Falling For You (Unbreakable #3)

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His eyebrows puckered into a narrow line, my demon frowned pretty unhappily when he had to grab my butt and pull me closer to him. When he had to catch me because I almost fell off him. I really almost fell on the ground, hearing him say that one name.


The awaited shock, even dismay were finally here.

“What?” I said, surprised. Or to be more specific, I think I reached some pre-collapse state. “In what kind of Universe can you two be related?”

I failed to watch over my mouth, I forgot I wanted to be careful what I was saying. I forgot I wanted to control the expression on my face. I promised myself that nothing would disconcert me and here we go, he threw me off balance after all.

I mean, it didn’t matter. Whether Leroy was his brother or not, I didn’t care. I swear, I wouldn’t care even if he was a true envoy from gates of Hell. I would still love him exactly the same.

But yeah, this was that kind of news which was capable of making the firm soil underneath my feet flutter. Too breaking to keep a poker face.

“Forgive me, Princess,” he whispered. Compared to me, he spoke quietly. “There are things I didn’t want to tell you just because I was afraid of you not accepting them. And this is one of them.”

The damn despair didn’t leave his gaze forcing me to collect myself straightaway. I hugged his face with my hands again as it was perhaps the only way to make him look at me. I needed him to look at me. I needed him to look me in the eye so he could see himself that I was being serious.

“It doesn’t change the way I feel about you, Eric,” I tried to smile. Or at least I tried to cover up my exaggerated reaction. “Okay, I don’t deny that it shocked me, because you two are diametrically opposed. But I still don’t want to run away from you. Bah! You´re gonna have to try a lot harder to scare me off!”

The corners of his lips twitched as I added a little bit of drama to my speech. But it was worth it, it was definitely worth those glimpses of hope that lit up his eyes. Finally, he kept returning my gaze out of his free will and I wished so badly that he believed me.

And maybe he truly did when he took a deep breath to continue talking. “He was the first victim of my father. He turned Leroy into a demon sooner than me. But Leroy was too weak. According to our father, he didn’t handle the transformation. And that´s why he left him alone, he let him die. I really found him in a poor state.”


Excuse me?



Poor condition?

Are we still talking about the sadistic bastard with baroque castle?

“You know,” I cleared my throat, trying to sound casual this time. “I’d be quite interested to know how he became so… Leroy…ish.”

Twitching of those bewitching lips stopped, now it was a rather ironic smile that the mouth of the boy in front of me spread into. He looked down as if ashamed.

“That’s my job, Dove.”

My eyebrows shot up. At that first moment, his statement surprised me. At that second one, another flash of memory ran through my head.

“We used to be exactly the same,” he told me once. “I took care of him. He is who he is only thanks to me. I taught him all of that.”

“When I figured out what was on my father´s mind, the way he was thinking …,” my demon brought me from reminiscing back to him. Actually, he had immediately my full attention.

“Weren´t you able to read his mind?” I interrupted him automatically.

I got my answer, I got it right away when he shook his head no. “No, I wasn’t.” he exhaled defeatedly. “Just like I can’t read Mia´s or Sophie´s minds ...”

“Or my mind,” I said it out loud. I said it for him as he obviously didn’t want to. But ignoring it didn’t mean that the problem would disappear. And I had some kind of pretty weird feeling, we would have to face this fact very soon.

“What happened then?” I asked, trying to forget about it for now, trying to dispel my fear. “What happened when you figured out your father?”

Oh, this wasn’t fair!

I was sure that it must have been his attempt to distract me when he ran with his nose over my neck, letting me feel his lips touching my skin. Dammit! When his tongue tasted its curve, I simply knew I still didn’t regain my self-control.

I giggled; I couldn’t help but look for his mouth to returned him his kiss. But my demon got serious again, it must have been clear to him that I definitely wanted to hear his answer.

“I found the way to kill my father, to avenge my mom and myself,” he said, giving up. “It involved a complicated ritual though and I couldn’t have handled it alone. That’s why I left him, I ran away from him and looked for my brother.”

He closed his eyes, reminiscing and I clenched his hand to show him my support.

“François was… Well, he was really dying at that time. And I took care of him,” he admitted not very enthusiastically.

“Of course, you did, Eric. He´s your brother after all,” I tried to see only the good side of it. To make him stop feeling remorse.

But my demon shook his head.

