My Documentary Girl

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Chapter 5

In Some City, Russia

Cassandra and Lizabeta both walked towards the girl who decided to open about the industry. She had decided to share some glimpses of her life with both of them. Lizabeta was more than excited to hear something directly from the person who were involved in such industry. In the entire journey she was all eating up Cassandra’s little peace of mind. Once they had reached the girl’s house Cassandra turned her face to Liza to warn her.

“Don’t dare to start asking weird question. Sometime you make them really uncomfortable.”

“Yes Mama.” Lizabeta nodded like an obedient kid whereas Cassandra seemed more immature than Liza. Finally they arrived in Julie’s house. A girl at her mid-twenties welcomed them to sit in her living room. She introduced herself as Julie. Though Lizabeta had already got few kf photographs but seeing her in real she couldn’t stop herself from speaking out.

“You look really amazing Julie.”

Julie nodded with a big smile on her face. Cassandra and Lizabeta both got settled after finishing up their set up. At which angle they needed to take the shot or how the situation would be recorded, more or less they aligned them nearly perfect.


At first I was a bit shaky about opening up. My first call with Lizabeta was more or less professional. The major point that grabbed my attention was her interest to know about our life. Of course we have never considered ourselves as a sex worker or prostitute but society never allowed us to accept for what we are or were. When Lizabeta arrived with her friend I was more than shocked seeing her, rather knowing her name. Cassandra Christodoulopoulos. Who doesn’t know Cassandra, the world famous youngest wild life photographer? But I had questioned many a times why would a person like her get interest to make documentary on us. To my surprise I got know more about Cassandra. She was one of the active member of the NGO who works for the betterment of Sex workers and also provides shelter after rescuing unwilling abducted girls who were forced into prostitution. But again, we don’t consider ourselves as prostitute as we are different.

Coming back to my work I decided to give them a glance on how this thing works. There is a million dollar business involved in it. People doesn’t know much about the fact that we get paid legally. So it’s about a choice. A choice of living the life as we want. We are not cheating anyone, we are not hiding anything. We are getting paid for something just the way people get paid for their work.

I was in high school when I found myself in a not so classy life style. I always craved for some luxury that was hard to meet even after doing two shifts jobs. So I decided to opt for it. I was 18 when I joined the website Se*****g Ar*******nt.” There are two options available for you to accept. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama. I chose Sugar Daddy. I uploaded my picture and started searching for millionaire or billionaire people around who were looking for young beautiful girls like us. It’s a large dating app but unlike other it would help you to make money.

After sharing up to this I stopped on my tracks to read their expression. Of course I needed to know being a girl what they actually felt hearing up to that.

“Please continue.” Cassandra spoke once she understood that I was actually waiting for their response. She didn’t leave her gaze even for a single time away from my face. I felt her reading my every expression through my each word. Lizabeta was more expressive than Casandra. But none of them had any facial expression of wrong judgement. With another smile I decided to speak more about my journey to them.

So that’s how the situation turned in. I found one man name Z*** who was sincerely looking for a partner. I requested them to mute the name of my Sugar Daddy as some were not interested to show up in any such interviews. It was always better to respect each other privacy. So the first meeting was arranged just after two days of our interaction. He was a well-established businessman from Croatia. He had spent a lot of time building his million dollar business and he was practically interested to get a young date. Noticing his choice and other stuffs I decided to opt for my first Sugar Daddy.

“So how do you feel at that moment? Of course meeting someone unknown all of a sudden would never be so easy, I believe.” Lizabeta was the person who asked me the first question.

“Well if you ask me honestly, I was scared.” I explained her my situation. In a digital world it is always to trap someone over internet with fake information. And once you are already involving yourself in a situation like this, your sanity would be always questioned. So for me definitely it was a scary and exciting situation all together. I tried to grab and verify different information that was provided over the website. I followed few guidelines and avoided meeting him for the first in a secluded place, precisely at night. Trust me on my first meeting I carried one pepper spray with me. I put on my best dress to impress and applied gentle make up to look natural but beautiful. Not being an eye candy but definitely bring something noticeable I drove my car to the given address. Though he had asked me to send his car to pick me up, I denied for the first meeting.

I took a pause when Casandra asked her questions for the first time. She was a silent person since she had arrived. I found her as a better observer than a speaker.

“How did you feel at the very first meeting?”

I started speaking about my first encounter. I was shaky at the beginning. I drove to the given address and found an expensive restaurant. As expected he booked one private cabin for us. I reached with my shaky legs and thousands of questions in my mind. Surely it was my first meeting with my Sugar Daddy. I tried to follow some decorum and tips that I had received from the other Sugar Babies who were already present in that website. I expected him to be a very old person. Most of the time for such rich people, their support stuff handles their profiles. I was shocked seeing the man who was at his late thirties. Too young to be a Sugar Daddy as I expected someone of late forties. With a small smile I walked towards the table where he was already seated along with his PA.

