Cold Heart

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Unexpected Surprise 2.0

“You- can talk… M-maybe I can help…” Claire said carefully.

Hunter ruffled his hair and took a deep breath, the strange thing was, he found Claire’s offer to help him was somehow, touching. But he shouldn’t get soft on her, not with the daughter of his nemesis who’s the reason why he has nightmares in the first place every night.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Hunter said emotionlessly as he walked back toward his sleeping place.

He never talked about his dreams to anyone and he didn’t intend to discuss any of his nightmares with Claire either. ​Especially, not her! Besides, he tended to be rude and made her down every time they talked, so it’s better not to discuss anything more than it should. Hunter slightly thought.

“Why are you--?” Hunter was stopping his word because Claire just put her hand on his mouth.

It was pure reflex, she didn’t know what got into her. Maybe she just didn’t want to argue, or maybe she just wanted to help him so bad.

“I-if you don’t want to talk about it, at least try my...way…--” Claire said nervously after quickly pulling her hand. “I mean, s-so we both can sleep well...until morning,” Claire put Hunter’s pillow on the bed.

“Just...lie down…?”

Claire could see Hunter tightening his jaws between his darkened eyes.

It crossed her mind that Hunter would get mad and just yell at her again. But luckily, it was not as she expected, Hunter did what she said and lied down on the bed.

Claire quickly made warm milk, using an electric kettle there to warm the milk and bringing it to the bedside table near Hunter.

“So, there are few things that can help us sleep better-- or at least to reach a peaceful state of mind before sleeping… one of them is by drinking warm drinks,--with no caffeine, of course…Um, rest your eyes from any gadgets…and--”

Claire explained kindly while walking back to the table where she put her novel book. She raised the book, slightly waved it to Hunter.

“If you think I’m gonna read that bundle of drama, think again,” Hunter said with a light scoff. He even being a bit sceptical about the whole thing.

“ you have any books around that you can read?”

“... I’m not sure how this can work, but yes… it’s in the table drawer,” Hunter said while hesitating to sip his cup of milk. All of a sudden, he just felt like a kid before bedtime.

After Claire handed the book to Hunter, she walked around the bed to reach the other bedside table and took her pillow and her phone.

For a second there she was wondering when did she put her phone there. When she glanced at Hunter and met his eyes, she shook her thought in a second.

“Y-you need the bed more than I do...” Claire said before heading to the couch.

Hunter was actually thinking about telling her that they could share the bed but he didn’t want to give the wrong impression.

After Claire had finished setting her ‘bed’ on the couch, she sat and glanced at Hunter, she found that Hunter was still looking at her. There they were, gazing at each other in awkward silence.

“G-good night,” Claire finally said, putting on her eye mask and turning her back on Hunter.

“G’night,” Hunter replied.

He was sighing quietly as he noticed how his body reacted from the moment Claire fell on him, all her charms, kindness, and cares just made him drawn to her more. As a matter of fact, he’s starting to get hard.

Fuck. This can’t be happening.


The Following Morning.

Claire was awakened by the sounds of a few chatters and laughs from outside, but what concerns her more was a slight sound of her mother-in-law’s voice in the hall.


She sat down and opened her fluffy eye mask. She quickly found Hunter was still asleep, his book lying beside him on the bed.

What should I do? Will his mom barge in like the way she did last night? Claire quickly reconsidered what to do between the sound of steps and conversation.

Claire could catch a few conversations from the hall. Words that told her things like someone was arranging some events.

But since the voices were getting even closer and Claire could hear clearly what Mrs. Wright said, which was ’I’m gonna wake them up right now.′

And that’s not good, that’s her cue, she thought. She decided to quickly react.

She threw her pillow and blanket over him, aiming to her side of the bed which was the other end from where she’s standing. And to be there she had to walk around the bed or jump over Hunter for a shortcut.

If Hunter’s mom knew that they’re not sleeping in the same bed it would be bad for their fake marriage.

At the moment there, Claire swore that she heard Hunter’s mom was knocking. She felt like she didn’t have any choice except to be there on the bed, lying beside Hunter.

Without thinking another minute, she leaped as far as she could, but alas!

Rather than end up on the bed beside Hunter as she expected, she ended up dropping on top of Hunter’s body, again.

“Ooff!” Hunter grunted as he was awakened by Claire’s ‘attack’. He didn’t expect to wake up with her on top of him along with her round eyes and blushing cheeks.

“What...are you doing...?” Hunter said, looking down at Claire after checking around and seeing Claire’s pillow and blanket beside him.

“I-I, u-um, yo-your mother is at the door,” Claire stammered in shame. ​Darn it!​ Claire blamed herself for being foolish.

