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Ten steps to PERFECTION

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Crystal has had a curse placed on her and the only way to shift the curse is by making her crush fall for her. He's the top boy of the school who walks around with tattoos, he's fierce and unapproachable. Crystal has three hours a day where she becomes herself. Her true identity shows through her ugly exterior and shines as bright as a light. Each problem could disappear the more that they fall for each other, Her greasy hair that she washes daily and never gets cleaner would go away. Red marks on her face would fade, her curly hair would straighten, she would be able to see and she would look gorgeous in the latest fashion. The problem that she has to overcome is how she's going to get him to fall for her when he's with the prettiest and most popular girl of the school? Plus she's only travelled in time through a portal and is stuck in the future. What will she do to overcome all of this while she deals with her daily life of school? Life is about to become interesting. That's for sure.

Romance / Drama
Ivy White
Age Rating:

Chapter 1-Friends

We all have our ups and downs and life lessons define who we are as we grow to become adults. That first night showing up home completely obliterated by booze or our very first time running three miles where we regret our decisions. Ones we will never make again. In my life, I've had many of them and while they've tested me, they haven't been impossible to solve in comparison to the one messed up situation that I've gone and tangled myself up in. I cannot move as much as I try to find an escape route. A life lesson that I would never recommend, ever! Don't do what I did. This is-

10 steps to perfection.

The negative attributes that I now own and have to consider in my very sad life full of memories and wishes. That life that I can no longer live the way that I used to and as I begin to accept the new me, I regret to forget the old smiling, self confident girl I used to be.

I wasn't the most perfect girl in the world, but I'm sure that I was pretty. Vanilla blonde hair, hazel coloured eyes and fair skin. I had a scar on my left hip where I caught myself on a metal bed stand when I was ten and from picking the scar continuously, it changed to become a permanent scar. My mother did warn me as I stood there picking at the scab. "Crystal stop before you get a permanent scar." Crystal knew best and thought that her skin would forgive her. Oh, how wrong I was about that. The blood started trickling down my hip, but us humans know better when we are kids.

So the question is, what makes me many ticks away from perfection. Here's my list:

Born in the 1940s check ☑️

Never used futuristic items check ☑️

Curly and frizzy hair that never settles even if I use products☑️

I cannot see without my special glasses☑️

Greasy hair that never gets cleaner the more I wash it☑️

Red marks on my face that won't go away even with a skincare routine☑️

I still dress in old style dresses and as much as I try to wear the current style, the second that I leave my room I'm back in it! check☑️

I'm soon to be married check☑️ Yes I was told that I am going to marry when I finish university. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that considering I'm stuck eighty years into the future. I even searched for my parents and found out that they had passed away twenty years ago.

I'm eighty years into the future check☑️

Never kissed a boy in my life check☑️ I was raised in what a friend of mine calls the olden days. They were the days when it was forbidden for boys and girls to be found together until they were married. We couldn't hold hands because it wasn't allowed. Now it's a completely different story.

Clothes that are always baggy and never fit check ☑️ Yes my dress is huge!

Brows that connect together in the middle check ☑️

Hair colour that doesn't belong to me check ☑️

Hair I cannot straighten check ☑️

Ugly on the inside and out double check ✅✅ (This isn't a part of my list, more of an added extra.)

All the attributes to being unattractive. That's the checklist of me and my ugly looks.

My name is Crystal and I'm a student at Lakeside University. I have one mission and that mission is to get Matteo Trep to fall for me. My biggest problem is that he's the hottest, biggest, tattoo scary popular boy in our school. University or school, whichever way you want ro look at it. Carrying on, so why do I have to make Matteo fall for me? Because he was my only crush and I found out that a curse which was placed on me four years ago can only be removed by making my crush fall for me. Second problem, he has a girlfriend and she's the most popular girl in school. Brilliant!

This all started when I was running to catch the public bus to school in the morning. It was a normal day, the rain was pouring down and the wind was unbearable. I threw on a pair of blue cargo jeans and a yellow crop top with black high heeled boots which were the worst miserable decision of my life. My top started to show my bra and my heels became impossible to walk in, but I carried on walking like the trooper I was.

Well, on that specific day in June, a gypsy came up to me in her very long green skirt, baggy purple jumper with frizzy blonde hair asking me to buy a bracelet. I told her that I needed to get on the bus quickly and that I didn't have any money on me because I was going to be late for school. My bus was due in one minutes time. I only had enough money to get me on the bus because my parents couldn't supply me with any money. They were seventy six years in the past. I was in the flipping future, all alone with not much income.

She didn't see eye to eye with me and said "I curse you." I thought that she was a crazy woman and shaking my head, I ran to get the bus before I missed it and poof, I turned into the most unattractive thing in the world.

My heels snapped from underneath my feet, my jeans sagged and became loose and baggy, all of my looks turned into a mess and now here I am. The laughing stock!

Two days ago, I was searching inside my bag for a pen and a note was in there. I opened it up and the note told me that I needed to get with Matteo Trep and the curse would slowly disappear in ten steps.

