My Documentary Girl

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Chapter 3

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Inside an Office Building

Two men entered in a room where a man was seated on a leather chair with a thick cigar in his left hand. He was smoking and making rings with the smoke while going through some documents that were placed on his desk. The little crease on his forehead was portraying a patch of disturbance.
“Boss the shipment......” One of those men started to speak when he interrupted him in between his words.
“Got delayed, right?” The man who was annotated as Boss replied without even sparing a glance to them. He was still going through those documents.
Now those two eventually halted at their position as their boss was a person who hated the delays and mistakes. Definitely it was a fault on their part but with the ongoing situation around, they couldn’t get the clearance fast.
“Boss, we are trying. Actually currently it becomes a bit problematic to.....” Again he was cut in his mid-sentence when their boss finally raised his face.
“Sergio, would you like to conclude that you are no longer eligible to handle my business? I won’t mind replacing you with some new blood who would be faster in this case.”
Sergio found his throat dry and a lump in it. One thing he had learnt in these years was not to piss his Boss off. If their Boss ever had to raise his face to talk or look, then it clearly indicated the upcoming doom of the person.
“No Boss. We would get it cleared within 24 hours.” Sergio added in order to save his ass. Rather he wanted save him from being slaughtered.
“Failing which I might fail to keep my hands away from snapping your head.” Their Boss replied, with a creepy smile appeared on his face.

“Well before him I might end up finishing you both. I think you both are getting quite close to Pattinson brothers now a days.” A man in his late twenties spoke with a serious face who just entered in the office.
“Look who is here, Oleg Orlov. So finally you decided to step in after enjoying your shittiest vacation.” The demeanour of their Boss changed suddenly, the moment Oleg entered in the room.
“Looks like my vacation made you tensed and these assholes lazy.” Oleg spoke while pointing his fingers to Sergio and the man standing beside him. Sergio and Nick was working for past ten years. Oleg knew how things got changed with time. New rivalry, new competition arrived many times. But there is a saying,
“There will be only one King at the end of everything.”
The fear of Russia or the King of Russia would be always one. The man who was sitting in front of him holding a cigar. The calmest yet uncertain person. Of course he is calm when it comes down to analyze a situation or the rivals. Because that’s how he plans his steps to take down the entire opponent without letting them know. And that’s the major reason people fear him most. His calmness is the final signal of upcoming turbulence. And his ruthlessness is the example of hell’s outcome. The man who inherited many a things but also built the most feared and strongest Empire in Russia to rule the world. With one movement of his finger things could come down in any corner or the world.
“Now leave before I change my mind to kill you both.” Oleg shouted making Sergio and his partner Nick jolted at their places. They hurriedly bowed down their heads and left the room to escape the coming death sentence. Though Oleg did not have even fifty percent of their Boss’s ruthlessness, but nobody had ever survived who fell in Oleg’s clutch. The man knows no boundaries of tortures when it comes down to treat their enemies or business rivals.

“Why did you call my vacation a shittiest one?” Oleg asked him. The man was his childhood friend and they both had seen ups and downs of the life together. Both were beaten up together and both had survived together throughout their journey. Not the blood bond is always required to call someone his or her own. Some relations does not bloom with family name, they could be achieved with yearlong friendship and trust. The brotherhood among them is the strongest one. They can kill for each other and they can sacrifice their life for each other.
“Because your vacation made my work slow.”
“Come on. Now you can’t tell me that I can’t have vacation with the love of my life.” Oleg chuckled hearing his friend’s rather partner in crime’s statement.
“This might be your sixth love of the life in past one year.” The man replied with an irritated face.
“Yeah. Of course. I mean what I can do if they couldn’t continue with my charismatic feature.” Oleg made a teenage face.
“Charismatic feature? Last time you picked a girl from one of my strip club who was already being f**ked by four men at the same time. And she clearly told you that she just wanted to enjoy. Oh I forgot, last to last time you were about to jump on a 18 year old girl from the escort service being a 27 years old jerk. I see so much love you carry in wrong places.” Speaking out every dirty secrets of Oleg he gave a sinister smile to his old friend who was gawking at him with an ajar mouth.

“Ok. Fine. Now stop it. No more vacation from now until we are settling down the business and hitting another milestone.” Oleg knew his friend is a master of manipulation. He would anyhow made him admit his mistakes even if they weren’t mistakes.
“Great. Seems like someone gets his senses back. Well can you check on Carter? We are facing issues in our clubs recently.”
Oleg knew exactly what he was trying to elaborate. He had already found the recent ongoing problem. Though their clubs were legal and they had some government agents also in their pockets.

