Falling For You (Unbreakable #3)

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My head?

It didn’t ache.

My brain?

It worked.

My body?

Perfectly relaxed.

I slept like a log, I slept better than that. I swear, I slept better than Sleeping Beauty in those hundred years.

I opened my eyelids and sighed happily as there was the Sun welcoming new day outside my windows. I opened my eyes just to spot it right away.

The boy thanks to whom I didn’t feel any fatigue at all.

It looked like an amazing morning indeed. But there was one thing missing to an absolute perfection. He wasn’t with me. This time, he wasn’t lying next to me.

He was still sitting in my chair just as I remembered from previous night. And I failed to suppress the burning disappointment that it wasn’t his embrace where I woke up in.

I had the impression that he´d done it on purpose. That he´d deliberately kept his distance, as if he wanted to give me space. As if he wanted to let me know that I didn’t have to be afraid of him. And yes, I appreciated it, I was grateful for that. Still, I couldn’t otherwise just admit that his hands simply belonged on my body.


He was sitting there motionless with his eyes closed even after I sat up. It confused me after his yesterday´s confession. I really didn’t know whether it was only my impression or he´d really fallen asleep. He said he could sleep, right?

I got out of my bed, I left those soft duvets behind me and walked slowly toward him. But no, he didn’t move. There was only peace dominating his beautiful face and I didn’t have the heart to disturb him. Not when he stayed awake whole night to make a dream for me.

I pulled some clothes out of my closet and as quietly as I could, I sneaked out of my room. I went straight to the bathroom, wishing my Uncle a beautiful day when I met him in the hallway. I took my time but returning back, I found my demon sitting in the same position.

It broke my heart, I really felt huge remorse as I was looking at him. I wanted to leave him like that, I just wanted to sit down and watch him until he wakes up. But the ugly, annoying building didn’t disappear overnight, and we both needed to go there.

I planned to address him softly to see whether he would react. However, that one look in front of me as I was approaching him, and my plan failed. My self-control fell apart. I didn’t suppress the need, I succumbed to it, and ran my fingers gently through his hair.

Because it was a damn great feeling.

Because I couldn’t fight it.

Because he looked so fucking cute at that moment.

And my demon opened his eyes.

He looked up at me, letting the corners of his mouth widen into a magical smile. And for the first time that morning, my heart woke up too. I was about to tell him that I appreciated what he´d done for me. But the way he was staring at me made it impossible, suddenly I couldn’t find the right words.

“Thank you,” I whispered softly, trying to return his smile.

He closed his eyes under my touch, he leaned his face toward my hand as if he himself was searching for my touch. “How did you sleep, Princess?” He asked me, fixing his gaze on me again.

“Awesome,” I told him the truth. And then I could watch the satisfaction growing in his expression. He didn’t have to say anything else; I knew he was happy to hear it.

“Now,” he spoke out nonetheless, breaking the short silence between us. “How about the kiss?”

I laughed as I recalled the reasons of his visit which he´d told me yesterday. I laughed, yes, I did, but my demon wasn’t kidding. I could tell he wasn’t joking just from the seriousness in his face. I swallowed dryly as all my desire to laugh was gone.

He was sitting in my chair in front of me, he was still sitting in the same place. And I couldn’t ignore his gaze, I couldn’t ignore the way it kept whispering to my heart. I couldn’t ignore the way my heart responded.

Because Eric Lestrad.

And his eyes.

I bent down to him, I slid with my fingers from his hair down his face. I traced the line of his jaw, and didn’t stop until I touched his chin. He obediently followed me as I slowly pulled him to me, my demon let himself be pulled without protest. His breath stuttered, and I didn’t breathe at all as I felt his mouth an inch away from mine.

I felt his breath on my skin, I felt how he stiffened, waiting. Because he really was, he was waiting for me to kiss him.

I swear the temperature in my room rose and all the air between us disappeared. And he breathed in as if he was searching for the last molecule of that vital substance. But then, he only leaned his nose to my nose as if giving up. As if realizing that there was nothing more essential than this moment when our lips almost touched.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

My beating thing under my ribs knew that its home was in his arms and now, it desperately desired to go back there. And I gently pressed my mouth to his. As gently as he always did to me. He moaned softly letting me realize that he was enjoying our connection as much as I did.

