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The Skulls

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A/N: This is my first time writing a book... Alexia Black also known as 'The Scarlet' is the leader of the gang The Skulls. The gang has branches everywhere. She is known all over the world to be very ruthless. She lives in America. But comes to England to sort out a problem in the gang. She disguises herself as a nerd and goes to Lawrence high school. Seth William is a fighter in the skulls club. He is very well known in the city. He goes to Lawrence school. What happens when he falls in love with the most powerful and ruthless girl. There will be fighting, Romance, action, and many more. I know the description sucks. (I hope you all enjoy the book. I try to improve my writing and I will make the chapters better.)

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


Alexia POV

I covered my face with a black skull mask, and I was wearing a black shirt and black jeans with a black jacket. I had tied my hair in a ponytail. I had shoulder-length long black hair which I had inherited from my mom. I was also wearing a black converse.

My right hand was covered in tattoos. I also had a big skull tattooed on my back. And had 'SCARLET' written in my left shoulder. I also had a tattoo of a skull on the stomach near my waist. I was known to the world as Scarlet. People feared my name as I was known to be the most ruthless person. Anyone didn't know my face as I covered it with my mask. I was the future leader of 'THE SKULLS' mafia gang.

My father James Black is known as the king of the mafias and my mother Diana Black was the queen. My mom is the owner of many schools. She is pretty famous. I have 3 siblings Alexander, Aria, and Maria. We are quadruplets. We are now 17 years old.

Alex is my right hand and Liam, my cousin is my left hand who takes care of most of my businesses when I am busy. And my two sisters are the hackers of the gang. They could hack into any computers easily, and they are really intelligent.

Now let's get to the point. I am going to the basement where we had to interrogate the stupid person who had dared to kill my father.

I went down to the basement where my dad and his right-hand Lucas were interrogating the person Jack, who tried to kill my father was held. I could hear him pleading with my dad to forgive him.

As I entered the cell everyone got quiet.

“Hi Dad. So did he speak?” I asked my dad.

“Not yet Scar”

“So let me open his bloody mouth” I said with an evil smile.


“So my dear.Let's get to the point. Why did you try to kill my dad, huh?” I asked the man who was tied to a chair. His face was unrecognizable and blood was flowing out of his busted lip.

He spat blood from his mouth.“I am not going to speak to you bitch”. He screamed.

“Insult my daughter once again, and I will show you why I am the mafia king”.said my dad. He was a really patient person. But mess with his family, and you are as good as dead.

You could see fear clearly in the eyes of Jack.

I walked a bit to the side where all the torture knifes were placed. I went and grabbed a dagger and went near jack. And stabbed him with the knife. He started screaming loudly.

I slowly circle him.“ Who told you to kill my dad. Spill now or else I would have to bring your beautiful wife in here. Now tell me fast. I don't have time to waste on you.” I told him calmly.

“No please don't hurt my wife. Please spare me. I have a family at home.” He started crying like a baby. How pathetic.

“Listen you idiot. If you don't want anyone to hurt your family spill the name or else…” I was trying to be really patient with this stupid. But hey everyone has a limit.

“Please. Let me go.” He kept on crying.

Now he was really testing my patience. I pulled out my black matte gun and shot him in the leg. He started screaming.

“I will tell you please. His name is Santiago of the Spanish mafia. Now please le...”
As I got the information I shot him in the middle of his forehead without letting him complete his sentence.

The chair fell backwards with a thud!

I put the gun back in my pocket. And ordered Sam who was in the cell to clean up the body.

“James, what will we do with this Santiago? " Lucas asked my dad.

“Dad let's send Alex to finish him off''.

“Alright. You ask the sisters the location of Santiago and send Alex.”

I went upstairs with my dad and Lucas.

“So Scar you should go and join your sisters and brother and Liam. I am sending a group of 25 people with you alright?” My dad told me.

“Dad I don't need too many people with me there. I can even go by myself to find out who is betraying the gang.”

“Scarlet it's better if you take some members with you”.

“Alright Dad. I'll be leaving tomorrow early in the morning. But don't say Alex and the others. I am going to surprise them.”

“Ok. Just be careful and take care of them.”

“Just chill dad. We are going to be alright. Besides, you are sending 25 people with me.”

Before my dad could reply my mom came through the door. “Alexia, did you finish packing all your things?”

“Oh shit. I forgot mom.” And I ran upstairs to my room and went to the shower to clean all the dirt from the basement. After showering, I wore short black jeans and a crop top.

I started packing some clothes and my favorite knife and guns.

After two long hours I finally finished packing everything.

My mom came through the door. “I'll miss you dear. And ask them how they are doing.”

“Alright mom. They call you every day and they also video call. Don't worry mom. We will be fine.”

She sighed softly. “You know I don't like you children going away from me.”

