His Cold Heart

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Off Guard

Not...possible. Claire thought, deciding to not get ahead of herself.

“I-, I better go to my room…--” Claire nervously said. “Th-thank you for all of the-- whoa,--!”

Claire was trying to slide down from her chair but she wasn’t actually ready. Her chair was tipping over and if Hunter didn’t catch her, she would have fallen to the floor and the chair might have just fallen over her.

Once again, Claire found herself so close with him, in his arms. She quickly tried to stand up straight, her hands were on his chess.

“S-sorry,” she muttered.

Without saying a word, Hunter lifted her and brought her to her room.

On the way to her room, Claire couldn’t help staring at his perfect face, with her left hand rounded upon his neck, she could feel how sturdy his body was.

Noticing that just made her imagination run wild, like if she could feel his body on her bed. Now, what kind of thinking is that, Claire? Its funny how her imagination turned wildly creative only with him and not with other men.

“Don’t lock the door, and call me if you need anything,” Hunter said as he put her down on her bed.

“Thanks… but I’m just gonna go--” Claire slightly stopped as she looked at the tub. She was planning to take a bubble bath earlier before Bruce came.

“--straight..to bed…” she added not too convincingly.

It’s not that she intended to lie, but she didn’t think it’s important enough to let Hunter know. Besides, she thought it’d sound like she’s being flirty if she mentions that.

But Hunter seemed to know her plan since he followed her eyes, glancing at the tub through the glass walls where the curtains were all rolled up.

Noticing that Hunter knew, Claire nervously spoke.

“Well--Uhm, I mean I’m gonna sleep after showering…b-but nothing to worry about…--Heh, It’s not like I’m gonna need help in the shower or bed,” she said innocently while slowly stretching her legs.

Just after then, she realized what she had said.

“My p-point was…I’m fine--! I-I’ve been walking around by myself this whole day--!” She quickly added between her try-to-calm act and her blushing cheeks.

Hunter was clenching his jaw, looking away, and sighed. He was not happy with the fact that he got affected even by innocent words from her, even with only a mediocre pink shirt and shorts that she wears.

He slightly ran his hair before clearing his throat.

“I’m gonna take your treatment and bring them to you,” he shortly said, walking out to the door.

“Thanks,” Claire weakly said.

She lay down on her back and covered her eyes with her palm.

Oh, no… Great job, Claire!

You just did exactly what you didn’t want to do!

Gosh, I hope those annoyed looks were not because he thinks I’m flirty…

Claire took a sigh. Her mind was wandering everywhere, she was even surprised at how she could be that insecure.

She was planning to wait for Hunter before going to the shower, considering that he won’t be taking long and she doesn’t want him to find her in the shower. The night has been awkward enough for them.

But then, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes passed by and there’s still no sign of Hunter on her door.

She did hear his voice, talking on the phone. Maybe an urgent matter? She thought.

She finally decided to go showering, besides, Hunter could just leave the medicines if she had not yet finished her bath.

Claire slowly reached the bathroom and closed every roller blinds and the bathroom door before showering and dipping in the bathtub.

The hot water works on every inch of her body, giving her the relaxing effect her body needs.

When Hunter came back into Claire’s room after a while, he noticed that Claire was in the bathroom from the gap between the roller blinds.

His looks were instantly darkened as he saw very small parts of Claire’s leg which she put on the edge of the tub.

Hunter took a step back as his body started to react, his mind was betraying him from the moment he got the vivid imagination of Claire in the tub. Besides, all the gazing from outside the glass seems too creepy and he’s not a creep no matter how much urge he has to taste her.

Not trusting himself, he quickly decided to put the medicine on the bedside table and walked out of the room before he might try something to get what he wants.


The next few days, Claire could already walk normally. The medicines that Bruce gave her were very effective, the swelling has gone, and she barely felt any pain in her ankle anymore.

She was back doing her job, running the house, cooking, and doing all her routine activities as usual.

Everything was back to the way it was, except Claire thought Hunter will leave her again after she’s back on her feet, but he’s staying.

He would go to work from morning till night, his behavior toward her didn’t change, his cold, distant demeanor was still there, and he only spoke of what was necessary.

Not that Claire would mind since every time they saw each other it was always awkward. Awkwardly silent and frigidly intense.

Two weeks later, Friday night, Claire was in her closet room. It was a nine-square-meter closet room which is actually too much for her, and since she didn’t carry so much stuff there, the closet has so many empty shelves.

She was in the middle of putting her fresh clothes on the shelves when she saw a glimpse of shadow from her corner eyes.