This time, it was his hand that dug into my hair. He pulled me to him in attempt to bring me closer. I obeyed him, refusing to release his lips. And as he placed his other hand on my back, I complied with him and straddled him.

He licked my lower lip and I understood he wanted to deepen our kiss. But it wasn’t him, it was me who sticked my tongue into his mouth. And my demon took a sharp breath as if I just reached the boundary of his self-restrain.

However, no. I supposed to kiss him, and I did. Yet, he was the one controlling me. I couldn’t help myself; I couldn’t stop kissing him. I would have done it until the end of the world. If he hadn’t separated our mouths.

“I want to do it for you, Dove,” he whispered, fixing the stunning brown on me. Practically, he didn’t allow me to look anywhere else. Or at least think. I had no idea what he was talking about, what he wanted to do for me. And my demon didn’t wait with his explanation: “I want to be here for you every night. I want to make sure you don’t have nightmares anymore.”


I got stuck not knowing what to tell him. What to answer him. As I had no idea where the button to restart my brain was.

“Don’t say no right away, Princess,” he said. “At least think about it, okay?”

He opened his hand and I saw my dragon pendant lying in his palm. He took it in both hands to pull it carefully over my head, not taking his eyes off me.

There was honesty what I recognized in his face. But I couldn’t decide, I truly didn’t know whether it was a good idea to have him in my room every night. The relationship between us remained quite complicated, and at this point, I really couldn’t estimate the consequences of my consent. I just nodded softly, promising him to think about it.

In the depths of my soul, I knew very well that I longed for his closeness. However, exactly due to the confusion I felt with him, due to the never-ending struggle of my feelings with my mind, it could be a disaster to have him here every night. After all, the more he kissed me, the more I was falling for him.

He had my heart; he owned my whole heart completely. Yet it was another piece of me that I laid at his feet again when he stood up, when he helped me stand up so we could go to school together.


I gave up sometime around the fourth period.

I´d learned my lesson yesterday, it didn’t make sense to keep trying to stop it. I simply gave in when it was nothing else but his lips that I could think of.

Nothing was able to distract me, nor my friends succeeded. Neither Jess and her latest catch from the mall. Neither Kyle nor his jokes. Not even Beckie blabbering something about a school party. Nothing, nothing at all.

Only my vibrating phone during the biology-class and his name on the display.

Eric: What are we going to do this afternoon, Princess?

I don’t know how about you babe, but I would like to start a rehab. From you.

Me: What are you thinking about?

Eric: You.


Eric: Sometimes naked.

Eric: Sometimes not.

What the fuck…?

I couldn’t help but laugh forgetting Beckie who was still sitting next to me. She raised an eyebrow at me, but thank heavens I didn’t have to explain myself to her as Mr. Bunsen started his teaching about neurons. Exactly the ones that stopped working somewhere in my head.

Me: If I had an emoji which rolls eyes instead of me, I would send it to you. But I don’t, so could you at least imagine it?

Eric: I heard that.

Me: You heard what?

Eric: That laugh.

Eric: Don’t deny it, Princess, I’m sitting in the class next door.

Eric: There are 82 fucking feet separating me from your lips.

Eric: I’m dying.

For heaven´s sake! Why? Why was the boy tormenting me so much?

Eric: Come out.

Holy crap!

Me: What?

Eric: Tell Mr. Bunson that you need to use the bathroom.

Was he out of his mind?

Me: No.

Eric: Please Lara, I have to kiss you.

And get caught in the middle of the hallway?

Me: No!

Eric: You’re killing me, you know that, right?

My ass!!!

No, it wasn’t possible, I had to laugh again. Although this time, I was extra careful to be quiet.

Me: Don’t pull my leg, Lestrad! Didn’t you happen to say that your heart is your only weakness? That it only can kill you?

Eric: Exactly.

Eric: My heart clings to your lips. And whenever we cling to something and lack it, the heart suffers, and it can kill us. That´s my destiny.


He confused me. He really confused me as there was almost nothing I knew about demons.

Besides, they’re damn handsome.

Me: Really? Can it really kill you?