“There was no compassion in my intention, Princess,” he sighed. “After what I´d become, there wasn’t a bit of good or hope in me. I took care of him because my father destroyed him jus as he destroyed me. But he was part of my plan in the first place. And I taught him to control, to captivate, to gain power. I showed him how to take what he himself wanted not caring about the others. I made the same monster of him as my father had made of me. As you know him today.”


That maybe wasn’t the best decision of his at all. And seeing how Eric´s head dropped I knew that he regretted it.

“We killed him together, we did it, our father paid for what he´d caused us. And I had my revenge. Suddenly, he was really dead. But it didn’t change anything about who I was, who I´d become.”

It might have been a little twisted, yet I didn’t suppress the feeling of satisfaction. I felt satisfied for my demon. Although, the point was actually still not very clear to me.

“Who did you become, Eric?” I asked quietly. “How does a person become a demon?”

He fixed his big, beautiful eyes on me. For a moment, he studied me too intensely. At first, I thought he was struggling with himself whether to tell me or not. However no, the hellish envoy was just searching for the right words. For the best way to explain it to me.

“Do you remember what I told you about body and soul?” He finally asked me this one question. I lost myself in my memories only to really remember. I recalled the evening when he let me into his world for the first time. A night after I´d given him my soul.

“Every human being has its tangible and intangible part,” I repeated his words. “The body and then the soul. And one can´t survive without one or another.”

“Exactly,” he smiled at me a little only to get serious again. “A body without a soul dies, but people like my father, people with supernatural powers, with the ability to control black magic, have the strength to curse a body without a soul and thus create a demon.”

I see.

“So, demons can be created from a body without a soul only,” I tried to understand. “But people like your father can’t steal a man’s soul.”

“Yes,” he nodded. “Only demons can steal a man´s soul. But they don’t have the ability to control black magic.”



Someone like his shitty father can create a demon, but first they need a soulless body.

And someone like my demon, can steal a man´s soul but he doesn’t have the power to create a demon out of him.

I guess my head started to ache.

“I think, I understand the point,” I was thinking aloud. And then I wasn’t anymore as he dug his fingers into my hair only to keep stroking them. “But why are demons considered …”

I got stuck, I froze as I realized what I was about to say.

“As monsters?” He finished it for me, shrugging indifferently. “We don’t have a soul, Dove. The only way to survive is to take it from others, but …”


I see.

We exchanged. It was my demon who got stuck now. And I finished it for him: “A man can’t live without a soul.”

He didn’t answer, he said nothing, he remained completely silent. And I just knew it. His guilty expression told me, that whatever he wanted to confess me right now, wasn’t easy for him.

“There are things I’ve done that I’m not proud of. Things that will never stop haunting me and I will carry them with me forever. Things I never wanted you to know.”

“What if I told you, I did bad things Really bad things?”

My mind wandered again to the day we sat together on the cliff, and he confessed it to me for the first time. I promised, I promised him twice that he could keep this secret to himself, and I meant it. But the truth was I didn’t need to ask about it now. Slowly but surely, I started to realize how my demon had survived.


I intended to keep my promise, I didn’t want to ask him what kind of bad things he´d done. But he just closed his eyes and exhaled heavily only to search for my gaze again. “I killed people before, Lara. I killed witches, I killed everyone who stood in my way.”

My heart skipped a beat.

Or two.

Maybe three.

A deathly silence fell between us as I had no idea what to say to him. And my demon suddenly looked like as if being dragged to the gallows. As if waiting for me to stand up and leave him.

I didn’t intent to.


I was…

I mean, I couldn’t say I didn’t care, I did. A lot. He used a past tense though, and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of that monster in the demon I knew.

“Can you look me in the eye and swear that it´s your past only? That it doesn’t concern your present?” I recalled asking him the night when I found out about who he was.

“I swear, I buried my past a long time ago. And I never want to fall back into my old ways again.”

The utter despondency, the hopeless look on his face couldn’t be overlooked as he kept staring at me. The gentle touches in my hair stopped, I didn’t feel them anymore, as he let his hand fall down defeatedly. He had to see it, he had to see the realization in my eyes.

“I´m not gonna judge you,” I whispered. I dared to touch him instead, to run my fingers through his cheek only to hug his face with my hand right after. “You promised me twice, you´re no longer like that. We cannot change our past, Eric. What´s happened, happened. All I care about is your presence.”

It didn’t change a lot, my demon still looked like he didn’t understand why I was sitting here with him. And I, at that moment I truly realized that he´d never forgiven himself.

