His Cold Heart

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Quite A Night

“Everything okay…?” He said, trying to be cool as if it was just a polite question.

But all his cool was gone as he looked at Claire’s round eyes. It was just a glance, but it made his heart stop for a second. He clenched his jaws.

“Of course…–” She said with her usual style, gentle yet sarcastic. She even let out a fake sweet smile.

“--Why wouldn’t I be okay…when your friend tortured me for the last three and a half hours? Apparently, my eyebrows were too thick, my size is not small enough, and when I asked for less tall heels he said, ’Beauty is pain, my dear…’ – Why do I have to wear all of these again…? This is a charity dinner after all, right, not some pageant event…?” She asked kindly after finishing all her chatters.

Is she always this cute when angry? Hunter thought after glancing at her shoes which looked great on her feet.

Which was a bad decision, now his thought running back to the gutter.

Anyway--! He stopped himself.

Everyone wants to be handled by Crozaeu himself, he’s a famous designer. But of course, he shouldn’t be surprised anymore at how down-to-earth Claire is.

“Well… A lot of the donors there are…very wealthy, they like to be in their comfort zone, which in this case is a fancy dinner” Hunter said nicely.

“So, how does this work…?” She genuinely asked.

Usually, he would be mad by now with all the questions and comments, moreover that she was the reason why they have to be there at the charity dinner, but he got nothing other than happy to answer her.

Maybe because tonight she’s so gorgeous? Or maybe he just still feel guilty over their last argument, or because of the three and a half hours of torturing that she went through.

Though to be honest, it was all worthed. He thought.

“We, --eat dinner…where we donate three thousand dollars per plate,--it’s five thousand for a couple, and I think there will be an auction going on...to raise more money,” Hunter explained lightly.

Claire couldn’t help dropping her jaw.

“Three thousand dollars per plate?? That’s-- ...a lot--! I don’t understand why it has to be in charity dinner form? I mean… Why not donate it straight rather than spend half of the budget paying for the venue or maybe, the decoration…?”

Hunter lightly glanced at her before softly licking his lips.

“There’s a lot of organizations to donate, Claire… the donation doesn’t go to only one place.-- Shelters, schools, orphanages, small hospitals...which are scattered all around the country. This way, all the donations can be divided equally,--” he said, sighing as he looked away from her gorgeous eyes.

“--and I guess… by meeting at a charity dinner like this, people get more motivation to spread the giving spirit rather than just… collecting via phone which I could say, very rarely works,” he added.

Claire’s heart melts, sensing hints of Hunter’s great character. And she never gets used to the way he said her name, it never fails to make her heart beat faster.

Not to mention, Hunter looks amazing in his formal outfit which she realized from the moment she looked at him, and his cologne was very...inviting.

The way Hunter patiently explained everything just confirmed what Claire thought about Hunter all along.

He is a good guy, he can be good, gentle, and kind to people. Sadly, most of the time she’s just not them, Claire thought inside.

“I see…” Claire softly replied with a warm voice.

There she was, complaining about how she got uncomfortable with all the beautiful makeovers she went through for a good cause. How can she be that selfish? Maybe the whole night just really got under her skin considering she had to act out as his wife. She sighed.

She looked down at her lap, not long after, it’d crossed her mind aside from her thoughts, about her place of work. They need a touch of donors too, and that conversation with Hunter just gave her an idea, only she didn’t know how to say it without looking like she has a bad intention considering money issues tend to be a sensitive issue between them.

Well, at least for him.

But as if reading her mind, Hunter continued their conversation.

“At the same time, there’s a lot of organizations that are still unnoticed…like the one that you work in, perhaps?”

Claire looked into his eyes, slightly stunned with her parted lips, unsure what to say.

“Well, you can always use the card that I gave you, to donate…” He added without needing her answer. Hunter knew that the institution where Claire worked is one of the foundations that were not on their list.

“I...-- I’ll think about it…Thank you,” Claire softly responded.

She was about to say something when the door was opened from outside, they had arrived at the venue.

Hunter stepped down from the limousine and gave his hand to Claire. She took his hand and followed his lead.

In the lobby, a coat checker-butler helped Claire with her coat. And for a moment there, Hunter felt as if the time had stopped moving.

Or at least slowing down.

When the butler slid her coat down from Claire’s shoulders, Hunter couldn’t help but be stunned by Claire’s beauty and body.

