My Documentary Girl

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Chapter 6

Strip Club Zazhigalka (Moscow)

Moscow, Russia

I was sitting inside my Rolls Royace Phantom and taking small drag from my cigar. Oleg just left to settle the deal with Adam. My name is always enough to make someone piss in their pants and I am always proud of that. The chauffeur was sitting straight even though I was not pointing my gun at his skull.

I knew it would take barely 15 minutes for Oleg to strike the deal and the signature of Adam on those papers. Unless he would be getting involved in killing few, he was supposed to return fast. I always loved owning large number of casinos and strip clubs. My car was parked currently in front of Zazhigalka. It is one of the famous strip club in Moscow. I was busy with my phone as nothing grab my interest sitting inside the car.

I kept on scrolling through different things when I realized two shadow near the side of the car where I was sitting. Of course the car was parked on the road itself so any passerby’s existence could be visible easily. I raised my face too look and found two silhouettes of females waiting ahead of my car. I tilted my head more towards the window and tried to look at their faces. The first girl looked Russian but the girl standing beside her was not at all visible. I could only get some glimpses of her attire. They looked at both side and finally crossed the road to reach the strip club on the opposite direction. It was not late at night but for general branch of people it was. Once their back got visible I got a clear vision of the unseen girl. She was having a small backpack of Nikon and her long wavy hair was tied into a ponytail. Both of the stood in front of the entry gate when I saw her bringing out a Nikon camera. The length of the lens looked equivalent to my cock’s length. I laughed mentally comparing such weird things.

I kept on looking at her every gestures.

“Does she look through the lens always?” I found her busy in capturing some images of the club.

“Who does strip club photography?” I asked myself. All I wanted at that instance was just a turn around from her side. I was tired of looking at her side feature or back. It is not that boring to look at some nice ass but she looked more like a kid. Even though the kid was just a random one on the street something about her was different and eye catchy. Might be her non exposure face. Humans get more curious when they fail to see something fully. I was feeling the same. I was looking forward to steal a glance of her face. Will such longing need in my mind, I was trying to look forward when my cell started ringing.

Annoyed with the interference I picked up the call to receive the positive news from Oleg side.

“Done. We won it now.”

“Get your ass up Oleg. Don't start banging girls then and there.” Dropping the call the moment I turned my face to grab another glance, both the girls were missing.

“Fuck.” I cursed under my breath.

Inside The Club

Roger and Nolan entered the club with a grin in their face. Unaware of the fact that the club would be soon sold out, they made their ways to the V.I.P lounge. Leaning on the massive couch they kept on staring at those strippers with a hungry gaze. Being unsatisfied with the views they called for Adam. The owner and the manager of the club who looks after all sort of things.

“What about new girls? Seems like all are already fucked by us.” Their bright faces were depicting some victory sign, where Adam felt like throwing them out of the club. Most of the time they ended up killing the girls they had fucked. And Adam was not that powerful to go against these brothers. He chose to stay silent for a certain reason.

"Hey Roger, come here. What about this blonde for tonight?"

"Your choice always sucks Nolan. Last time she died in my hands whom you had chosen." Roger stated such fearful fact so bluntly that people would think he was just passing mere information.

"But she sucked me well." Nolan licked his lower lips while speaking about the previous girl. Roger simply gave him a hard glare and walked towards the blonde they found attractive for the night. No wonder they would be feasting over her body for tonight.

"Adam...." Roger growled when the manager of the club stood close to him while sweating profusely.

"Please follow me." Before they could drop their next words Adam made them to follow his path to enter a room with the blonde. Private rooms were available for the customers who would like get some girls for the night. She was not at all aware of what those brothers could do. She followed them inside knowing that she had to pleasure them.

"God save the girl." Adam mumbled before leaving the place. Sometimes he really thanked those Russian NGOs who decided to come forward to help some girls. Roger and Nolan were such bastards who killed few girls who were called whores by them, without any reason. Sometimes they forced few strippers to sleep with them.

He remembered last time when they were about to force another stripper who was appointed for dancing only a massacre almost happened. The Big Boss got informed and somehow Roger and Nolan begged for their lives. That was a horrible day when the fear of Russia or The Boss visited the club. Nolan and Roger were also present there and they didn't notice him. When the stripper created a fuss and they lost their patience. But one large growl was heard from the back. Oleg was standing just behind Roger pointing his gun with a smirk. Oleg and his Boss didn't come to visit the club like that. They came to own the club. Roger and Nolan were spared but since then a clear rivalry had started. Just because of their less power they couldn't go completely against the Big Boss.

Since then their unethical killings of whores and strippers came down. But not every time things turned well. Both the mafias were hell bound to give a hard time to each other.

Roger and Nolan were busy in feasting over the blonde's body while she was in great discomfort. Once they were done they left the room and asked Adam to take the girl out. Adam didn't bother to ask for the payment as he didn't want another round of firing or killing here. Clubs which are not owned by the biggest Mafia were not that much handy to be controlled. Rather the Big Boss was not interested to do something for those who were not under him. He had a separate idea of expanding his business. Sooner or later Adam decided to join hands with him as Roger and Nolan both were getting stronger to expand their territory too. But their unethical and wrong doings were spreading negative impacts all over the place.