Eric: No.

Eric: But the panties you took out of your closet this morning could.


I should have known he wasn’t sleeping! I should have just thrown him out of my room and not have regard for him!

Me: I’m done with this conversation.

Eric: No!

Eric: Wait.

Eric: Was it lace or silk?

Eric: I didn’t see well.

Eric: It tortures me.

I shook my head. Goddammit, I almost failed to suppress another fit of giggles. I tossed the phone into my bag as if it could help me to focus on something else. It didn’t. In less than a minute, I found myself nervously tapping my fingers on the desk.

Holy mackerel, his fucking bewitching lips!

I don’t know how I stood up; I have no idea how I managed to get to Mr. Bunsen’s table asking for a permission to use the bathroom. I seriously did it. I came out of my classroom and turned left. And I didn’t have to do anything else.

He was there.

My demon was standing there with an absolute charming smile and narrowed gaze that was literally burning me.

I didn’t stop and he didn’t hesitate to meet me either. He didn’t hesitate to take my face in his hands and press his mouth to my lips. And suddenly, I was the one dying. Exactly at the moment when his tongue caressed mine. He ran his hands through my hair, pressing me closer and I… I swear, I forgot even my name.

To say I would be able to protect myself against his demonic charisma?


I suffered when I had to break away from him. But I had to, I simply had to when he growled into my mouth. Out of the blue, it all seemed unbearable, his whole captivating personality completely disarmed me. And I still needed to return to my class looking like a normal human being with functional cortex. And not like I´d just drunk a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Because that kind of power his mouth had over me.

He wasn’t happy when I separated our lips. He didn’t hesitate to follow me, to lean to me again as if he wanted to kiss me again. It didn’t look like he planned to release me from his arms, but I truly was scared of being caught. And the longer we stayed here, the bigger the chance was.

I tore myself away from him but I didn’t want to leave him without a consolation either.

“It was lace,” I whispered softly in his ear before pressing the last kiss on his cheek.

A pretty painful moan escaped his throat as his hands squeezed my waist. But it was definitely worth the triumphant smile on my lips.



It didn’t help me either.

I only made it worse.

If I thought I couldn’t stop thinking about him, now the only memory of him kissing me was driving me insane. I even couldn’t tell what was exhausting me more. Whether it was the school or my annoying brain.

I had no other choice, I literally had to stop by a vending machine to buy a cup of coffee at lunchtime. I needed to refill my batteries and the bench there by the window looked like a little piece of heaven.

I sat down letting my gaze wander somewhere behind the glass wall. This was still my personal secluded place; nothing had changed about it. I still rarely saw anyone there and maybe that´s why I still liked to hide there when I longed to be alone.

And I really needed it now.

I recalled the day I last seeked this place. There was a puddle forming in that small concrete hollow as it was raining. It rained that day, it rained as much as I cried after seeing the boy, I loved kissing his ex-girlfriend. Six weeks passed since I witnessed it, most of the time we didn’t even talked to each other. And all of a sudden, it all seemed to be different. And I could only wonder when the change happened.


Due to what.

Maybe his kisses were responsible for my barriers to break down. I only knew I´d given up, I stopped trying to rebuild them. I didn’t have the strength to do it anymore. I was in love with him, I´d always loved him. He became my best friend, and I was dying to find out how he saw me.

Because he wanted to marry me in his own dream, yet he´d never said aloud that he had feelings for me.

And now, the weather outside was beautiful. And I was really considering of accepting his offer and go for a walk with him. Even though I was well aware that I should focus on cleaning the mess in my head. And his presence could scatter it even more.

A soft breeze made the tree branches dance. The sky looked strangely calm. It was a huge contrast to the sharp wind I felt on my skin on that freezing December morning.

I failed to suppress another memory. Instead, I closed my eyes recalling how beautiful the sky looked when we were standing on his lovely beach.

“Summer sunrises are beautiful,” he whispered in my ear back then, “but the winter ones have a special charm about them. I love this place. I come here when I want to be alone. It’s been a long time since I was here last, but I’m really happy to be here with you. To show you this place, Dove.”

