My Documentary Girl

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Chapter 1

Chelyabinsk, Russia

Zeitsov Enterprise, H.Q.

"Are you even listening to what I am saying?" The young woman kept on pulling the suit jacket of the man who was busy typing something in his phone.
"Yes, yes. I am listening." The man replied while tapping his fingers on the screen of his phone.
"Tell me where I would be moving next week for the assignment." Asking the question the girl made herself comfortable on the couch placed inside the beautifully decorated office.
"Ummmm....yeah........national park....." The man suddenly started typing something very fast in his phone. Noticing that sudden change in his behaviour she smiled inwardly.
"Are you trying to find out the list of best wild life sanctuary in Russia in Google?" The girl walked towards the man who immediately snapped his head towards her. He was caught red handed by the young girl.
"I mean" He mumbled following which she just pouted her lips.Ok.... Fine.... You won Sandra. I forgot the name. Now would you tell me where are your moving next week?" The pleading was clear in his voice.
"Nope. I will not tell you anymore. Huh. First you were busy with your phone while I was asking you something. Secondly, you have forgotten about my next assignment."
She shrugged her shoulder and turned her body to walk towards the couch. Instead touching the ground, her feet suddenly lifted up in the air. That's when she understood, he simply lifted her to put her on his desk. Now he was standing just in front of her with an apologetic look on his face. She gave a fake stern look while swirling her leg being seated on his office desk.
"So Miss Cassandra Christodoulopoulos what can I do to earn your apology for not listening to you." The surname part of her name took eternity for him to pronounce. "You haven't even pronounced my surname properly and you are asking for an apology Mr Alaric Zaitsev." Cassandra replied.
"Dear Sandra, the way you pronounce my name, trust me someday I would seriously lose my sanity. But believe me, your Greek surname is too hard to be pronounced sensually or correctly. So forgive me in that part my Greek goddess." Alaric laughed while caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. Cassandra is a girl who becomes a lost puppy when someone close starts caressing her cheeks. Alaric knew it. He knew how his Sandra could easily forgive him once he would start caring and loving her. The girl never longed for money or luxury. She is a long lost lovesick puppy.
"Fine. Apology accepted oldie. You always find a way to make me submit." Cassandra whined while playing with the fabric of his suit jacket.
"So tell me where you are going again leaving me all alone." Alaric made a long dramatic sigh while putting pressure on those "all alone" words.
"Swan Natural Area." She replied.
"Swan? So now your interest got shifted to swan? Am I the only lucky person in whom you are still interested?" He made small laugh after finishing his sentences. "Alaric, it's an assignment. And you know from where I got the call."
"Yeah yeah. National Geography. I understand your passion and profession." Alaric moved close to her while she was still seated on his desk among the piles of files. She looked really cute with her tiny frame. He was about to lean to steal a kiss when she jumped from the desk to walk away to irritate him a bit.
"Check your phone once." Looking at her little stance that she had just pulled Alaric could stop but laugh before adding his words. Cassandra walked towards her backpack to draw out her phone. Opening the screen she found a itinerary details shared in her mailbox. The sender of the mail was none by Alaric himself. If he already knew then why did he pretend to forget?
"Did you know already about my destination? Then why did you lie?" Cassandra turned her face to confront Alaric. She flared her nose while speaking.
"How would I not know where the little girl is going? I was teasing you only." Alaric tucked some loose stands of her blonde hair behind her ears. Cupping her face in his hand he took a deep breath to inhale her scent. A unique scent that only she possessed.
"So nice of you oldie." Cassandra brought out her tongue to make a face.
"Don't call me oldie." Alaric raised his eyebrows with a slight warning.
"Why not? You are an oldie." Cassandra spoke again and immediately started repeating the same. "Oldie, oldie, Alaric is Oldie."

"Do you know what can this oldie do?" Alaric spoke while taking some steps towards her when she understood that she would be defeated again. Without letting her settle he grabbed her waist and pulled her up in his embrace to spin her.
"Told you, the oldie can do a lot." He chuckled when she grabbed his shoulder tightly with her palms and closed her eyes. "It's spinning Alaric."
"That's your punishment for calling me oldie." Alaric brought her near his face bringing her petite down a bit. She opened her eyes when she felt his hot breath was fanning on her face. Looking at his face she tried to find the hidden story behind his eyes.
"I am getting late for my classes Alaric." She tried to break the situation by moving out from his embrace. Though they were in good terms but she was still not ready to absorb the close proximity. There was a little amount of uneasiness that held Cassandra back to let her inner self go free.
"I know. Derek would drop you to your university." Alaric pulled her down and stroke her red cheeks. He knew she had a boundary around herself which would fade away with time only. It was barely six months they had decided to carry on as couple. Before that it took around six months for Cassandra to grow up a genuine friendship with him. In a nutshell they were seeing each other for a year.