Now the question is how can I do that? I get given three hours a day where I can be myself. My body changes back to what it was before the curse was placed on me, the curse is blocked. When it takes full effect, it takes me back to my miserable existence. I have from eight until eleven at night, so the only way that I could grab his attention is by finding out where he goes and trying to jump inside his friend group when I can actually myself. The only negative about my situation is that I'm not a social person. This could turn out to be more interesting than I thought!

Staring at myself in the mirror, I tug at the baggy brown stained dress and ugly socks that droop off my body. Everytime, I put clothes on, they instantly become loose and if they're fashionable then they disappear on my petite figure. It's unflattering. I've tried skimpy dresses which turn to long loose gowns, shorts that change to imitate a blanket and shoes that look like a clown owns them. Then poof, they all change to become dirty brown stained socks and a baggy dress.

Brushing my greasy hair back into a bushy ponytail, I break the end of the brush followed by my hairband snapping. I've tried washing my hair in many shampoos and conditioners, but it just streaks back in place, much like I've had a chip pan of fat thrown all over my head. Nothing works.

My hair changed colours to black, the complete opposite to my vanilla blonde hair and I hate it! It's curly and damn right hideous, adding to my already big swollen head. How could that be possible? I'm not saying that I hate black or curly hair. I just dislike them combined together especially when greasy.

Staring at my face in the mirror, I attempt to brush the uni brow out of my face using my eyebrow brush, but it springs back into place the second I take my eyes away from it bending down to pull my horrible socks up. My jeans are too big, the length makes them drag across the floor underneath my feet as I walk. This rips them. I wouldn't mind but they're supposed to be tight high waisted jeans, well they used to be at least, when I originally tried them on in the shop a year ago, before all of this.

My friends ditched me the second they noticed how I looked. I can't blame them really considering I do look like a tree of some sorts. Overly grown and not perfect. What even is perfect anyway? I do have two friends though, who took me in as one of their own, but they were classed as the geek squad. I guess I am one now, but I love them both the world and would go through this change again if I could meet them all over again. My life wouldn't be the same without them because I found out what real friends are.

Apparently I'm soulless my old friends said, but in my eyes I'm not. There's nothing that can be done about it now anyway.

Placing my glasses correctly on my face and checking my uneven tooth, I grab my bag and make my way to university.

Entering the hallway is me entering my own personal hell. As I step further into the corridor, all eyes turn and land on my ugly ass. I make my way to my locker. Opening it up, I search around as everyone snickers and gossips about me. "Haha she's such an ugly person." "Who would want to date something like that?", "I heard it was pretty last year and now look at it."

I close my eyes and lay my head up against the inside of my locker. A small warm tear slides down my cheek as I wipe it away and continue to place my books down in order from a to z.

"Ahem." I hear from the other side of my locker door and I instantly know who it is, well in fact who they are. The three most pretty and exclusive girls in my year and the girl who I need to compete with just to get my looks back. I can't stand her, but Matteo loves her and I doubt it's even possible to get a boy like him to show interest in me.

Plastering a smile to try to cover my tears, I turn to face them as they look amazing in their cheerleading costumes and I may as well be a dead person in awful clothes next to them.

"Crystal right?" I nod my head and she continues as I divert my attention to the floor. I don't want any trouble. She crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows.

"Why don't you just go and dig yourself a hole and jump inside it, maybe bury yourself while you do that." I step back trying to hide inside my locker as the noise of boys approaches. Matteo, Jax, Carl and Bronx stop next to Chelsea, Lauren and Trella.

Walking straight upto Chelsea, Matteo wraps his right arm around her lower back and pulls her into his stomach. She lifts one leg up bending it as they share a kiss with so much emotion and promise. Yet, here I am with the mission where I need to tear them apart and I know it's going to be impossible.

"Looking good yellow tooth." Carl winks at me and Matteo turns to Chelsea, "coming babe?" Chelsea nods and they walk off hand in hand together with their clan following closely behind them.

Slamming my locker door, I lean my back up against it and press both of my hands against the blue metal box from either side of my hips. Closing my eyes and whacking the back of my head into it, I take in torturous deep breaths and try to keep my dark emotions from surfacing.

I guess that I will never try to get him to fall for me because lets face it, opposites don't attract and they are a cute couple together. I'm not going to be the one to break the bond that they have worked hard to get.

"Here's the most beautiful creature in the world."I stare to my right and Bella with Rox walk straight over to me grabbing one of my arms each.

"Party tonight and you are coming. " Rox says smiling and I shake my head to tell her no, but Bella jumps in and tells me that they aren't taking no for an answer.

"I can't. I'm this."I frown as I stare down at the clothes that hang off my body. They both exchange a look. Bella stands in front of me, blocking any chance of escape.

"You said that you have three hours from eight until eleven. So why not go and enjoy yourself while you can?"

Trying to get past Bella I fail and cross my arms over my chest with Rox still attached. "No, I can't."

"You can and you are. You haven't had fun in years and it's the first party of the year. You have to come!" Lifting her finger up in the air she raises her eyebrows shocked. "Plus your coming into halls next month and we could give you an exclusive makeover. You need to be smoking hot!"

I start laughing and they both give me a warm hug. "That's the spirit." I love these two girls more than anything in the world. They are my rock and my lifeline and they will be for life.

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