I recalled the beautiful smile he had for me; I recalled his arms protecting me against the cold around us. No, I didn’t suppress that smile when I remembered how he made me climb the tree. I couldn’t stop smiling until I felt I was no longer alone.

I guess, I only automatically opened my eyes to find him sitting on the bench in front of me. My demon didn’t say a word, he was just staring at me in a pretty weird way. As if he was surprised, I don’t know, maybe disconcerted. Yet, I recognized an emotion mixed with tenderness in his captivating gaze.

I raised an eyebrow, I wanted to ask what had happened, whether something had happened. But my demon overtook me, he knocked out my diaphragm all over again taking my breath away.

“Summer sunrises are beautiful,” he said, “but the winter ones have a special charm about them. I love this place. I come here when I want to be alone. It’s been a long time since I was here last, but I’m really happy to be here with you. To show you this place, Dove.”


Wait a seco….


“You were thinking about me,” he whispered, and the emotion deepened in his expression. And my throat went dry.



Simply no!

“You were thinking about the day I kidnapped you. About the morning when we watched the sunrise together.”

This isn’t happening.

I´m just dreaming, right?

This can’t be happening!

Damn, can he read my mind?!

“How do you know that?” My voice suddenly sounded quite shaky. Perhaps I also felt dizzy as I immediately remembered what I had been thinking about couple of minutes ago.

“I heard it,” he admitted, and those excited sparks waking in his eyes couldn’t be overlooked. “I did hear you.”

Cruel reality, I greet thee!

“You weren’t in the lunchroom, so I went looking for you. And then I heard you. I mean, at first, I thought you were talking, but then I found you and you weren’t saying anything. Those were your thoughts.”

“Fuck!” I wasn’t able to control my mouth, I didn’t suppress my automatic reaction. And my demon burst out laughing. He laughed so much that I might have been worried about him falling off the bench. However, in exactly ten and a half seconds when he still couldn’t stop chuckling, I maybe wished he would.

“It was just a flash, Dove.” Perhaps he tried to calm me down. But no, it didn’t help. “I have no idea what you´re thinking about right now. Even though I dying to. According to your facial expression, it must be something pretty funny.”

And the envoy from my personal hell burst into a guffaw again. I was turning pale there and he was grinning.

Cool, isn’t it?

“How is that possible?” I asked the first thing I needed an answer to. The second one – how to stop it – was about to follow right after.

But my demon just shrugged cheerfully and gave me the worst possible answer: “I don’t know. But I won’t pretend to mind.”

My hand reflexively shot up to punch him in the chest. However, all I achieved was his not very successful attempt to stop giggling. I mean, the boy was literally shaking with laughter.

“Maybe you wanted me to hear it,” he offered me his theory.

“Sure,” I snorted immediately, adding an extra sarcastic taste to the tone of my voice.

“Subconsciously, Dove.”

“No!” I vehemently refused this option. Or any other option. “I don’t want you to see into my head.”

The corners of his lips twitched… Oh here we go, again! The amusement literally shone from his whole attitude as he leaned to me. “Why?” He asked, he really asked me something like that! Moreover, he winked at me innocently: “Are you having any debauched thoughts? Cause´ if you do, I’ll be happy to join.”

I snorted again, I snorted aloud in case he´d overheard it. I only wished to be so cheerful as he was. But no, there was a colossal mess in my head, and I didn’t want him to see it. I didn’t want him to know that he was the reason of it.

The sun was still shining outside, the trees were still dancing. Just like five minutes ago when it was one problem less that I had to deal with it.


His voice, the only word, the name he´d uttered, interrupted my thoughts. “Do you remember her?”

It confused me as I didn’t get why he was talking about her, why he asked. Still, I nodded. I remembered her, his friend who had brought me back to life on the cold Valentine´s night by using some kind of spells. Or magic. Or what the hell it was.

And then it surprised me when I looked at him, and there were no hints of his previous amusement in his face. My demon became serious, maybe too serious as he quietly said: “I can’t read her mind either, Princess. Unless she lets me herself. “

I raised an eyebrow, I kept staring at him. Yet, I had no idea what to tell him. Whether I should respond that.

Does he want to point out that I have something in common with a… witch?

