Falling For You (Unbreakable #3)

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“I've hated myself for a long time, Princess,” he exhaled, breaking my heart into thousands of pieces in just one sentence. “And that's why I believed there was no chance you might feel differently.” I wanted to interrupt him. Yet something in his gaze stopped me. My demon needed time to be able to tell me everything he wanted to. “But then you told me you could really love me,” he closed his mesmerizing eyes for a moment. For a brief moment before he fixed them on me again. “And I would sacrifice my whole heart just to deserve it. To deserve you.” And I couldn´t stand it anymore. “Then try me,” I whispered, approaching him. “Eric, light is easy to love. I want you to show me your darkness.” *** Holy Mother of All Gods of the Universe! With the existence of creatures of the supernatural world, I've always wondered whether Hell existed. And now, when I spotted her, sitting at a bar in a black fucking too short skirt, I just knew the Devil was real. And I bet that she had him wrapped around her little finger. My Dove, my greatest temptation, my greatest challenge. My greatest weakness, my absolution. But then I looked into her face and I… No. Her face, only her face alone was proof that Heaven must exist as well. And my Princess was made by God. Only He could create such a masterpiece. And that moment, I simply wanted to lay everything I had at her feet.

Romance / Fantasy
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This is the 3rd and final part of the Unbreakable series. The story contains scenes with mature content.

“What do you want from me?”

I shivered as the smile faded from his face and all that was left there was coldness and callousness. They dominated his expression; they dominated his eyes as he pressed his hand to my chest.

“Your heart,” he uttered quietly, “is mine.”

And then an unbearable pain paralyzed me.

I shot up into the sitting position, trying to catch my breath. Trying to get at least some oxygen into my lungs. Trying to keep my heart from jumping out of my chest.

My head dropped into my palms. I didn’t keep it upright, as if the blackness, overpowering my mind weighed at least a ton. I couldn’t wake up properly, yet I still perceived too vividly those tears streaming down my cheeks.

No, I wasn’t awake completely, yet I was fully aware of that one torturous fact.

The dream had returned.

That ugly dream, my nightmare that had been haunting me at the beginning of the school year was back. Only to scare me to death again.

I rubbed my face as if it could help me wipe out the terrifying feeling that clung to my whole body. But no. Instead, I shivered as my anxiety intensified. It devoured me. It seized me. It controlled me. And I fell back into my duvet, defeated.

Seconds were ticking in my head. I counted them just as I was counting them past couple of nights when I kept staring into the darkness of my room.

I knew what was coming. I knew what awaited me. However, I wasn’t able to stop it.

That helplessness swept me away over and over again.

The walls around me began to close in, making me feel as if I was being caught in a cage with no way out. I suffocated, I could only perceive the dreadful pain in my chest, I wanted to scream. But I wasn’t able to save myself.

As if there was nothing left that could save me.

Not even my demon.

Because he didn’t belong to me anymore.

It was as if with my new life, the old one disappeared for good. As if I was slowly falling awake. To a reality full of cold and emptiness. To the reality where there was nothing extraordinary, nothing supernatural. Just an everyday stereotype. Just phantom dreams without sighs to follow.

It was as if all I had left was a dying memory.

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