Somehow an NGO was creating fuss. They were grabbing some limelight in order to work for the betterment of the sex workers. Human trafficking is normal in their world. But maximum girls in their clubs were above 18 and joined willingly. Not like they were not sold or brought but such things were nominal.
The major issue with that was, every now and then, the people from that NGO kept on barging inside clubs to know about their wellbeing. Even the prostitution faced the same where girls were being questioned. Of course the world is dark and stories would be too, but Oleg was not happy at all. He knew why their Boss was pissed off now a days. The sudden boom in the Russia with all such petty things made him enough irritated. Not only him but the other Mafias too who had a direct involvement only into such things like prostitution, human trafficking, abduction of girls and selling out virgins. In a nutshell they were also getting their nerves wrecked.
“By the way, Carter called me last night. He told me about some girls he got recently. They will be dispatched soon to our clubs.” Oleg smirked looking at his face.
“Just do the thorough check up before letting them into services. Anything special this time?” His eyes didn’t fail to notice Oleg’s smirk.
“Yeah. Three are virgins who had just turned 18 among them. Do you want to try? It’s been long you are having Rihanna. Time for some changes in taste buds.” Oleg was the shameless one whenever it came down to speak about sex and girls.
“Those are not for my dick. I prefer experienced ones not Virgins. No way am I interested to handle those kids’ tantrums. By the way Rihanna knew she is my fuck buddy and she enjoyed that too.” He bluntly replied without even imagining the situation with an eighteen year old virgin girl. He is older than Oleg and even after hitting the number 28, he looked more like a 23 year old guy. But whenever he had to choose a girl to fuck, he preferred at least above twenty girls with experience. He never had patience to do a lot of foreplay or to lure someone with his charms. He was always rough in bed and the opposite had to bear that. Engaging himself with younger naïve girls seemed like a headache too him.
“You don’t know what you are missing brother.” Oleg replied with a fake sorrowful face.
“Of course I know. I am missing the tag of being called paedophile asshole.” He threw the day’s newspaper on Oleg who dodged immediately to avoid that hit. No one knew that this man could pull such stances too but only with Oleg. For the world he was the cold ruthless person with whom no one dared to mess up.
“I think I should call Rihanna. You really need to release your stress.” Oleg winked before leaving the cabin.
“Yes please. Do that honour. And please put that newspaper back on my table. I am not going to pull my ass up to grab it.” Saying so he dropped his eyes on his documents again.

Oleg grabbed the newspaper and placed it on his table and bidding good bye he left his cabin. He had a large number of work to do. Especially he had to meet Carter to bring those girls. Not everything was easy the way it always seemed. After half an hour a knock was heard on his cabin door.

“Come in.” His deep voice was enough to tell the visitor to come inside being scared. The door flung open and a brunette walked in swaying her ass. He high heels were making sounds to match her walking rhythms. She was wearing a blue body-con dress that was ending on her mid thighs. Her cleavage was prominently visible.

“Hey.” A soft whispered left her mouth when the man sitting opposite decided to pay some attention.
“Seems like Oleg passed the message too quickly.” A chuckle left his mouth when the girl walked near his desk.
“Yeah. He called me to arrive in your office within thirty minutes.” The girl spoke with a glint in her eyes.
“Yeah. I see that. So, what are you waiting for Rihanna?” He winked when she took some steps closer to his chair stood behind him. She kept her bag on the desk and put her both hands on his shoulder to give little pressure. He threw his head back and closed his eyes while enjoying her hands massaging his shoulder. Rihanna unbuttoned first two buttons of his shirt and traced her fingers sensually on his manly chest.
“Told you already, I am not a patient man to do foreplay.” His husky voice was enough to stop her actions. She moved in front of him and knelt in front of him. She knew what the man wanted. Though he was not a sadist but he was always a rough one. He cared about his own release and own relief followed by his own satisfaction. And he always paid her well. It was clearly mentioned from the beginning. Though with time Rihanna grew a normal communication with him. She unbuckled his pants to zip it down. His boxer was having the dent that clearly indicated how hard and thick his member was. Pulling out his member she stroked it twice with her long fingers before putting in her mouth. That’s it, she knew the further steps to go with the flow. With one hand he grabbed her hair to push himself more into her mouth. She took as much as she could and started moving her head back and forth to pleasure him. The man really had some real stamina. His release never showed up early. Most of the time Rihanna found her jaw enough painful and numb while giving such long blowjob. Sometimes she asked herself, “How could the man hold his release for so long?” She had given blowjob to other men also and they eventually came early. But this man was something else. Since he started fucking her, she had to follow only one rule. The rule of not getting fucked or intimated with other. She didn’t even need to break his rule as she found him enough for her. Besides he paid her well with money and luxury.
She took the right rhythm which was enough to take him closer to his release after a good amount of time.

“You have learnt it so well with time.” His raspy voice reached her ears once he released himself in her mouth and she gulped down the entire thing. It was not necessary to tell her to swallow because she always found it enough addictive to swallow. Zipping up his pants he buckled it and told her to sit. She took a seat and wiped her lips with the tissue. He opened a drawer and brought out some amount to pass her.

“You have already paid for the month.” She spoke in a low tone.
“It’s for your tremendous job today. Don’t dare to question.” He glared at her. She was no doubt a whore but the only thing that he liked about her, was her loyalty. Not every whore was loyal. They were mostly involved in passing information to their rivals.
“Thank you.” She smiled and took those cash and stood up to leave.
“Fine you can leave now.” He ordered her to leave and she followed silently.

Once she left he extended his hand to grab the newspaper to have a look. Of course first page of “The Moscow Times” would always be consisted of some President’s new agenda. Once he was going through the pages containing business news one section of the paper caught his attention. Mostly he never paid attention to those sections where reporters used to write spicy stories on actors or actresses. But skipping that his eyes suddenly glued to one picture. The picture was of a lion who was half seated with two of his back leg folded and two of his front leg stretched with standing posture while eating his prey. It was prominent that while enjoying his meal he sensed something foreign and stood up to secure his territory. The lion’s hungry gaze and his bloodied face made the picture really unique. Someone dared to step so close to capture a picture like that. That was the first thought that hit his conscious mind. The King of the forest in his moment was captured in such a unique way that the picture got featured in the newspaper as the picture of the month. The picture itself narrated a complete story of the King of the Forest.

“Who the hell has got that much courage to step so close to his death trap? Didn’t he fear of dying at that moment?” He spoke inwardly while gazing down to the bottom of the picture where the name of the photographer was mentioned.
“Fuck. The photographer is a female not a male.” He scoffed mentally reading her full name.
“Cassandra Christodoulopoulos”.

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