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"You should not have got yourself entangled with all such information, dear. Why did you do that?" A cold finger pressed on her lips when she felt disgusted with the fact of being touched. "You cannot hide the truth. The façade would slip, today or tomorrow." She shot back. "Since when you started digging up so much or decided to join FBI."His humorous humiliation was enough torturing. "Since when you started living such pervert life." "I think you are forgetting that I can do anything with you.So be careful before opening you little mouth." "I don't fear you." "Trust me the knight in shining armour won't come to save you."Saying that he grabbed her throat and pressed the wind pipe to block her from taking further breaths. When the reel mixes with real, truth comes out. From the streets of De Wallen, a story based on some sensitive topics found it's way to entangle three more lives in real.

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Author's Note

Hola Readers,

A big thank you to everyone for supporting me in this journey. This is my first story on Inkitt. Hope the readers here would like it.

Coming back to this book. Let me speak honestly, I am still in the process of making my story better and this story is definitely is one of my experiments. You can consider it as a fiction or non-fiction as some parts of the story is definitely inspired from some true events or some documentaries.

De Wallen, Amsterdam. The story has a fair share from the world's biggest(third) and famous red light area and an age old profession. Some incidents or information you might find mature and questionable. If you have taboo, I request you "Do not read this book". There would be some information that you might find harsh.


Why such a controversial topic or place? Well, lots of NGO has started working on the betterment of those who worked there. Bringing out the stories of those people wouldn't be bad what I feel. Everyone has a story to tell and I am person who love to listen them to pen it down.

Now, will it be a romance story or a non-fiction?

Guess what.......... You can have both.

Coming back to the Romance part.

There would be a parallel fiction story of three or more people. I believe you would find that enjoyable. Again I request, there might be something which doesn't fit in our society but as I say nothing can be flawless. There is nothing called absolute.

Give it a try I believe you would love the journey........

Last but not the least do not copy my work. Please avoid plagiarism.

A kind request to all the readers, Please Please Please drop your honest feedback, do vote, do repost, do like. I believe if you are reading my book you can appreciate my hard work.

Love, Live and enjoy the life and help each other.
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