“Stop that sad face,” I smiled at him, I did my best to cheer him up. “C´mon pretty boy, is that all you´ve got? You´re still not trying enough to shock me! I´m not going anywhere!”

I kissed his nose, I kissed his forehead, I started to trail soft pecks all over his face exactly as he used to do to me. Until I heard a quiet chuckle, until his arms returned on my body, and I felt him pulling me closer to him.

“Perfect,” he whispered into my mouth. “In one word, you´re simply perfect to me.”

The smile on my face grew wider, I didn’t hesitate to end up my kissing attack at his lips. I passed all the love I felt onto his mouth and when he moaned quietly, I knew that everything was alright. Or at least good enough for him to talk further.

“What happened then?” I didn’t cover up the curious tone of my voice. “How come you changed completely while Leroy stayed… well, Leroy?”

And my demon exhaled heavily. It was hard to read in his eyes as he let his gaze stray somewhere behind me. But I could swear, I saw a hints of despair there, a regret, making me sure of one thing

“You built a bond with each other, didn’t you?” I said rather than asked.

“Twisted, but yes,” he smiled bitterly. “He was my brother; we were united by the same fate. Even though he is a few years older than me, I took care of him. There were times when we were really the same, when we were thinking the same way, when we did everything together. There were times when he was my only family.”

My eyebrows shot up and I was thanking heaven that he kept talking without me forcing him.

“After everything that happened, I ran away from Will. Although he begged me to stay, I wasn’t able to look him in the eye anymore. He was the last that bonded me to humanity, and I wasn’t able to bear the thought I would never be the same again. He got seriously ill back then, and out of gratitude for everything, I saved his life, prolonging it. But I couldn’t live with him. Not when the dark side took hold of me. I only stayed with Leroy. We were alone for a couple of decades, but over time we came across a few others who were like us.”

His memories seemed unpleasant; it was tearing my heart to see how it still bothered him. Even after so many years.

“And I took advantage of that.”

There was no point in guessing what he meant, I obediently waited for him until he tucked my hair behind my ear and stroked me, as if he suddenly needed to do it. As if it could calm him down somehow.

“It´s not true that I am, that I was incapable to feel, Dove. I felt hatred, I felt grudge, rancor. I hated people like my father. I hated everyone with supernatural powers.”

I wasn’t really sure whether it was good because he felt at least something. Or whether it was bad because it just made him fall for his demonic side even more.

“I used our little wicked Brotherhood to hunt them down, and I didn’t care whether they were practicing black or white magic.”

I see.

In other words, lots and lots of innocents.

“That was the blackest period of my existence,” he admitted quietly. “Terribly long days and even longer nights. Months, years, decades. As if I was lost and roaming in some kind of black hole. Without a purpose, without a goal, without anything to hold on to.”

I didn’t suppress the impression as if my demon was talking with disgust. As if he truly hated reminiscing about this period of his life. But then it didn’t make sense, none of it was clear to me.

“Then why did you live like that?” I simply asked as I wanted to understand him.

“Because it’s like a drug addiction, Dove.” He gave me my answer, not looking very happily. “It’s eating you alive, you’re decaying, it’s slowly killing you. But I couldn’t die, I was just falling for it more and more. And if there had been anything human left in me, it slowly turned into stone.”

I held my breath as it all weighed heavily on my mind. Yet, something inside me whispered that he finally believed me. That he finally got rid of the fear of talking to me.

“What was like drug addiction? What do you mean?” I had to ask. If he had his demons too, I wanted to know them. And if it was necessary, I was ready to fight them with him. “What was eating you alive?”

He looked back at me and suddenly, he seemed to be terribly tired.

“Having a power, Princess,” he said guiltily.


“Demons have no souls,” he repeated what he´d already told me. “The only way to survive is to take it from others. But there is a very thin line which can be crossed so easily.”

No, I still didn’t understand him. And he must have seen the confusion in my face as he didn’t wait for me to ask.

“When I killed someone, his soul passed on me. I engulfed it. And that feeling… It was hilarious, overwhelming, too alluring. As if I took a dose of a drug. I practically absorbed his life energy which made me stronger, more powerful. And the more I had, the more I wanted. But the more I wanted, the more it controlled me. And the more it controlled me, the more it ruined me. It wasn’t about my survival anymore. I killed because it made me mighty. And I didn’t care about anything else.”

It dawned on me, his words dawned on me, and I finally started to understand the essence of the demons. And the boy in front of me who belonged to them only confirmed my presumption. “This is my curse, Dove. This is the curse of all demons. I became my father.”

