My Documentary Girl

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De Wallen, Amsterdam

A girl was walking down the streets of the largest best known red light area. Wrapping the jacket around her body she rubbed her both hands to produce some heat explicitly. The gust of wind was strong and so was her self-esteem. Walking down the street she brought out her phone which was buzzing continuously inside the pocket of her jacket. “Prépei na eísai mitéra” (Must be mother). She mumbled under her breath before looking at the screen.A small smile appeared on her face looking at the caller Id. Without wasting much time she picked up the call to answer. The voice on the opposite side held worries but a firm tone.
“Hey.” She greeted to initiate the conversation.
“You could have gone there in the morning. You should not have gone at night.” The firmness was visible yet it had a soothing melancholy.
“But, then I would not be able to get the entire story. I have already talked to the window owner in the morning. He…….” Her whining was cut in the middle when another statement was received from the other end.
“Do you have any idea about your age? If you have already visited in the morning then you should not step out at night. It is not even your segment right?”
“Listen, I want to……”
“I don’t want to listen anything. Wrap up the things as soon as you can. Do not loiter like a vagabond.”
“Can I just finish what I have started?”
“Fine, but no more you would be in Amsterdam. That’s my final decision. Don’t make me to come down there.” The call was dropped immediately and with a sullen face she fixed her bag again to walk to the window. The owner of the voice would always be stressful like that, she thought immediately.Window is the famous thing in the street of De Wallen. Almost 288 window brothels are there and she got a grip on barely four or five. Most of them preferred to avoid the camera. Mostly the women working there, they denied on the first attempt. Though it is completely a legal industry still some hidden truth are always left behind.

Sean, Window Owner in De Wallen

Entering inside she waited for sometimes while looking around the place. The place she saw in the morning had changed completely at night. Definitely there is some magic in the nights. This is the reason Spanish people call these girls “Marisposa De La Noches.”(Butterfly of the night). After few minutes a man in his forties ran towards her with an apologetic face.
“I am really sorry madam for making you wait. I was just….”Raising her hand she gestured him to take some deep breath.
“It is fine. Do not call me madam. I can see it is really a busy day.” She smiled after finishing her words.
“Busy night rather. Girls are standing there in front of the window. You can have a look and film what you want to.” Pointing his fingers Sean showed her the area.Picking her bag she walked towards the window and looked through the glass. Plenty of people were passing with their lustful eyes. Some were gesturing them and trying to know about charges. She brought out her camera and started her work. Setting her tripod, she brought out her prime lens to capture the moments. While she was busy in filming, a hand tapped on her shoulder. Jolting a bit she turned her face to look at the owner and a small smile appeared on her face. The girl who tapped her shoulder was wearing a not so revealing dress.
“Ana. Are you off today?” She asked the sex worker who worked in the window under Sean. For past three days she had visited many places but only Sean she found friendly to help her making her documentary. Ana was the young sex worker who was first to open up about her story.
“Yes, I took leave. Come I would help you with your work.” Ana replied with a genuine smile.
“Did you just take the day off for me? What about your earnings?” She asked Ana.
I can earn twice tomorrow.” Ana winked at her and then added.
” If you know what I mean.”
Ana started helping her with setting up the camera with different angles. She told her how the things work there. And kept on describing while she looked at her watch. It was quite late. Looking at her worried face Ana said, “Don’t worry Sean can arrange a car.”As she was listening another girl came to tell about her frustration. One man chose her looking at the window but he was not interested to spend more than 30 Euro for an hour and she got frustrated.
“Her friend’s NGO has sent some amount Rachel. You can get some share from Sean.” Ana informed another sex worker who was fighting over the money. That was common in those streets. Ana looked at the expensive camera and when her eagerness was noticed, she was asked whether she wanted to try her hand or not.
“No no. It is really expensive. What if I break?” Ana showed her concern.
“Then I can’t film your stories to tell the world. Never mind, I am kidding.” She replied to Ana and let her hold the camera to take few snaps.
“Do you like to take pictures of everything so much?” Ana asked her.
“I like to capture moments because that is the thing that can stay with us.” Smiling at the next sex worker she listened to another part of her story too.

Sean walked nervously towards the entrance when he found two men standing at the entrance. One of them looked Russian while the other one looked like a mixed breed.
“Sir, please come in.” Sean welcomed them with sweat on his forehead. In the streets of De Wallen there are plenty of coffee shop which sells cannabis or marijuana legally that is illegal in many places. Drug peddling and smuggling is the common scenario and government could not control all of that.
“Roger check how many new girls have arrived?” One of those men asked his friend who started scanning the inside.
“Sir, we have not got any new girls for the time being. We would inform you.” Sean politely spoke as he was afraid of another storm that was about to come. The fear of De Wallen, he was supposed to visit Sean’s window on that day. And these Roger and Nolan were nothing but some rivals of him and his gang. Though when it came down to power and influence they are nothing but still Sean preferred peace in his business. He might be having girls working as sex worker but he preferred not to put them into extreme miseries. Coming back to the fear of De Wallen, the cruellest Mafia, he bothered about business and smuggling and other illegal works. Very rarely he would have asked for girls and that too he preferred to pay for them. Roger and Nolan are completely opposite. Despite of being Mafia they would eventually grabbed the girls they would like to kill, f**k, or torture. But when it comes down to torture no one can beat the man whom the entire De Wallen fears the most. Rather the world fears the most. Even though his roots is not from Netherlands but he has a strong grip over everything here.Roger moved inside with Nolan while Sean was pacing thinking about the encounter when the real boss would arrive.

Suddenly he heard a loud sound from inside and walked towards the sound to find out the root cause. Seeing the situation he froze at his place.
“F**king asshole, I am someone’s fiancée.” The girl was showing her left hand pointing her ring finger in front of Roger who was rubbing his left cheek with his palms. It was evident that she had slapped the hell out of Roger.Ana was holding the camera whereas rest of the girls were shivering in fear. They knew what Roger and Nolan could do. Ana with her trembling voice spoke while returning back the camera to its owner.
“She is not what you are thinking. She is filming a documentary here, and she has a connection with a NGO who works for the betterment of the sex workers.”Nolan was glaring at Ana for opening her mouth, whereas Roger was still digesting the fact of being slapped from a girl who looked like a kid. He hissed standing in front of her clenching his jaw.
“You shouldn’t have slapped me.”
“You shouldn’t have touched any girl without taking their consent. Not even a sex worker.” The way she replied back Sean found himself in a grave danger. Roger is not a person to sit back idle. He won’t mind killing the girl and dumping the body. Next day there would be headlines only that famous wild life photographer’s body was found slaughtered. Before he could move to settle the matter Ana pulled her hand to walk away with her belongings through another exit. She didn’t even spare a glance to look back. As Roger was about to follow or to take step Sean heard the most unwanted voice at that time. Even Nolan and Roger stopped at their tracks.
“What’s wrong with this place? Huh?”Before Sean could say something a throaty chuckle was heard and the man behind Sean spoke in a cold tone.
“Haven’t you heard Roger, she is someone’s fiancée?” Turning his face Roger looked at the man and all three burst out in laugh making Sean stunned. Though they are rivals but they never mind to make fun of few things especially when it comes down to their common interest or common enemy. The only thing Sean could pray at that time was the safety of the young girl who slapped Roger and always made her appearance clear in the eyes of The Fear of World.

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