“That’s why it occurred to me,” he confessed, confirming my assumption. “Maybe you wanted me to hear it even though you think you didn’t. Subconscious is pretty powerful when it comes to… my world.”

I swallowed.


“Can you get into her head?” I asked without hesitation. “Can you compel her?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Mia is strong enough to defend herself against me. But she can let me in if she wants to.”



So, he couldn’t read my mind and hers either. But I needed a magical amethyst to be protected against his mind-influence and she didn’t.

That was a good sign, right?

That meant we weren’t the same, didn’t it?


“I want to try it.”

I had to look at him as deathly silence followed my remark. I looked at him, and I… Fuck! Suddenly, I couldn’t look anywhere else anymore.

Perhaps for the millionth time, I realized that the boy sitting in front of me was completely different. He was my demon and yet, it was totally human feelings he evoked in me.

Because his shoulders looked damn firm in the black T-shirt he was wearing. And his whole scent was doing funny things to my self-orientation. He was returning my gaze as if he had no idea how I saw him. What I thought about him. How much I wanted to curl up in his arms.

He was staring at me as if he couldn’t tell whether I meant it.

But I did.

“Okay,” he muttered eventually. Too softly. Too carefully.

He sat closer to me, he pulled himself to me, dammit, he offered me his divine scent on a silver plate. With a beautiful decor.

“Try to think of something you want to tell me, Dove,” he smiled. “I mean really want to tell me. Otherwise, your mind will defend itself. Try a memory again.”

I understood what he was saying, I immediately closed my eyes trying to focus and no, I didn’t do very well. His whole closeness was suddenly far too distracting. But I also refused to support his ego and ask him to sit on his previous place, a couple of inches away from me.

“I want to kiss you, Lara,” I heard his deep voice in my head. “I want to kiss you so much that I would die without hesitation right now.”


I didn’t want to remember this moment, yet I failed to stop recalling it. How heavily he was breathing into my mouth whispering words that made me carve his name into my soul.

“I want to kiss you, Princess, and never stop. I want to kiss you until you forget how to breathe. Until you forget about all the reasons for not returning my kisses. Until I am the only one you want to kiss. I want to taste you, to claim your every breath and all the oxygen you exhale. I want all that to be mine.”

I almost shivered as the rush of desire nearly overwhelmed me. I swear my heart was pounding as crazily as on the night he pressed his lips to mine for the first time. But when I opened my eyes, one look at him was enough for me to understand that he didn’t read any of my thoughts.

Perhaps because I truly didn’t want him to hear it.

I closed my eyes again, now trying to remember something that I wouldn’t mind sharing.

“Can I help you?” I found myself back in October.

“I’d like to apologize. I know I acted like an idiot. And I’m sorry about Scotch’s party too. I spoiled a nice evening and I’m really sorry about it.”

“Who are you and what did you do to Eric?”

I didn’t stop the corners of my mouth that widened into a huge smile as I recalled the day, we started to talk to each other. I mean like a normal, not hateful talking. I opened my eyes again to find out whether he´d heard something. However, my demon just shook his head, frustrated.

“Nothing, Dove,” he admitted in a broken voice, as if he had lost a war. “I didn’t catch anything.”

Well, I was relieved. I really was as everything seemed to be alright again. Perhaps that before was only some kind of my brain´s temporary failure, and now it was fixed. Everything was perfect.

Until he opened his mouth. “You’re not focusing enough!” he accused me.



Oh yes! He did blame me for not hearing me! Just the expression on his face made my blood pressure rise.


Maybe I would be able to focus if you didn’t let your lips floating right in front of my nose!

And my demon took a pretty sharp breath.


He didn’t hear that, did he?

Did he???

He narrowed his eyes at me, and I got my answer two seconds later. Two seconds that were too short for me to prepare for it.

His lips hit mine.

He didn’t wait for me to agree, he didn’t ask for a permission. Suddenly, he conquered my mouth with his tongue and his hands usurped my body as he grabbed my butt and dragged me onto his lap.

As when bomb explodes, the boy stopped controlling himself.

But I wasn’t restrained either.