Fortunately for Claire, Hunter’s mother knocked on the door and called them gently several times, and he told her mother to wait for a second before looking back at Claire for an explanation.

“I-I was panicking, I thought the door wasn’t locked and your mother would barge in like last night… I mean, if your mother found me sleeping on the couch, it could be a bad image for us… Now I realized I- I should just stand there, li-like if I was going to the bathroom…?” Claire quickly explained with an awkward grin.

A cute grin, Hunter thought. Hunter was sighing between his nervousness since he knew he was already hard.

“Yeah, we better let her in now,” he cleared his throat.

“Y-yes, sorry,” Claire said, trying to get off Hunter’s body. But when she tried to slide down, accidentally her butt and lady parts just touched Hunter’s hard dick.

She gasped in reflex while awkwardly pretending that nothing happened and she couldn’t be feeling any more ashamed and nervous and aroused for that tiny second.

Claire carefully climbed down his body, this time without touching his body part again. Her face was red as a cherry even when she managed to stand and walk away.

Hunter could only sigh quietly as he watched Claire walk to the door and lean his back to the headboard. He pulled a blanket and bent up one of his knees, hiding his hard-on.

Annoyed by the reality of how he’d been reacting every time he felt Claire’s body, Hunter denied and convinced himself to call his hard-on as a morning hard-on and not because of Claire.

“Oh, good, you’re awake!” Said Hunter’s mom. “You need to come with me right away, Claire...”

“We just got up, mom… Maybe you should--”

Hunter cleared his throat, feeling odd to speak for Claire.

“--let her get ready first,” he said when he saw Claire just about to obey and follow his mother in her pajamas without saying anything.

Why did he suddenly bother to see Claire get taken from him? He thought as his eyes locked with Claire for a second. There was still a light pink on her cheeks.

“Worry not… The reason I take her away is to get ready… you should get ready too,” his mother said with a teasing smile. “Come with me, dear… Oh, Ben, stay here and fill in Hunter about today, will you?”

“Ready for what?” Hunter asked, but his mom was already walking away.

“Mother…! Ready for-- Would you at least tell me--” He stopped after jumping down the bed since his mother seemed to ignore him completely.


Moby beach.

So, this is why mom asked about Claire’s parents the other night.

Hunter’s eyes swept the place from where he was standing, inside the aisle with a big and outstanding flowers gate.

His mother had arranged a ’surprise party, and by party meant, his and Claire’s wedding party. Everything made sense now, why his mother didn’t ask details about their wedding day, or why Nate took him to the bar, that was meant to be his bachelor party.


Would Claire be okay with all of this? If she couldn’t hold it together everything would fall apart. Hunter’s thought was messy.

Deep down Hunter was annoyed by the fact that his nerves were off the roof, he was so nervous inside as if it was his ‘real’ wedding day.

Hunter rubbed his knuckles which still got a lot of scratches from the fight. He was standing in the aisle with exquisite view of nature. Standing near him was the family’s priest, and his best man, Nate.

Everybody looked neat and sharp and the chairs were almost full by the guests, they were all waiting for the bride to make her giant entry.

Hunter looked at his parents who couldn’t stop smiling--which made Hunter realize, they never seemed so happy like that. His face was softened for a second before the band started to play a song.

Now every eye went to the edge where Hunter’s niece and nephew became the flower girl and the ring bearer. The guests let out light laughter looking at the cute kids.

And then Hunter saw Claire.

Even from afar, Hunter was stunned by her beauty. Of course, he always thought that Valerie was prettier than Claire, though it was not a fair comparison since Valerie was an artist who did a lot of treatments and maintenance over their appearances seriously.

The bottom line was, even without all of that, there’s something about Claire that captured him even without her perfect everything.

Looking at her there, he felt as if the time went slow and there’s no sound at all.

Only his heartbeats and breath.

She looked like both a Greek goddess and a fairy. Her wedding dress fit perfectly to every curve of her body. Everything about her was so perfect.

Except for the exposure of her dress that was too revealing in Hunter’s opinion. It was elegant, poise, and classy with all the laces and fairytale touch, but it’s too sexy. Hunter admitted inside that he didn’t want to share or let other guys to enjoy the view.

Hunter clenched his jaw as he watched how Claire seemed shy and unsure about herself which made him see another good side of her, humbleness. He noticed this so many times before. She didn’t have any reason to doubt herself, even without a beautiful dress she still tends to draw eyes, but she never acted like she was one of those attractive girls.

But he shouldn’t get too soft, he better not let himself be affected by her. Hunter was fixing his stand, shaking all his feelings away.

I can do this, there’s no need to be emotional about it.

Hunter glanced at his mother who seemed very happy and proud of her work on that day.

Well, what could he say? It turns out his mother still could find a way to be one step ahead of him to get what she wanted.

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