My Documentary Girl

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Chapter 8


"Liza, are you sure it would not reach Alaric's ears?" Cassandra was more than doubtful this time remembering her last encounter with Alaric. How on earth a person had found her whereabouts so easily! She had zero idea about that fact.
"Of course not, until you create a nuisance." Lizabeta scolded her like a mother.
"Nuisance and me? Bitch, you were the person who decided to visit the strip club at night. I told you to settle the matter during the day time." Cassandra's Greek fighter's soul came out suddenly. She remembered of telling Lizabeta to discuss about their matter over the call. She suggested her to convince the club owner to gather few of his strippers for an interaction session. In stead of handling the matter in broad daylight she decided to pay a visit at night.
"Girl, do you think you would have got real glimpses if you had visited in the day time?" Liza raised her brows and added again.
"What do you expect in a strip club? Nun doing prayers? Of course during the night only the reality would be prominently visible."
"In your process of getting visibility someday my visibility would be vanished from Alaric's life." Cassandra sounded really frustrated when Liza came near her to console her.
"Did he say something rude?"
"No. But I wonder how did he know I was there in the club."
"It's simple Sandra. It was Saturday night and you were out but not with him. And for a man like Alaric, is it too hard to find his girlfriend?" Lizabeta's words were filled with truth but Cassandra wasn't ready to accept that whole heartedly.
"Liza, does he doubt me? Why would he track me?"
"Sandra, you have literally gone mad. Of course he was concerned about you so he did. Now stop overthinking dear." Lizabeta finally shut her down while moving towards the gate to enter in a house. They arranged a meeting with two prostitutes who were working previously. After a certain years they chose to quit the.
"Liza, from where do you get all such information about these people? It looks you have got a nice string to pull."
"Trust me Sandra, the NGO did a good job. Once we started helping people out there, more of them decided to open up."
While talking together they reached the door and Lizabeta rang the door bell. A middle aged woman opened the door and allowed her to walk inside. While Cassandra was gaping the room and surroundings Lizabeta stomped her feet on Sandra's feet.
"Ouch." An expression left her mouth when she noticed Liza's expression and immediately replied her with a question.
"What? Now, am I not supposed to see the house also?"
"Of course you should. But not like a maniac. The way you are seeing the house I am sure you thought a prostitute's house would look different than normal."
"Are you reading my mind?"
"No, I am guessing. What did you expect to see in her house? Naked men all over or handcuffs and sex toys." Lizabeta as usual spoke in such a way that Cassandra decided to just remain silent for rest of the time.
The middle aged woman was Amber's mother. Amber was the female lead for their today's story. Her friend denied at the last moment so she decided to have a conversation with them. Looking at Amber's mother Liza cleared her throat and she turned her face to them.
"Please be comfortable here. Amber will be joining soon." Amber's mother left them to settle their camera and lights. Cassandra as usual with her experienced hands started fixing the lights and tripod.
"Sandra, learn quickly as you may have to cover De Wallen for a day. I would leave a bit early." Liza reminded her about their further steps. The moment the word De Wallen hit her hard one face with one statement flashed upon her eyes.
"De Wallen, look I am sullen." Cassandra dropped her face immediately remembering all such conditional parameters that actually were planted by Alaric. She neither give him an assurance nor she had planned to get married so early.
"What had happened? Tell me, you haven't done anything shit." Lizabeta was praying inwardly while looking with her big doe like eyes.
"No dear I haven't done anything till now. But trust me if I don't do something, I might end up doing doing something."
"You are confusing me Sandra."
"So does Alaric." Cassandra mumbled under her breath but decided to avoid the topic for the time being. The Documentary was no doubt important for them. Not for them only but for a larger number of people who had come across with this profession.
Gesturing Liza with her hand she told her to focus on the current situation.

"Hello, I am Amber. Hope you didn't find any issue while coming here." A girl in her mid thirties arrived in front of them. She introduced herself as Amber and they noticed her mother had already left.
She looked a bit pale but her sparkling eyes were really mesmerizing. She had a good height of five feet and five inches.

"Hello Amber. This is me Lizabeta and she is Cassandra. I believe you remember our last call." Liza explained and introduced themselves.
"Yes, I do remember. Cassandra, that's a nice name. Are you from Russia? Because you don't seem so." Amber showed her genuine concern.
"No. I am actually from Athens, Greece. I am Greek actually." Cassandra replied back with another simple smile.