Those firm shoulders I admired few minutes ago, I didn’t hesitate to wrap my arms around them. Though I wasn’t sure what seemed to be more urgent at the moment. Whether I needed to hug him so badly, to press myself to him even closer. Or whether I needed support as it was me this time who almost fell off the bench.

Cause´ there was nothing subtle about the way he took my lips.

About the way he moaned into my mouth when he squeezed my ass pulling me against his crotch.

Oh yes, my demon was being possessive.

And I loved it.

I gave as good I got; I imprisoned his hips between my thighs forcing him to growl again. I responded in kind to his kisses letting my tongue voicelessly say, talk about all the passion he made me feel. I didn’t care that I wasn’t breathing, I just needed to taste him. And then again. And again.

I couldn’t care less that we were sitting in the school corridor, that someone could show up there.

His fingers caressed bare skin of my back as he slid his hands under my T-shirt. Hell, the boy knew very well how to make a girl beg for his touches. Whatever he was drawing on my loins, it was so soft yet unbearably intense that I was close to moaning too.

But I needed to feel him, I needed to fondle his skin as well. All my senses were demanding his body, his muscles, the fucking divine feeling I found only curled in his arms. No, I couldn’t fight the urge, I let my hands wandered down, I laid them on his chest.

Fuck, didn’t he really know it?

How crazy I was about his heavy breath? About the way his chest rose quickly against mine? As if he himself had to try really hard to be able to catch his breath.

And I didn’t feel differently, my lungs lacked the vital substance that could oxygenate my brain. Like seriously lacked as my vision turned cloudy. So badly his kisses affected me. Or it wasn’t them. A second later, I wasn’t so sure.

When there was a girl, I saw in my mind.

A dirty girl, her whole face muddy. It threw me off balance, it did. But the horror in her eyes disconcerted me more. She was truly afraid of something.

“Please help me,” she whispered.

And then she disappeared.

It scared me, or surprised me, maybe both. I automatically pulled myself away from my demon as I had no idea what that supposed to mean, what had just happened. I just stared at him blankly and it also took me a while to recognize the panic, growing exponentially in his eyes.

“Dove, forgive me,” his voice broke. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


What the fuck?

What did he do?

“I’m so sorry,” he rubbed his face with his palms. Or perhaps, he couldn’t even look at me. “The more time I spend with you, the more I lose the ability to control my hormones.”



The hellish envoy seemed to be quite disoriented. And it was hot… Man! He looked so sexy! But I had a bigger problem right now. Cause´…

What the hell was he talking about?

“What are you apologizing for?” I simply asked.

For the girl in my head, right?

He lowered his head guiltily, his gaze dropped somewhere on the floor. Suddenly I was pretty eager. All of a sudden, I just needed to know. And thank heavens, he didn’t let me wait too long. “I didn’t want to jump on you like that, I swear, I didn’t!” he said. However, he said completely different thing than I expected to. “I mean, I wanted to, oh… I did! But not without your consent.”

I see.

So… Not for the girl in my head.

Damn, what had just happened?

“No, I didn’t mind,” I said slowly. I didn’t even think much about what I was telling him, because there were other worries that my obviously uncooperative brain needed to solve now. And something within me told me that I should keep it to myself. That I shouldn’t tell him about it. “I swear I didn’t mind; I was just afraid someone might come, you know. I thought I heard voices.”

I definitely shouldn’t tell him. I was sure about it as the guilty look on his face didn’t change at all. There were thousands of reasons why he thought he wasn’t good enough for me, and I didn’t want to add another one to the list.

A little hope flared in his eyes, and I wanted to make it grow. At least I tried to show him that I didn’t lie with my smile. Eh, screw smiling, he was my demon, and I curled up to him without further hesitation. I hugged him just to feel his whole body relax. And he took a deep breath and pressing his lips to my forehead, he wrapped his arms around me.

And everything would be alright.

If my head stopped screaming.

It wasn’t he who was playing with my mind, it couldn’t have been him. After all, my dragon pendant was hanging around my neck. The magical amethyst protected me from his mind-controlling. The girl in my head wasn’t Eric’s job.

But the second option was worse.

The second alternative that my own brain was playing with me. That I hallucinated. It didn’t take me long, I immediately recalled when I hadn’t trusted my own mind for the last time. Back in autumn, when I was mesmerized by the elements in a weird way.