“Mom we will be coming back soon. You just have fun with dad ok.” I said wiggling my eyebrows.

She lightly smacked my head. “ Alright Missy. Come to dinner then you can go to sleep soon.”

I smiled at my mother as she left the room. She was always a happy go person. I really loved her more than anything. It was 6 PM now.

I went down. As I was about to sit I got a call from Aria.

“Hello Ari”. I said slowly as I knew what was about to come.

“Hello Sis. How are you? I really miss you. Come and join us. It has been four months since I saw you. I miss mom and dad. And you always forget to call me. I am furious with you...” She went on rambling.

Aria was always a bit like Alex. They both were funny. While Maria was like me a bit serious.

“Alright Ari. I heard you. Sorry I forgot to call you. And I'll be joining you guys next month.” It was always difficult for me to stay away from my siblings. We were always together.

“And Ari I have a work for you and Mari. Is Alex with you?” I had to say to them about the job now.

“Alex is sitting with me right now. And Maria is also with us. What is the job?” She asked excitedly. They were always ready for jobs.

“Actually there is a person who wants dad dead. So…” I couldn't get to complete my sentence as I heard angry voices from the background.

“Xia. Who is this person?”. I heard Alex's angry voice.

“Calm down Alex. The name is Santiago of Spanish mafia. You have to find his location and finish him off.” I said seriously.

“I promise he won't be able to get away for trying to kill dad. How is dad now?” He asked.

“Dads fine. Don't worry. Just finish the work by tomorrow evening. And I want you to reach the house before night. “I didn't go to tell him that I was going to come there. Let's surprise them.

“Ok sis. Bye. Let's get to work girls.” I heard him say to the sisters. I smiled. Furthermore, I really miss them. But it's only for one day. Tomorrow I get to be with them.

I was going to Lawrence High School in England. It was my mom's school is she was the owner. I would get admission as soon as I go there.

I had my dinner and said my Good nights to everyone and went to my room.
I had my dinner and said my Good nights to everyone and went to my room.

I lay in my bed. It was 8 pm now. So instead of sleeping I started reading a book.

After two hours I fell asleep.





My alarm rang at 4 AM. I had to board a flight to reach England. We lived in America. But we had branches all over the world. There was some problem in England branch. So Dad sent us to solve it.

I got up and went to shower. The hot water slid down my body calming me. After showering, I went into my walk in closet and started searching clothes.

I wore black jeans and a white crop top with my black jacket. And wore knee-length high boots. I hid my gun and knife. I tied a high ponytail.

After getting ready I took all my bags and went downstairs.

My mom and dad were waiting for me.

Mom hugged me tightly. “I'll miss you dear. Come back soon.”

“I'll miss you too mum.” I broke from the hug and hugged my dad. “Bye mum and dad. Bye Lucas.”

As I was about to go out to my car I got a call. I checked the caller ID and saw that it was Alex.

“Hey Alex. Why did you call at this time?”

“Job done”. I smiled.

“Good work. Now go to school alright. Don't you dare skip it.”

“No Sis. Please let me skip this time.” He said.

“Not happening Alex. Go to school.” I said sternly, but I couldn't control my laughter.

“Ok I'll go. I'll be reaching at about 10.00, and I'll go to school.”

“Good boy.” I smiled and said.

“Ok bye Xia. I miss you”. He said and cut the call.

I know we both miss each other very much and can't live without each other for long. But today I'll be with them.

I said my goodbyes and went to the car where my driver would drop me to the airport.

We had a private jet. So I didn't have to wait for long.

I hadn't worn my mask. This private jet was my mother's. Anyone didn’t know that Diana Blacks daughter was Scarlet.

We wanted to keep my identity hidden for a few years. Only most trusted men and women knew about Alexia being Scarlet.

Even In the gang there were people who didn't know my face and name.

We reached the airport and I went and climbed the plane.

“Welcome Miss Black. I am John and I'll be your pilot today.”

“Good morning John.” I smiled at him and went to my seat.

“We are ready to fly mam”. I heard Johns voice.

“Alright let's go”.

The plane took off.

I opened my laptop and started finding more info about the students in the school. Maria had sent me the list of all the students and their info.

I began reading everything.

After a long time we reached the airport.

I got down from the plane. I saw a car waiting for me.

I got into the car and I wore my mask. The driver was my trusted man Ryder. Ryder was Lucas second son. Liam was the first. They both were brothers. Although both of them could become my left commands Ryder was not interested.

Lucas is my dad's younger brother. So Liam and Ryder are our cousins.

“Let's go Ryder.”

“Yes boss”.

I shook my head at him smiling slightly. Even though I told him to call me Xia or Alexia he doesn't listen.

We drove off towards the house where everyone were staying.

A/N: This is the first chapter. I hope you guys like it. Feel free to point out any mistakes.

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