The Skulls

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Chapter 10

Alexia POV

I came a bit late to the gym. I had already given Liam the list for the tests.

I sat down in the couch and asked them to start the fights. I was aware of Seth who was looking at me from time to time. I just kept on looking at my phone. There were some emails which I had to check.

Right now Alex and Carla were fighting. But Alex was holding back. So I called out his name with warning in my voice. He started fighting correctly. I saw Seth looking at me shocked.

Right now it was Seth's turn. I got up from the couch and took off my T-shirt.

“I hope you will fight well”. I said looking directly at him. He nodded.

As soon as Liam said to start the fight he came towards me and tried to punch my shoulders, but I ducked and punched his stomach. He stumbled due to the force but regained my balance. He quickly kicked me in the stomach. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw everyone look shocked. Even I was a bit shocked. It wasn't always others were able to land a punch on me.

I quickly ran towards him and hit his face hard. Just then Liam said us to stop.

I went back and asked one of my members to bring a pack of ice. His face was swollen due to the punch.

“Are you alright? ” I asked him feeling bad. He looked at me and nodded slowly. I looked at him for a second and went towards the couch.

My phone was ringing. I took the call and started speaking in French. It was one of the allies from France.

“Écarlate parlant.” I said.(“Scarlet speaking. ”)

“ C’est moi Claude ”. He said.(“It's me Claude.”)

“Que voulez-vous cette fois?” I asked. (“What do you want this time? ”)

“Je veux discuter de l’obtention d’un nouvel entrepôt pour nous en France. La vieille maison a été attaquée comme vous le savez. Et nous ne pouvons pas y vivre maintenant. ” He said. (“I want to discuss about getting a new warehouse for us in France. The old house was attacked as you know. And we can't be living there now.” )

“ J’y viendrai le mois prochain. ” I said. This month I will be busy as I have to check the warehouse for this place. (“I will be coming there next month. ”)

“ Merci. Au plus”. (Thank you. Bye.”) He said and cut the call.

“Now everyone who is injured meet me in my office in ten minutes.” I told them and went out of the gym.

I went downstairs to grab something to eat and saw two boys fighting in the living room. Who the hell fights in a living room.

I got really furious.


“Yes boss. ” They said in a small voice and went upstairs.

My hunger had died now, so I went up again and went to the second floor.

Everyone were in my office.

“Care to explain why you both were fighting in my living room? ” I said raising my eyebrows.

“He started to fight with me.” said one. They both were almost twenty-five years old. But acted like small kids. The other times they were my most ruthless and strict men.

“No. It was him who started it.”

“Are you both small kids to fight?” I said. “You both five rounds of the mansion as your punishment, and you will cook lunch for everyone. ” I called Sarah from the intercom.

In less than two minutes she came up the stairs and was knocking at my door.

“Come in. ”

“Yes Scarlet. ”

“Today lunch will be prepared by these two boys. You and your daughters can take the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you dear. ”

“You may go now. ” I said to the boys and Sarah.

“Now, Alex your punishment for not obeying my orders are...” I pretended to think.

“Noo. Please no. I am sorry. Dear sister. I am your only cute brother. Please.” He started in a childlike voice. Leave it to Alex to act like a kid.

“You will be cleaning the whole fifth floor. ” I said smirking at him. The boys used to keep the rooms messy, and it was a difficult job to clean their used underwear which would be lying in the rooms.

“Noo...” He said horrified. “ Please no. I will make dinner if you want but not cleaning those rooms. Ryder and Liam make it even more messy, and I can't clean those things. ”

I just laughed at him. All the others were looking at us amused but my sisters and Liam, and Ryder were laughing at Alex's childish ways.

“Laugh all you want. Next time it will be all of you in my place.” He huffed.

“Oh Alex. You are so cute. ” Said Carla from the couch where she was sitting.

His ears turned pink from her comment. Oh my god. Alexander Black was blushing.

“You know Alex. I never thought I would be alive to see this day.” Aria and Maria understood my words and started laughing at my words.

“Shut up. ” He grumbled.

“Someone has a crush on the beautiful girl sitting in my couch” I went near Alex and whispered in his ears. His ears turned even more pink, and he ran out of my office.

We all started laughing. Not even after a second he came back.

“Now let's get you your marks. ” I nodded at Liam.

Liam took out his phone and called our tattoo artist, Nick. He was a member of the gang. He was also a good fighter.

After few minutes Nick came into my office.

“Hello boss.” He greeted me and nodded at the others.

“Hey. Nick. I want you to put the marks in their wrists.” I said pointing at Seth and his friends.

“Okay. Boss. ”

He took out his things and started on Chris.

After a few hours everyone had finished getting their marks.

“Now you are the official members of the gang. ” Alex said.

“Shall we go down? I am hungry. ” Chris said.

“You guys can go now. I will be joining you later.” All of them went out.

“Nick, you have to do my new tattoo. ” I said looking at Nick.

He nodded his head.

“So boss what should I do?”

“I need scarlet written on my left hand. ” He again nodded his head.

After an hour he finished. It was beautiful. It was from my wrist to the half of my arm.

“Thanks Nick. ”

“Your welcome boss. I will be going now”. And he went out.

I took my phone and called Alex into my office.

“Alex I have a work for you. This is very important and confidential. ”

“What do I have to do?” He asked seriously.

“You can't mess this up Alex. So the plan is...”


“Alright sis. I can do it. But let's not tell anyone. Ari and Mari can know, but it's better if we tell it to fewer members. By the way does dad know? ”

“No. ” I smirked. “We need it as realistic as possible. No one should know about this plan. But I will tell mom and dad personally. And I know you both are listening. You can come out now.”

Both Aria and Maria came into the office looking down.

“Sorry. ” They both said together.

“Does anyone else know ?” I asked.

“Only the four of us. ” Aria said.

“Good. Now not a word about this to anyone. Act as everything is cool.” Alex said.

And we went out of the office and downstairs to the living room where everyone were waiting.

“So shall we have lunch now? I am starving.” Liam said.

“It's made by Rick and Brandon. Anyone has to go and check if the kitchen is still intact or if they have ruined it…” said Ryder. “Those two don't know anything besides fighting.” He said shaking his head and going to the kitchen.

All of us started laughing.

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