I didn’t want to even think about the possibility that this strange fascination may have returned. Nor did I understand why now. Why there was a three-month break between those eclipses of my brain.

Three months.

The last three months.

Absolutely terrifying three month when I was without my demon.

Without a real demon who would affect me.

Exactly the one demon with whom I was spending just as much time as before.



I couldn’t help but feel sorry for that poor flower.

It was slowly withering as it had to grow in the shadows of the other flowers which kept the sun from caressing it. The little bloom had become an outsider, and I was kind of annoyed by this injustice.

Maybe I shook my head over my own insanity, yet I didn’t suppress the compulsive need to push the remaining flowers out of the way. To give that half-dead one a chance to recover.

I straightened up leaving Eric’s embrace, I broke away from his chest so I could realize my intention. And yes, I noticed how he jerked as soon as I disappeared from his arms.

I liked it.

He took me for a walk eventually, and we ended up sitting on a bench in the park. I couldn’t get enough of the awakening spring; I couldn’t get enough of his presence as he leaned me against his firm chest.

“What´re you doing, Dove?” He looked at me curiously as I moved three or four feet away from him to get to the flower.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, telling the truth. Because I really didn’t know. “It simply pisses me off that this flower doesn’t have the chance to grow because it lacks the sun. The other flowers could have grown because they didn’t miss it, and now they’re preventing this one from trying by shielding it. It seems unfair to me.”

Yes, my explanation sounded crazy even in my head, but my demon just smiled beautifully at me. He didn’t say a word, not a single word, he just got up to join me.

However, while I was trying to move the other flowers from the way – obviously in vain as they always returned to their original position, he took my outsider-bloom in his hands instead.

And I stopped.

I simply stopped doing whatever I was doing. I stopped perceiving reality, I stopped breathing. At that moment, I only was able to stare at him.

He closed his eyes, he leaned to the flower, and I got the impression as if he was quietly speaking to it. As if he was holding the most fragile thing, he could ever hold. And in that second, he looked so stunning that I was actually afraid to breathe just so I wouldn’t disturb him.

And then I stopped thinking.

I´m not lying, I did, I really did.

Because the flower, dammit, the flower came to life under his touch!

Like when the painter touches a blank canvas, like when the rain touches the dry grass or a man touches his mistress, I swear, the flower revived! I swear! As if it was a girl, she turned to him on her stem, as if listening to him. As if she seriously could understand what he was saying to her.

Suddenly, her colors seemed richer as if he were telling her that she was beautiful and she blushed. She changed, she started to bloom in his palms, and it took her only couple of seconds to look more enchanting than any of the other flowers that prevented the sun from reaching her.

Is this even possible?

Am I dreaming?

“Holy crap!” I exhaled, having a lot of troubles to believe my eyes. “How did you do it?”

He looked up, my demon looked at me, and the damn gorgeous live sparks that ignited in his eyes, reliably brought me to my knees.

“I gave her the idea of ​​the sun, Dove,” he laughed softly.

I see.

Of course!

Cause´ that´s how it´s usually done.

How come I didn’t think of it?

So simple!

I swallowed my sarcastic remarks. Not a beep came out of my throat as I watched him stroking her. “Every living thing, even those inanimate have their spirit, Princess. Whether you´re talking to them with words or caress them with a touch, they perceive you. People only forgot about it.”

Oh, gosh!

Could this boy be more perfect?

I was drowning in the depts of his brown eyes unable to answer him at lest something. Unable to decide what made me fall for him even harder. Whether the growing tenderness in his face or this gently side of his he´d let me know.

But my demon got serious. He raised his hand to stroke my hair just as carefully. He tucked it behind my ear, and I understand where his thoughts were heading to as he asked quietly: “Have you considered my offer?”

I didn’t have to think twice, I immediately knew what he was asking about. And it was interesting, very interesting. Because I considered refusing him this morning. And now…

“Do you swear not to take advantage of it?” I had to ask one more time. I needed him to understand that this was damn important to me.

No more wedding-like dreams?

“I swear,” he said without any sign of hesitation.

And I didn’t have to say anything else, he already knew my answer.

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