Adam received a call after sometimes when Roger and Nolan both decided to leave. They walked towards the exit while Adam was still busy over the call.

"What? Now? But I was wondering how could he get to know?" Adam was shocked to his core. He didn't expect Oleg to visit the club at that hour to finalize the deal. He had already sent the legal paper of property transfer. The club would be owned by his boss soon. But Adam didn't expect that to happen so suddenly. Roger and Nolan's sudden visit already shook his equilibrium. Moreover he would have some guests soon who were completely unaware of all these people.

Adam walked towards the entry gate to escort Oleg. As soon as he went inside with Oleg, suddenly another point did strike his mind. Two girls were supposed to visit his club for some work. Adam was told about their some documentary creation but he was not sure about the exact time of their arrival. In case if their arrival clashed with Oleg's interest then no one could save him. Oleg is a man of his words. Seeing those girls filming something inside a stripper club might anger Oleg.

"Sir, sorry to inform but two girls from Chelyabinsk decided to pay a visit to our club to film something. Hope you won't mind." Adam gathered enough of his courage to inform Oleg. He expected Oleg to be angry or throwing punches on him. Instead of that he seemed not that angry. But he didn't forget to place his threatening tone also.

"Do as long as the club is owned by you. Once the ownership is transferred you better learn to behave."

Adam was still not understanding why Oleg was speaking such things. It felt like Oleg didn't like some of his actions but which one to be precise, he didn't know.

Looking at Adam's confused state Oleg cleared his throat to speak again.

"I heard those bastards, Roger and Nolan paid you a visit today. I hope you would throw them the next time onwards."

Now that Oleg had clearly mentioned his points Adam understand the rage behind his actions.

"It was sudden sir. We were not informed." Adam stammered but managed to speak the truth.

"Fine. So the deal is final right? You would still be manager of the club but we are acquiring it. You know where to sign. Any more questions you do have, you may ask." Oleg spoke in his professional tone while his eyes were roaming inside the club.

Adam took out the pen from his pocket and without wasting a single moment, signed those papers immediately. The pang in his heart was not that much seeing at least the owner's name. But the fear was more than anything. The name which entire Russian fears, could never be taken lightly.

Oleg put a glance on those papers and checked thoroughly. Adam was sweating like a pig as he knew Oleg was no less than a brutal monster when it came down to seeing someone committing any mistake.

After getting a green signal from Oleg Adam released his breath which he held back for a certain time. Oleg checked other things and mentioned his men to have a round in the club. He decided to sit with Adam to discuss over some new rules that would be implemented. Finally Adam found some of his lost courage to ask Oleg about their Boss.

"Won't he pay a visit here, today? I expected him also."

"Why so hurry Adam. The club belongs to him now. He would definitely pay some visit in near future." Smirking at Adam, Oleg suppressed his laugh.

Of course their "Boss" had arrived and he was still sitting in the car smoking his favourite cigar. Paying a visit during the transfer of the property was not his type. He preferred to step inside the club later. That was his another bad habit. Many a times he would just sit back to see how his team was working. Whether it was about eliminating somebody or acquiring something. The man preferred to not reveal himself a lot.

"Boss, it's done. We own the club now." One sentence and the man knew he gained another expansion. Looking around the busy street he replied normally over the call.

"Get your ass up Oleg. Don't start banging girls then and there." He knew his childhood friend and decided to give him a warning to hurry up. He had some other works to do instead of sitting inside the car and looking around.

"I knew it. Fine, you can't see me happy." Whining a bit Oleg disconnected the call and stood up to leave the club gathering his men.

"Finally, done for the day." Oleg huffed like a dog after entering inside the car and sitting in a relaxed position.

"Yeah." He was still in his own daze when Oleg shook his shoulder again to gain some more attention.

"What happened, seems like thinking something more intensely?"

"Have you seen those girls who just entered in the club?" He spoke in his unusual tone but the curiosity was slightly visible.

"I have seen plenty of girls. You should take a look too. Trust me, Adam got a nice bunch of stripper here." Oleg was still imagining all those sexy girls he had seen inside whereas he just ignored the basic question of his childhood friend or Boss.

"Asshole, I am talking about those girls who just entered inside the club when you were coming out. One of them was holding a DSLR." His irritation was clear on his face while Oleg was still counting on every girls he had seen in the club.

"Wait a minute, since when you are looking at the girls with camera?"

"Forget it. You haven't noticed I understand."

"Huh... Ok... I might just saw someone walking inside with a large camera. Not sure of her face." Oleg spoke casually without giving much priority to the girl and opened his phone to show him some pictures of the strippers he found mind blowing.

Looking at those pictures from Oleg's phone he was still somewhere lost in the thoughts of the girl he saw for some seconds. Back in his mind he was asking one single question.

"Who does come in to a strip club with such big lens?"

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