I shook my head strongly as I disagreed with him. Damn! I knew him, I did! And I couldn’t imagine that he´d been once completely different. That he´d been once the same as Leroy.

Simply impossible.

“No, you didn’t!” My fingers intertwined with his as if they had their own will, as if they knew they belonged with his hand. “You´ve changed, Eric. I don’t care what it looks like, I don’t see even a bit of evil in you.”

His lips curled up into a shy smile as he nodded uncertainly. “Yeah, I´ve changed,” he agreed. “I met my rescue.”

My eyebrows shot up again, but I still couldn’t help but feel relief when his body relaxed.

“I am responsible for many lives, Princess, I admit it. Although I never wanted you to know about it, the truth is, that I was a monster once. I killed anyone who stood in my way until I came across a pain in my ass who I couldn’t have killed.”

At that moment, that single glance at those sparks, igniting in his eyes and I immediately understood.

“Mia,” I said her name. “You mean Mia, don’t you?”

“Damn, the girl was so annoying!” He burst out laughing cheerfully. “I could have taken her life within a nanosecond and yet, she didn’t stop haunting me until she really changed me. And as much as I kept cursing that she didn’t leave me alone back then, I´m very grateful to her today.”


Me too!

“She tried, she kept trying until she found the good, buried somewhere deep inside of me. It took me an awful long time, but in the end, I did change everything about me.”

Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough of the shine that lightened up my demon´s face. It literally made my heart pound, pumping enthusiasm into my veins. I was happy for him; I was so happy he´d found a way out of his personal hell.

“It wasn’t easy at first,” he let his gaze fall upon our connected hands. “I travelled a lot back then, I tried somehow to atone for everything bad I´ve done. And that´s how I met Tamara.”


Wait a second…

When was it?

“I found her in a dilapidated house, in Russia, a few years after the First World War,” he smiled. “She lost her whole family, and I just couldn’t have resisted her. Mon Dieu! She was so innocent, co cute, so shy little girl.”

I burst out laughing, I had to laugh along with him as this word combination didn’t really fit to his eccentric, extrovert and always charming sister. At least not how I knew her.

“I took her in, I took care of her.” I liked that the cheerfulness didn’t leave his expression. I never wanted it to leave him. “And she reminded me of what I had and voluntarily gave up. I longed to see Will again, I longed to know whether he was doing good. And when I found the courage to return home, he didn’t hesitate to welcome me back, to welcome both of us. I´ll never be able to make it up for him.”

It sounded as a happy ending of his story. However, … Well, yes, his words made me get stuck.

“How is that possible, Eric?” I was curious. “You said that Will and Tammy are perfectly human and yet, they… didn’t seem to age …”

He nodded, interrupting my confused thinking. Making my eyebrows reach for the heavenly heights. “It´s one of my powers, Princess. Just like I can heal, I can prolong a human´s life.”


“Really?” I whispered as I couldn’t find my voice anyway. “How do you do that?”

But my demon just shrugged casually.

“It’s exhausting, you know. No demon really does that cause´ it costs them their strength. But I owe them. And besides, I can’t live without my family. Sometimes, I had the feeling that Will is undergoing it only for me and I accept it selfishly. Because I’m still not ready to lose him.”

I understood him, I did as the mere thought of losing my parents was excruciating.

“Or to lose my sister,” he added. “I had to tell her what I am when she was older. I couldn’t hide that I didn’t age a day over the years. I gave her a choice and she came to me herself when she was nineteen. And since that day, well, she´s nineteen.”

I laughed shortly when he smiled playfully. Yet, I failed to suppress the thought running across my mind. Because yes, my demon was immortal and I… I was still human.

This morning, I wasn’t able to tell how the things between us would develop. But now I knew how he felt about me. And I was sure I loved him. I was definitely sure I didn’t want to lose him either.

“What happened to Leroy?” I asked as I urgently needed to fill my head with something else. “You two stayed in touch, didn’t you?”

The joy vanished from my demon´s eyes and the regret returned. And I might have had remorse that I´d asked at all.

The boy in front of me sighed heavily though as he didn’t hesitate to answer me. “I tried to change him as well, Dove. After all, he is my brother. I tried to show him the better way, but I only saw a contempt and a disgust in his mind. That´s when I realized that he would never be able to get out his demonic way. He didn’t take it very well when I decided to live on my own. But yes, we stayed in touch, and I never left the Brotherhood.”