Maybe, he should fire Crozaue as his friend for dressing up Claire with a backless gown that shows her perfect and glowing back skin. Making everyone tempted to look and maybe, touch.

And he’d never been so right since every guy in the room was just enjoying the same view as him, some were discreetly, and some were very obvious.

Claire’s dress fits her perfectly, a black evening gown the top part was corset style without sleeves. It has small sparkles all over the gown, making her beauty more glowing.

She’s looking sexy but innocent, elegant yet down to earth, she’s just perfect. Hunter slightly thought while gulping.

Maybe he was staring too long, because the next thing he knew Claire was staring back at him, and slightly tilted her head.

‘What are we waiting for?’ said her look at Hunter. Hunter quickly led her to the elevator.

The Charity Dinner was held on the 57th floor, which made Claire feel extra nervous inside the elevator with all the heights and the crowd she needed to impress.

She slightly closed her eyes and she took a deep breath, trying to relax.

Looking at that, Hunter clenched his jaws. He didn’t know since when he got the ability to know what she feels, but he knew that she was tense, maybe she got cold feet.

Isn’t it obvious? The way she always looked down on her feet, biting her bottom lips nervously, and quiet sighs from her, it doesn’t need the geniuses to see that she was under pressure. The pressure of the role of his wife.


The elevator stopped at the 57th floor, and when the door was opened, Hunter put his hand on Claire’s back.

His touch gave her extra chills through her spines even though his touch felt burning her skin.

She fought hard not to shiver or look at Hunter, focusing her thoughts on the place that was very well decorated. The place was enchanting with its chandeliers, flowers, and city lights that can be seen through the glass walls.

The first fifteen minutes, Hunter walked her around, introducing her to his colleagues, and acquaintances.

His friends were friendly, some were too friendly to her and Hunter, which sometimes made both of them secretly jealous, and suspicious in Claire’s end.

She couldn’t help to notice that Hunter was never the merry or friendly type, he was always looked cool and emotionless but still, too many ladies tried to flirt and get his attention. Usually by laughing too much, talking too much, or touching too much even though she’s standing right beside him.

All those behaviors just made Hunter immediately make excuses to leave politely.

Deep down Claire was happy inside to see how Hunter wasn’t interested at all, but then she remembered that maybe Hunter wasn’t being the real him, considering she was there with him.

It could be the way he protects his image as a loving husband and let’s not forget about the name Valerie here.

Is she here? She could be here, Claire suddenly thought.

“Hunter!” A guy called him from behind. He approached them and patted Hunter’s shoulder once before letting out a hand to shake.

“Sir,--” Hunter shook his hand before placing his hand back to Claire’s waist to introduce her, that’s the main reason they have to play the part that night anyway.

“--This is my wife, Claire Colten… Claire this is Mr. Ronald Rinaldi, my business partner,” he said smoothly.

“Pleased to meet you…” Claire let out a genuine smile while shaking his hand.

“Lovely to finally meet you… I’ve been waiting to meet someone who can tame the lion, haha…–” Mr. Ronald threw a teasing look at Hunter who vaguely smiled, a very polite smile.

A smile, that in Claire’s opinion was a disagreement.

“--My, my… No wonder he got knotted down this time…” Said Mr. Ronald, chuckling.

Claire was slightly looking down at the floor, feeling shy. She was never the kind of person that could take compliments well, moreover when she’s playing the role of someone’s wife. She just didn’t know how to react, the least that she could do was let out a soft smile.

Hunter on the other hand was torn between lots of emotions. One of them was the fact that she is really something, even other people see it too, the other one was that annoying feeling that kept telling him that he was into her, and the last one was the jealousy when every time some guy just admiring her a little bit too much until he got the feeling that that guy was into her too.

He shook off his feelings, looking away while putting his hand inside the pocket.

After a few small conversations, there were a few people joining their conversation. Mostly because Mr. Ronald called their colleagues when they walked past them, and just to introduce Claire to everyone.

Claire could feel that Hunter’s hand was around her back again when it got crowded, but then again he must have just played the role. She couldn’t blame him since a few gents there started to give them attention, and a few ladies there just can’t help faking a happy act on the outside but deep down they all despise Claire for being with Hunter.

She could feel it for sure. Not to mention, she’s good at reading gestures and body language. It’s her job.

And oh, yeah, the eyes never lie. She thought.

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