"So can you start? You can tell us when you would be comfortable." Lizabeta initiated their work.
"Absolutely. I am ready to start. I am really sorry that my friend ditch this at last moment."
"It's ok. We are fine with you dear." Cassandra assured her.

Amber's Words

"Hi, I am Amber Antoniv." I started off with my name at the beginning. I belonged to a normal middle class family with two more brothers and one sister. My mom was single mother. My dad left us when we were barely two or three years old. During my high school days I was in a big need of money. Due to having less money with us, my younger siblings were supposed to be thrown out of school. So I had to try several odd jobs to earn some extra bucks. But I was never a star student and earning a lot seemed tough to me. I tried in several places but failed miserably.

Then one day I met a boy from a bar where I used to work. He looked at me with a scrutinizing gaze and offered me a really weird job.
"Escort Service."
Yes, I chose the easy way out to survive in this world. I chose to sell my body the way I wanted.
"Are you judging me?" I threw my first question to them who were engrossed in listening to my words that were coming out from my mouth.

"No, we aren't. At least I am not. See, what I believe here is a demand a supply chain. If you are supplying something, then there surely be a demand. So if you are wrong, then whoever is consuming you is equally wrong."
Cassandra gave a short but most intriguing statement. I never heard such words a lot. People always looked at us with disgust and ignorance. But none of them had ever dropped a comment on those men whom we had pleasured. Maybe the first time I found somebody who decided to write up from our perspective in stead of showing the make believe scenario.
I continued with more of my information like how we got paid, how we were treated and so on. The life wasn't easy as people thought. I remember how pathetic was mine as I was in a need of money. I chose an odd job but ended up falling in a wrong grip once.
"What do you think about the entire thing. Do all the girls come willingly?" Lizabeta noted some point and asked me some questions.
"No." I replied back with my own explanation. Of course I had joined willingly but I found people who were forced into the situation. A lot of girls got kidnaped from various part of the globe. A huge number of girls came from Asian region specifically from those countries where population is large and the economy is poor. They are sold usually through out the globe. Not every time they are tracked down.
"Yes. I found one such group of girls from Nepal once. They were exporting them to middle east hopefully." Lizabeta commented to support my point.
"Yes and Bangkok too." I explained the rest.
The thing looked clumsy but it was true. Bangkok also had become a hub of such trafficking. A lot of time it was clearly shown that girls were abducted easily from there.
"How do the girls survive?" Lizabeta asked me.
"That's more pathetic." I remembered of one such incidents. A girl was kidnapped and forced into this situation but eventually she ended up dying in those bastards' hands. She was pushed so much. She denied to serve but was multiple times. Legal prostitution is a myth. Of course people do get paid but the story behind them was more harsh than what we think and expect.

"Do you regret?" Cassandra asked her signature questions.
"Yes and No both." I explained them why. I needed money so I chose the professional. I suffered to a certain extent and later I chose to quit when things became better. My mother hated me for such things when she came to know. She refused to accept my money but I had to force her. The turmoil was strong and I had to hide all such things from my younger siblings for their benefit.
But as we know, mother is mother always. She made me leave the job and got me settled with something else. As my siblings had grown up and they found their way of earning their bread, I kind of decided to opt for other jobs. But the tag remained with me. Once an escort remains an escort. The society would never accept you. I felt a lone tear escaped my eyes when I brushed it off with my thumb.
"It's ok. We don't need someone to accept us. If we can accept ourselves that's enough." Cassandra spoke in her dominant voice.
I found her really strong in the matter of speaking such facts.
"Have you faced any severe situation during your tenure?" Lizabeta asked me the question when the most horrific memory of my life appeared in my mind.
"Yes. Definitely."
How would I forget the pathetic situation. That still haunts me like a ghost. I remembered once I was called over a place by a man. We had discussed about the payment and other stuffs and I moved towards his location on the specific day. I never expected that he would be such an asshole.
The moment I entered in his room expected him to be alone but three more men came out suddenly. I understood my doom had arrived. There was no turning back but as I brought that by myself. I dared not to ask a single question on that matter as for me the situation turned to be ugly later. I raised my brow to ask involuntarily about the situation and he seemed unbothered about that. In a nut shell he made it clear by saying that for a whore like me one or three shouldn't matter. That was heart breaking and more of a mental torture. All such men never decided to respect when it came down to us. " Prostitute", "Slut", "Whore" they called us. But what are they I always had this question. Do they think they are the perfect human being?

"No. They are just a disgust in the name of human." The raging voice of Cassandra echoed through the room.

"Yes. That's the major truth." I replied back.

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