“Hello. I am Julie.” I extended my hand towards him and gave a pressed smile.

“Hello. Please sit.” He returned a warm smile too. If you ask me to demonstrate, well he was neither a greek god nor a Hollywood actor. He was having a business man look with few silver strands of hair. Yes, his stature was depicting the richness. He was not a man that we read in fantasy novel and that was ok. That’s the reality. If a person is making millions definitely he would have less time for doing shits. He was not a fat ass but he was very much clear on his points.

“So how does it go? Like how did you both come down to the real agenda?” Lizabeta asked me when i found her taking some written notes of what I was speaking.

“It was normal.” I started again. He gave me few minutes to settle down. After that he asked for my choice of food or drink. I understood he was giving me some time to get acquainted with the situation. Definitely it was my first meeting and being a Sugar Baby it was my first search. His PA left after few minutes to allow us to have some privacy.

“So, Julie, I hope you know about the contract.” He asked me when I looked at him once more to have a proper glance at his facial expression. Seemed like he was already having Sugar Babies.

“Yeah. I would like to take it forward.” I replied. Of course, I have seem few condition on the website once I was opting for him. We were not kids. We both knew under what scenario our relationship would fall. He had mentioned about his previous Sugar Baby. She seemed to be off for her higher studies so she quit. Well for me, it would be same. I was looking for luxury and my tuition fees for university. Definitely this would be a way to grab it by benefiting each other. So I had chosen that. Now, no one seemed to be offended with that. I explained my need and he seemed to be ok with it. Well the process is simple. They want partner, they want date, young girl and we are here to provide that. It is a both way process. A Sugar Daddy may pay around 5000 dollar in a month depending on your look and ability to impress him.

Speaking till that I remained silent for sometimes.

“Does sex involve in it?” Lizabeta asked me and it was very common to ask. People always had this in the back of their mind about such things.

“Yes. It does. If you are already with someone it happens. But I have seen one my friend whose Sugar Daddy never had sex with her. He preferred her company. He thought that having sex might bring emotional complexity in between them which should be avoided”

“How many Sugar Daddy can a person have?” This time I found Cassandra asking me the question.

“I had two but not together. My friend had five simultaneously.”

“Doesn’t it create conflict of interest?”

“No. As long as you can maintain and as long as your Sugar Daddy doesn’t create an issue.” I explained the situation with some more examples and showed them some of my friend’s pictures. Some had one or more Sugar Daddy, some left after earning a particular amount. Some chose to get settled in life so they left the website.

“Is it hard to survive in society after you leave such job?” I found concern in Cassandra’s eyes.

“Well it is, it they know your past job. I chose something by myself without being forced into it. There always remain a patch in your life like a stain. You cannot wash it completely. It might get faded but the visibility would remain.”

“Why did you leave if you are earning good and it was your choice?” Lizabeta leaned forward to listen to my words carefully.

“I arranged my tuition fees and I moved out of Croatia. So later on I did not think of continuing. It’s not like that I don’t like the luxury anymore. It’s like I am not feeling to continue anymore. And there is always a point after which we need to seek some solace.”

“Ever fell in love with your Sugar Daddy?”

“Honestly no. It was always a deal to us. We enjoyed each other’s friendship and companionship. That’s it. But yeah I found one of my Sugar Daddy’s PA really handsome to fall for. As you know things does not come up the way we want always. So we must learn to move.”

I believed I have explained my part properly the way they had expected. We all do sell something and here we sell our young age to those rich guys who are lonely and looking for partner. The world is running fast and people barely have time to take someone’s shit.

Once I finished Lizabeta stopped her pen from scratching more information on her notepad. Cassandra stopped the recorder and handed me small piece of paper. She had drawn a small picture within such short period when I was answering them. The picture was of a couple’s silhouette who were standing under a single umbrella. I held it closely to understand the picture. Was she trying to say something? To my utter surprise she smiled back and said,

“A partner is someone who would stand by you under any circumstances despite of being who you are.”

I couldn’t help but admire her thoughts. She did not judge my job, she just gave a perspective. Now I understand how her picture could bring the life out of it. She was a girl of seeing through someone’s soul. I wish she never faced heart break because her innocence is her strongest yet weakest point. I have a fair idea about girls and I found Cassandra as an outstanding woman.

Hugging them both I arranged small coffee and snack time with them. We discussed some funny part of the business and my future plan. After wrapping everything they decided to move and I accompanied them till my gate. They drove their and Cassandra kept on waving her hand until they lost my sight.

I took a sharp breath and came inside my room.

End of Julie’s Statement

Cassandra and Lizabeta headed towards their home. Julie got inside her house. She felt relaxed as someone actually listened to her story with so much passion for the first time. Dialling her friend’s caller ID she exclaimed with Joy while speaking about her experience. Her friend seemed to be happy like her knowing that initiative taken by other people. Even she got excited to share her story and decided to contact Lizabeta though Julie.

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