It surprised me even more, but I said nothing. I didn’t say a word as I assumed that he had a serious reason why he stayed a part of that sick community of demons.

And indeed, my demon had.

“They would have continued to kill with or without me. By staying a part of them, I could have protected the innocent at least. I was able to keep them under control.”

I see.

“But I don’t want to anymore,” he exhaled defeatedly. “I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore.”

I opened my mouth to finally say something, yet no sound came out of my throat. Cause´ I actually didn’t know what I wanted, what I should say. I knew his story now, that true, but I was sure there were lots of details I was still missing.

“Because of you.”


“I have to free myself of them, so no one from my world can threaten you again.”


He rubbed his face with his palms as if it could help him shake off his worries. And then, the tenderness which he pressed his lips to my forehead with, almost suffocated me. “I would die if something happened to you.”

It touched me; his confession truly touched me deeply. Even though I wanted to look at him, the urge to snuggle up to him was bigger, overwhelming. I leaned my head against his shoulder, and he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around my body. And at that moment, watching his naked chest rise and fall in peaceful breaths was the most stunning view I could have had.

“Could they hurt me?” I asked quietly. I didn’t want to make him even more worry, but I needed to know whether I should be careful. Because there was no way I would be willing to throw my demon out my life.

His fingers wandered into my hair again only to start stroking me. It calmed me down, it did. But I was still fully aware of the seriousness of his answer.

“Yes.” I recognized the honesty in his voice, and I appreciated it. I really appreciated that he didn’t hide it from me anymore although it couldn’t have been more obvious how much he didn’t like me to know.

“If you´re human girl, Dove, they probably won´t care. Humans are always just a temporary affair as we don’t age. However, they could hurt you to hurt me. As a revenge for leaving them.”

What do you mean if I am …?

“But if there´s something supernatural sleeping in you…”


I felt the tension suddenly radiating from his chest. Only then did I realize that my body stiffened too.

“I already told you I felt something in you,” he exhaled heavily. “And Leroy felt it too.”

Well, that´s not a very good sign, is it?

“And let´s not forget about your fascination with the elements.”

And the girl in my head!

“And I can´t read your mind.”

Icing on a cake!

“A demon getting involved with somebody who we actually hunt is out of the question.”

I dared to touch his chest, I let my fingers trail the lines of his tattoo. The one which had almost disappeared on that freezing Valentine´s night. For some reasons, I knew it was a connection between him and supernatural world.

“I´m not gonna lie to you, Princess. In three-hundred years, I haven’t met a human whose mind I couldn’t have read.”

It dawned on me, all what he was saying slowly dawned on me. And I wasn’t able to suppress the impression as if he wanted to prepare me for the worst.

“Was Leroy also incapable of reading my mind?” I had to ask even though it couldn’t be clearer that there was something wrong with me.

But my demon vehemently shook his head, giving me hope along.

“Leroy is incapable of reading minds. I don’t know why, only I can do it. My father said that I was too perceptive and that´s why I developed the ability to hear people´s thoughts. No other demon can do it. Not that I know.”

And just like that, the hope was gone.

“He can only hear too well and control people´s minds. Just like the rest of them. But I made sure you would be immune to it.”

My gaze fell upon my dragon pendant, the only thing that kept him from affecting me. And now, more then ever, I truly appreciated it. That he had the need to protect me from himself, from anyone of his world even before I knew who he was.

“Do you do it often?” I wondered. “How often do you get in people’s heads?”

I really had to try to suppress a laugh as my demon’s face suddenly took on a pretty guilty expression.

“More often than I should,” he admitted. “But not as often as I used to.”

“When was the last time?”

“Laetitia,” he confessed resignedly. “She wouldn’t leave me alone. Nor you. So, I compelled her to stop chasing me.”


His ex-girlfriends …

Wait a second!

Speaking of his ex-girlfriends…

“What about Sophie?” I had to ask. I even raised my head to look at him properly. “She´s a witch, you dated a witch. How come this was allowed and no one of your freaking friends hurt her?”

He closed his mesmerizing eyes for a moment as if the reminder of her wasn’t really pleasant for him. Or as if he didn’t want to talk about her with me. Yet, a second later, my demon still kept his promise and answered everything.

“They tried, Dove,” he said.


“Sophie is very powerful though; she was able to take care of herself. And when I found out, I put their attempts to end very easily. I bond them, they had to obey.”


What does that mean?