"I can go myself. Why are you getting worried?"
"Call me a possessive one I am fine with it. Derek would drop you."
"Fine." Saying so she hugged him for the last time before going out of his cabin.

Reaching at the ground floor she found Derek standing with a warm smile.
"Geia sas Kassándra." (Hello Cassandra) Derek spoke in his broken Greek language.
"Sas efcharistó." (Thank you). You are learning too fast." She praised Derek and walked towards the car to reach her University. The office building is surely an eye catching one. Anyone can easily annotate it as a centre of attraction. Alaric hired best architects of the world to build this striking beauty. It has elegance and remarkable features with every modern technology and system installed inside. The architecture of the building was designed keeping all possible flexibilities. Like the office, Alaric is also a man of good taste with brilliant ideas of expanding business. He is one of the golden bachelor of the country. "Golden Bachelor". Every time she spoke those word inwardly a warm smile appeared on her face. Derek was busy in driving when Cassandra was looking outside.

Cassandra Christodoulopoulos. She was born and brought up in Athens, Greece. Till her high school days she had stayed there. After that she chose to take a bachelor degree in economics and chose Russia to step in. It was always in her bucket list. Rather she wanted to travel a lot to explore the world more. Photography was her childhood passion. But never in her dreams had she thought that she would be more famous for her beautifully captured photos. Animals that is one of the major weak point of her. She got her first breakthrough at the age of 16 when one of her picture was selected in National Geography. Since then she loved doing assignments on wild life photography. Apart from that she has a prominent interest in nature’s photography and landscape too. Even she found the smaller particles on the street as a story teller. For her, every object has something to portray. No sooner she was planning to bring out her new book the wild life of Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Chelyabinsk city was always special to her. Since she started living here, she found herself surrounded with more success. Whether it is about her passion for wildlife photography or her way of leading life, nothing seems disturbed in this foreign land being away from her parents and hometown. While she was going through her scattered thoughts, her phone suddenly beeped drawing her gaze away from the car window.
“Hey, need to talk. Call me once you reach university. Love Lizabeta.” Lizabeta was one of the most beautiful Russian girl whom she met after joining university. Though she was not enlisted in her department but nothing worked as a barrier for them. Lizabeta was keen to write articles on different things. Tagging Cassandra along with her she already published some more beautiful work. While filming any Documentary over some national forest or historical place Cassandra always seek Lizabeta’s beautiful articulation to make the work desirable. Together they can actually win the world. “I will be there soon.” Cassandra replied typing her short note.

Looking outside suddenly Cassandra asked Derek, “Isn’t the sky different today, Derek?”
“No mam, it’s same, as far as I see.”
“Stop calling me Mam, Derek. You know I am younger than you. But the sky is different look minutely.” Cassandra showed a fake anger.
“Ok. I will call you Miss only. But I don’t have eyes like you, so for me the sky is same as usual.” Saying so Derek smiled. He was one of Alaric’s most trusted bodyguard and since his boss started seeing the young lady, he was appointed to have an eye on her. After all a billionaire’s date must not be unprotected. But she was different from others. She had her own earnings and own way of leading life. Barely would she have accepted favours or his boss. Alaric and Cassandra both were way too different in nature but the girl really has good amount of talent.
“O Theé mou, tóso polýplokos.”(Oh God, so complicated.)” Cassandra spoke while Derek just gave her a weak nod as he understood nothing.
“Its ok, you don’t need to learn Greek at one go. I would teach you eventually. But first you need to see how different the sky could be every day.”
“Miss, you have the eyes to see the minor changes I don’t. I would always pray that you could the reality everyday just the way see the minor changes.” Derek did not know why he felt to say such things. But her innocence always found its way to see the best inside someone.
“Thank you.” Cassandra pulled the last letters really long. Once Derek pulled the break she found herself at the entrance of her university. Looking at Derek she greeted him with a smile.“Thank you for dropping me.”
“Take care Miss.” Saying that Derek turned his car once he confirmed her disappearing figure inside the university. Dialling his boss’s number he informed him about her when Alaric spoke from the opposite side with light chuckle.
“Try to keep the tracks of her movement. This girl just keeps on going into forests. God knows what fun she gets among wild animals when the humans are already so wild around her.”
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