Claire was startled as she turned her back and found Hunter was there. In her closet, leaning toward the door, looking tired, a bit wasted, and dangerously sexy with his light gray shirt unbuttoned.

“Y-you scared me,” she said nervously.

Hunter was staring at her between his dim cold eyes. How could he find her very attractive almost every time? He thought inside.

His head was weighing him, he lightly stumbled as he closed his eyes for a second, trying to keep his head clear.

“Are-are you okay…?” Claire said, heading toward him. “Ha-have you been...drinking?” She said kindly.

“... I had a couple of drinks with my clients, but I’m… not drunk …. I need to talk to you about some…--something, --Important,” he said defensively but also in a confusing way.

“Yeah...okayy-- I can see that you’re very much...sober," she said gently with a hint of sarcasm.

“You …” Hunter leaned his head and body forward as he was tempting to give a lesson at her smart mouth. Or her body. Hunter was staring at her lips.

Claire could sense how Hunter acts differently toward her. She was gulping, licking her lips, and trying to step back but she couldn’t since they were standing near the door & shelves.

“Fine… what do you want to talk about?” Claire raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. She wasn’t sure that communicating with him there was going to be effective, but since he insisted, she’ll hear him out, she thought.

“I need you…to--” He was stopping, clueless.

Damn it, what is it that I was gonna tell her? He slightly thought between his dead-end thoughts. This is so not him.

He never froze in front of a woman.

Was it because of her soft and sweet looks? Her tempting lips and body? Her v-neck button shorts pajamas that are waiting for him to rip?

He remembered holding out himself in his mind, telling him to flee the room since he felt like her lips and body were like a magnet that kept pulling him close.

Hunter was clenching his jaw. In his mind, for a second, he was imagining how it felt to taste her.

Little that he knew, he did reach out to her and kiss her wildly and lustfully.

Claire was beyond thunderstruck when Hunter suddenly pulled her waist close to him, pinning her between himself and the wardrobe. Not to mention he kissed her in a way that made her sweep off her feet.

She should have stopped him but she’d be lying to herself if she didn’t want any of it.

Hunter was taking his time tasting her lips, or to feel how her body responded to his. Everything felt so right and so wrong at the same time, he just lost himself at the moment.

His mind was no longer able to control his body, touching her feels like home. At least for his body.

Hunter’s hand was slipping under Claire’s shirt and trainfully opened her bra clips in one attempt.

It was Claire’s silent gasp that brought him back to his senses. Knowing a small sign that she wasn’t ready just felt like cold water.

Hunter pulled back instantly, leaving Claire stunned for the umpteenth time. They were both stunned, staring into each other’s eyes for a while.

Claire didn’t know what just happened there, but one thing that she knew was the sensation that still clearly lingers. Not to mention, her bra was just hanging loose there, it was the only proof that everything really did happen.

Claire was still looking at Hunter with her confused round eyes, searching for an explanation but Hunter didn’t say anything, in fact, after a few second he turned his back and walked away without even saying anything.

In his hazy and weighed head, Hunter walked tipsily, trying to reach his own room. But when he passes Claire’s bed his feet and his head automatically bring him to the bed.

What just happened? Uh. I need, –no, I want more…but I shouldn’t.

It was the last thing on his mind before he crashed on her bed and went to sleep.

Claire was still processing everything between her warm and reddened cheeks. Thinking of things that she should do rather than just surrender to his kisses.

She wasn’t thinking about the reason why Hunter kissed her anymore, it was definitely the alcohol talking even though some part of her did wish it’s because of the other reason. Reasons that were not possible.

She tucked her hair behind her ear before tidying up her shirt, clipping her bra, and finishing what she did in the closet room.

When she came out from the closet room, she stopped her steps as she found Hunter sleeping on her bed still with his work outfit, shoes, and all.

What’s gotten into him? She thought.

And who does he think he was? Coming home drunk and… kissed me?

She sighed before heading toward Hunter. She can’t lie she was conflicted between happy and sad feelings at the moment.

Happy for having to taste the kiss again but also sad because of the way that kisses made her feel, not to mention when he caught her off guard and the way he pulled out. Just so sudden and felt full of regrets.

Maybe I’m just the girl who happened to be here when he wanted to drunk-make out.

Claire blocked her thoughts as she gently took Hunter’s shoes off and put them away. She wrapped him with her blanket before taking her pillow, turning the lights off, and going outside.

Seems like she’s gonna crash on the couch for the night.


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