, ashamed and crying, praying that it would be over soon.

“Oh girl. You are so tight but getting wetter with every stroke.” He pulled his fingers out and licked some of her lubrication off of his finger tip.

“Oh, you taste good too.” He said and laughed as she stared at him in horror. “Oh I wish I could trust you not to bite me cause I would love to fuck that pretty mouth of yours. I’ve been told my cream tastes like sweet vanilla custard. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some dessert.”

He said as he stood and walked to the end of the bed. Naomi immediately tried to close her legs but he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart again. He pushed until she bent her knees then he pushed her heels up to her buttocks trapping her legs between his shoulders and her own buttocks. The position was very painful for Naomi and she groaned and whimpered but that seemed to turn him on even more. He spread her open with the fingers of one hand as he began to lick and suckle her as he shoved his fingers in and out of her, rubbing her own cream all over her. He lapped at her pussy like a dog licking up ice cream. He replaced his fingers with his tongue as he reached down to stroke himself a couple of times before he lifted up onto his knees. He grinned down at her and Naomi knew he was going to rape her now.

“Please. Don’t. Please. I beg of you. Don’t do this.” Naomi begged in a last ditch effort as the tears filled her eyes and blurred her vision.

“Why? You are just too damned beautiful and are so hot and tight.” He said as he crawled farther up between her legs. “I was really hoping you were going to fight me more but either way, I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.” He said as he grabbed her legs and spread them wide as he positioned himself against her.

Naomi prayed that he would be quick and would lose interest if she didn’t fight back as she closed her eyes and then gasped as he pushed himself inside of her. He actually lasted for quite a while as he rammed himself in and out of her over and over again. He started on his knees where he could watch himself go in and out of her. At first it was long slow strokes and his head fell back as he enjoyed himself and the tightness of her pussy but she was being too compliant and he wanted to hear her moan and whimper. He reached out and pinched her nipples, squeezing and twisting her breasts roughly until she cried out from the pain. He reached down and pulled on his balls, in an effort to keep from cumming when she began to beg him to stop.

“Yeah, that’s what I want. That’s what I need.” He said as he reached down and roughly rubbed her clit, hurting her as he pulled on the hairs of her pussy as he stretched her open, causing her to cry and beg him to stop. He grabbed her hips and increased his pace as she cried and begged him to stop. He wasn’t that big but as she didn’t want this to happen, it was hurting her and he was loving it. He pounded into her again and again until he was close to his climax and then he pulled out and shot all over her, aiming it at her face. He told her he wanted to see it on her lips and wished he could fuck her in her mouth as he used his hand to stroke himself, milking himself of every last drop of cum. “Oh yeah! That was awesome! Oh honey! You were fantastic!” He smiled at her as he used his finger to rub his cum over her lips.

“Now let me go!” Naomi had demanded but he had laughed at her.

“Oh no. Not yet. I think I’m going to go get some sleep and then come back for another session in the morning. There’s nothing better than morning sex! You get some sleep and I’ll be back in a couple of hours for another round. Oh and just so you know, this room is soundproof. Scream all you want. No one will be able to hear you that is not standing right outside the door.”

Naomi had not believed him but watched in horror as he pulled on his clothes and left the room with her hands still tied to the headboard. It had taken her almost an hour but using her teeth, she finally managed to get the knots open and freed herself.

She debated about calling the police and knew he had been right about that point. Once she gave her name, Jack would be able to find her and while this had been an awful experience, it wasn’t as bad as having to go back to Jack who had put her through worse in the past. She swore that if Jack ever did catch her, she was going to make sure that he heard about this guy!

She quickly cleaned up then got dressed and gathered up her stuff then snuck out of the room. She ran for her car and jumped inside. She had been hoping to provide a couple of days of maid services for cash for food and gas money but if it meant having to screw that asshole every night, then she would rather starve. He hadn’t paid her the fifty dollars he had promised but she had filled up her gas tank and right now, all she wanted was to be as far away as possible by the time the sun came up.

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