“On the other hand, I had no feelings for her. She became a business for them because she always gave us a hint when there was somebody practicing a black magic. And when we broke up, she became a business for me too. Her ability to charge my energy without hurting anyone for my protection.”

Yes exactly.

Only his former girlfriend had the ability to recharge his energy. Someone else like me wasn’t allowed to do that because it would kill me. So, if he didn’t want to keep taking lives, Sophie was his only way to survive.

Fucking irony.

His arm around my body tightened its grip as if afraid again that I could run away. But how could I when a knees-buckling tenderness appeared in his expression.

“It´s different with you, Princess. I love you with all my goddamn vicious heart. And I want to break free of them. Which means I won´t be able to influence their actions.”

I wasn’t able to bear his intense gaze, I let my head fall on his shoulder again. Or at least I wanted to. However, my demon didn’t allow me to do so. His fingers touched my chin and with a gently press, he forced me to lift my head and face him again.

“That´s why you saw me with her,” he whispered.

I looked into the brown of his irises, I kept looking as if I could find an explanation there. But I understood him only after he continued talking.

“Because she´s so powerful, I asked her to find a loophole for me. A way to break the bond. She´s been searching for a right spell for weeks and whenever she found something promising she came looking for me. She picked me up at the school parking-lot so we could try whether the spell worked. That´s the only reason why I left with her. The only reason why I am willing to undergo it all is you. I don’t want to belong to them anymore. I only want to be yours.”

I didn’t help myself, I couldn’t help it, the desire simply overpowered me. Hearing his words, hearing what he wanted to do for me, I let my heart guide me and pressed my mouth to his lips.

He took a deep breath, as if surprised. Yet, he dug his fingers into my hair to tilt me, to deepen our connection. And I wouldn’t mind at all if we stayed like this all day. If I could fell his kisses all day long.

“Dove,” he gasped for air, probably not knowing how crazy I was going right now. He leaned his forehead against mine just so I could perceive his accelerated breath tickling my neck. “I’m warning you in advance.”


“I’ll cherish you like the apple of my eye,” he said, his voice suddenly too deep. “I´ll get on your nerves, you won´t get rid of me. I´ll watch over you every single second of a day. I have to be sure you´re safe.”

Wait a second?

And I should mind…?

“I won´t allow anything to happen to you. I swear.”

I wasn’t really able to imagine what exactly could happen to me. How his world could influence me. Still, I trusted him. I never trusted anyone as much as I trusted him. I simply knew I was safe with him.

And that unspeakably strange and yet so terribly pleasant feeling filled my whole heart, making me smile at him. I managed to smile before he kissed me again, before he rejoined our lips.

There was so much left I wanted to ask yet. There was so much left I wanted to tell him myself. But at that moment of silence, I only enjoyed his touches. And maybe we were sitting there, in Will´s library for a whole era, I don’t know. I just knew I would never let him go again and I also wanted him never to leave me.

The sun was already peeking into the room from a completely different direction, letting me guess which period at school I was missing at right now.

However, I didn’t care.

“So,” I tried to sum it up in my head, “you’re strong, invulnerable, and damn handsome. That’s a murderous combination, you know that, don’t you?”

He burst into a guffaw; my demon laughed heartily. And I swear, at that moment, I fell in love with him for perhaps the million and first time. His gloomy memories were engulfed by the melancholic atmosphere of this place, and I just wanted to listen to his cheerful laughter.

“Oh,” I tapped my forehead, “I mustn’t forget your French origins! That´s a huge advantage, too.”

It changed.

Out of the blue, there was something completely different, shining from his eyes. He narrowed them on me, he narrowed his gaze in a way that made me immediately sweat. And he didn’t have to say anything. All he had to do was touch me, and all those insane ants started running down my spine. His palm slowly climbed up my thigh, and I shivered as his fingers examined my bare skin.

“I´m good at other French things, as well,” he muttered, shortening the distance between our lips.


Damn, he was!

I didn’t doubt it, I had no objection as he slid with his tongue into my mouth, as he intertwined it with mine. Making me moan, making me succumb, making me fall for him in a thousand new ways. And I would have keep kissing him until the end of the world if his hand hadn’t sneaked under his T-shirt I was wearing. All of a sudden, I was fully aware of having no panties.

“Holy crap, stop it!” I gasped for an air. “I’m not going to do obscenities with you in front of your mom!”

He burst out laughing again, yet I couldn’t overlook the tenderness that filled his eyes. Exactly the one that completely robbed me of all words.

“She would love you,” he said softly. “As much as I do love you, Dove.”

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